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Genital warts and rectal bleeding Nodes in groin Chest Xray shows mild interstitial changes with no infiltrates Bowel troubles Low progesterone Loose bowel movements Unprotected sex followed by two periods and missed third Pain around navel Erectile dysfunction due to neuropathy Motor vehicle accident High Blood Pressure Inflammation on thigh and possibility of cancer GI problems of nausea and abdominal pain Plan B and obesity Family history of Diabetes and cancer with shortness of breath and fatigue Cocaine use prior to surgery Grave's disease Prescription seeker Angry red lump where leg meets bottom cheek Chronic ankle sprain Near term pregnant and bright red blood from rectum Prior ALL treated with chemotherapy and flank pain Cerazette and onset of protection Self injection of Oxytocin Inguinal hernia repair and urinary retention Endometriosis with PCOS and conception Interpretation of MRI scan Blackish stool and stomach pain Adult onset Stills and vasculitis with severe inflammatory spine Continuous bleeding and chance of pregnancy BP spike and Losartan Obese with dull fleeting chest pains Hard areas on lips of vagina Chance of heart attack after 5 false alarms Uterine bleeding and no ovaries Scaly and dry penis Unprotected sex after 4 days of restarting pill Wisdom tooth extraction and Ibuprofen Minocycline and Tylenol Examination of rape after 15 years HIV test interpretation Activated charcoal and Botox injections Both parents with A positive blood and child with B positive Scar in urethra and ED ARB for hypertension and cold symptoms Lump at the base of subclavian triangle Itchy anus with rash PPD skin test Itchy hands at night Extremely itchy hands at night Post orgasmic headache Sore and stiff hand Sensitive prostate and tingling in mouth after oral intercourse Allergic Bronchitis Likelihood of HSV2 transmission from asymptomatic individual through oral sex Out of balance and dizzy Niece with separated parents and behaviour problems Junctional rhythm after ablation for AVNRT Vascular health and possibility of stroke Hypertension in young Tight frenulum BV with new partner Black oily droplets in stool Prescription for Serapax Test question Lower back pain on moving back and on coughing Child with abdominal pain and yellow vomit Hydrocodone in COPD Headache between eyebrows Dizziness and blurring of vision and unsteadiness Ingrown hair Thick mole with tiny black dots Wooshing sensation up rectum Odd tingling on sides of tongue Spit from person with cold sores in eyes and risk of Herpes Foreplay and pregnancy Risk of HIV from safe intercourse Unprotected intercourse and alcohol intake with sore throat and HIV risk Small red bump in pubic area On birth control and pregnancy risk Shoulder surgery Exercise induced Ventricular Tachycardia Terrible reaction to anti-wrinkle creams Tender bump on top of vagina Dizzy on movement Random symptoms in upper chest Repeat consult Trying to conceive with low sperm count Indirect hyperbilirubinemia Verification of CT Is there a tumor or not? Medicine to enhance libido and potency in G6PD deficiency Weird stomach pains Menarche and irregular bleeding How to increase quantity of pre-cum Morning restlessness and history of stress Testicular pain and numbness of shaft of penis Undiagnosed pain in testicle Infant with fever Constant left sided chest pain

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