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Risk of traveling by car in pregnancy. Reason for different results of AMYLASE and LIPASE. Itchy bumps with black centers in back Risk of transmitting germs by wearing poop contaminated dress. Inner ear feels to be full & to be popped. Balck dots on toe with mild pain. Cause? Treatment for ORAL THRUSH. VILERN/ZINNAT/NORXACIN/CLOXACILLIN? HEART ARRYTHMIA due to thyroid. HIGH TSH. Low pressure after STENT PALCEMENT. Why METOPROLOL? Precaution for not trasferring GENITAL WARTS to my partner. Cause for bitter taste, thick nasal PHELGM. Pins and needles, swollen ankles after fall. DVT? Will tears in shoulder be cured in three months? MRI. Time for natural TESTOSTERONE to kick back after TESTOSTERONE SHOT. Gag reflux after eating and workout. Treatment. Cause for elevated FETAL HEARTBEAT without bleeding, cramping. SECONDARY AMENORRHEA and ESTRADIOL, PROLACTIN, FSH, LH. Can ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, LISSENCEPHALY, KERATOCONUS be inherited? Diarrhea, stomach pain after DAYQUIL, ACETAMINOPHEN for common cold. Constant twiches in calves and feet. ALS? Rash break out after shaving. HERPES or RAZOR BURN? Groin pain after INGUINAL HERNIA REPAIR. Surgery? Can REVIVOGAN be used after HAIR TRANSPLANT. PRP. Dark spot on enis without sexual contact. List of VACCINES that last for lifelong. Risk of HSV1/2 with pink bumps and oral sex. FATIGUE in head and eye, DIARRHEA after VIRAL INFECTION. Feeling pins and needles in arms, tightened throat. CNS VASCULITIS? Bad headache, DISORIENTATION & CONFUSION in morning. Treament for constipation and specks of blood in stools. Small red itchy spot on penis after intercourse. WEAKNESS in arms after treating ACUTTE BRONCHITIS with ANTIBIOTICS. Cause for burning/tingling in foot & sore throat. Lighter in pigment in chest after 2nd DEGREE BURN. MICRODOCHECTOMY for nipple blood discharge. HISTOPATHOLOGY report. Cut without bleeding besides FRENULUM in penis. Can natural nutritional products be given with HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES LEVEL? High pulse, tremor, PREMATURE ATRIAL CONTRACTIONS on standing. ECG. Weird mood/anxiety with STROKE & CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE. Pain all over body with ARTHRITIS and joint pain. Red/black spots in penis without itch or pain. Back and chest pain. ECHO, MRI,CT, ECG. INSOMNIA due to NYSTATIN and TRIAMCINILONE ACETONIDE. Cracking sound, pain in penis after injury. PENIS FRACTURE? Headache, light headed & twiching in arms.BRAIN TUMOUR? Headache, foggy headded, smells bad after hours of work? Tingles in testicles and anus after sex. HERPES? Pain in chest after intense workout. Heart attack? Can MUSCLE MILK cause VIT E,K & D POISONING? HB, FETAL POLE scan and HCG. Should I be concerned? Allergies, lack of sleep, UTI diagnosed with PSYCHOSIS. Misdiagnosis? Feeling of worms in rectum even after ALBENDAZOLE, MEBENDAZOLE. LEVOTHYROXINE with HYDOXYXCUT to lose weight. Can I take? Painful lump with red streaking between breasts. Cause for low LIBIDO. PSYCHOLOGICAL or HORMONAL? Difficulty in EJACULATION, IMPOTENCE at 70 years old patientof age. Lost foot in an accident. Best surgical operation? PORT gushed blood when deaccessed. Is it serious? Dull ache and CLOGGED EAR after scuba diving. Cause for itching scrotum without sex. Red bumps/rash on butt. ALLERGY to detergent? Can I masturbate after treating ECTOPIC PREGNANCY with METHOTREXATE. Treartment for SPOTTING caused by SPRINTEC pill. HEMORRHAGE/CALCIFICATION in PARIETAL cortex in MRI. Treatment for random bleeding with brown vaginal discharge. ARRYTHMIA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and LUMP in THYROID. Burning in penis and foot with itchy eyes. HIV? Little bumps on penis head. What are these? Someone's blood on gloves when drawing blood. Should I test? Had sex with GONORRHEA positive girl. Is ZITHROMAX enough? Swelling in face after AUGMENTIN for cold, sore throat. Pain in side of head on coughing, bending over. Treatment for CHRONIC ANXIETY besides OXAZEPAM. False positive pregnancy test due to XANAX, B12 medicines. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION, STOKE with normal PFT and CT. Can SEASONAL ALLERGY cause dizziness, breathing and throat issue? Medication for BIPOLAR with ALSO. LAMOTRIGNINE, LEXAPRO, ZOLOFT. Itching In arm and dizziness after T.T injection. White bump on penis which bled and scabbed. Effects of NORSPAN on sleep. ENDEP, TEMAZEPAM. Pain in chest, arm and back with EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS. Red/brown bleeding and cramps after unprotected sex. Swollen ball like lump in shaft of penis. Alternative treatments for damaged KNEE CARTILAGE besides PHYSICAL THERAPY. Tiimeline with stage3 PANCREATIC TUMOUR and stomach secondaries. Pasty white tongue in morning better on rinsing. ACTH and CORTISOL test reports. ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY? Can ANXIETY cause GERD and digestive problems? Couldn’t sleep with NORSPAN patches for back pain. Chances of pregnancy with teared condom during sex. Side effects of PROLOMET, MONIT, DEANXIT with hypertension. Odd brown/grey discharge after unprotected test. Frequent twiching in PALMAR & THENNAR area. EMG/NCS. Waist pain in morning and after sitting for long time. Widened urethral opening after FORESKIN RETRACTING EXERCISE. Side effetcs of steroids given for LEUKO CYTOCLASTIC VASCULITIS. Sore throat, pain when urinate and crusted eye. Raised CA-15 3 at TUMOR DIAGNOSIS. Terrible PROGNOSIS? Treatment for difficulty of breathing and trouble sleeping. Will ANTIBIOTIC make birth control less effective. PLAN-B?

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