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Mild carpet burn feeling in penis, thigh after sex. Red, dry swollen patches around eye with itching. Can ADRENAL problem cause severe INSOMNIA? Cause for more visible taste bud than others. Pain, weakness in bone and muscles. Treatment? Swollen, red penis with itching after first sex. Will ticks result of hike cause LYME DISEASE? Is SURGERY the only option for FEMORAL NECK FRACTURE? Tired, weak and groggy during periods. What to do? Grayish spot on head of penis after injury. Hard to lose weight with low BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL. Spreading small white blisters on arm. Treatment? What could be these bumps on vagina, labia? Cause for weight loss with good appetite, bowel movement. Bloated stomach with gas hour after eating. Treatment? Continuing chest pain with ST DEPRESSION in EKG. Sorethroat after sex. PARANOID about STD? Trembling, shaking in hands on writing. Reason? Treatment for ATAXIA in this video clipping. Can I continue AMOXICILLIN for IMPETIGO, scaly skin. Bright red blood in stools with CROHNS. Treatment? Intense pain in jaw and tooth on sleeping. SINUSES? Can I take CHOLESTROL medicines with THROID medicines? Feeling sick, vomiting after sex in periods. Small lump coming out of anus. HEMORRHOIDS? Pain in groin with ACUTE DIVERTICULITIS in CT report. Difference in strength between ACUTE VS CHRONIC FHL REPAIR. Blood in stools after constipation. Cause? Medicine to increase my sexual intercoarse duration. Irritation, inflammation in eye due to CLOTRIMAZOLE. Ongoing chest infection with tight back, neck and tinnitus. Reflux in MCU with NEUROGENIC BLADDER. SACRAL NERVE STIMULATION? Is there PINCHED NERVE in MRI SPINE C3,C4. Cold dripping water feeling in chest, sweating. Treatment. Chances of pregnancy with birth control, morning after pill. Reason for bad smell in penis, dark penis head. Severe pain in chest when urinating, overweight. Risk for BREAST, PANCREATIC CANCER because of family history. Safe dates to have sex according to menstruation cycle. Burning, soreness in throat with GERD. Treatment? What to do for BILATERAL S1,S2 FRACTURE in CT. Reddish, pain in head of penis. BALANITIS? Will bleeding in toe after injury heal by own? Small dry red spots in scrotum after shaving. Cause? Does this EMG and other tests reflect ALS/BULBAR? Soreness in pelvic region after unprotected sex. Advice on my CHOLESTEROL, VITAMIN, THYROID blood reports. Is it impossible to loose weight after THYROID ABLATION? Blood spotting with clots after sex. Am I pregnant? Growing bulge in vagina with bloated stomach, tiredness. Positive for HB suface antibody in pregnancy. HEPATITIS-B? Raised blood pressure on sitting after CARDIAC STENT PLACEMENT. Trace of HSV1 in STD testing. Should I worry? Weak urine stream with PROSTATIS, hard maintaining erection. Cause for these spots appearing over summer. Does low ANC means I am having MDS? Treatment for INTERTRIGO, BALANITIS in penis. Chances of conceiving pregnancy with PCOS on GYNAVIT. Dizziness, lack of balance, sweating after fainting episode. Can I do IVF with SYNTHROID for HYPOTHYROIDISM. Brown spotting with negative HPT after sex. Cause? Painless non itchy rash in arm. LYME DISEASE? Treatment for fractured METATARSAL BONE after fall. Condition of heart, arteries in MRI with smoking? Chances of pregnancy with EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION after sex. Irritation in penis post voiding after sex. NSU? Muscle weakness, tendon pain after hip injury. Treatment? Pinching feeling around urethra, vagina with spasm. Anxiety about bleedign from vagia due to atrophy. Chances of HEPATITIS-B transmitting through sharing drinks. High BP, SUGAR and sodium after ankle surgery. Cause? Risk of getting STD from erotic massage. Treatment for MINOR ST DEPRESSION in EKG. Left side PARALYSIS with high SUGAR, BP and prostate. Problem and possible cure for attached reports. Headache after orgasm, any sexual activity. COITAL HEADACHE? Are .6LYMPHOCYTES enough for fighting cancers? Treatment for receding hairline and baldness. Are BONDAGE, CASTRATION, restricted breathing MANIAC phase? Chest pain with discomfort, soreness in throat. ECG. Irritating, burning sensation in stomach with negative UTI test. Watery discharge from anus with no colour, smell. Chills, bodyache with white spots in throat. Swollen lymphnode, negative for MALIGNANCY. What to do? My lymphocyte level is high. Should I be concerned? 4th LEVEL FIBROSIS with SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY. LIVER TRANSPLANT? Bump on groin. Can I leave it alone? Additional tests to confirm HIV besides ORAQUICK test. Smell like I pooped my pants everyday. Reason? White coating in tongue that cannot be scrapped away. Ear, sinus pressure, clogged nose, yellow mucus. Cause? Twitches, spasms all over body. BENIGN FASCICULATION SYNDROME? Blister rash on wrist after viral cold. Treatment? Gained lot of weight, increased anxiety on EFFEXOR. Heavy breathing, loss of consciousness with convulsions. Reason? Sore foot, pain on walking after traveling. Treatment? Never had periods even on birth control pills. Cause? Will raised eye pressure, GLAUCOMA make her blind? Large sized MOLE on leg. Should I worry? Heavy rectal bleeding with pain, weight loss. Cause?

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