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Got bit by VOLE. Need emergency treatment? Need ARTHROSCOPY to remove BAND in shoulder?MRI. Headache, anxiety, neck pulsing while taking RABAVERT VACCINE. Alternate treatment for diarrhea by ESCHERICHIA COLI. Itchy rash in feet and ankles. Treatment. DIABETIC, past CVA with abnormal ECG. MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION? Do Q FEVER pose danger to unborn child? Diagnosed with DEPRESSION, on PROZAC. Need doctor's excuse. What is this rash in picture? Negative ORAQUICK test after sex. Should I be concerned? Pain in chest, left arm with HEART ATTACK in ECG. Reason for hard paying attention, distraction while reading. Method of PRP/PROLOTHERAPHY in treating HERNIATED DISC. Unable to bend swollen toe. SPRAINED/broken? Pulsing stomach pain more intense than hunger pain. Cause. Headaches, discomfort in testicles after using REGAINE EXTRA STRENGTH. Agitated pain, weakness in arm with C6/C7 LAMINECTOMY. Pain in thigh, groin and back, more on standing. Pain in stomach, under ribs reduces after vomiting. Unable to pass last piece of stool. Reason? Treatment for disease ALOPECIA. Supplements for feeling less energy and grow younger. Nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pains. HIV? Treartment for pains in neck after fitting TITANIUM screws. Burning/pulling pain after CONE BIOPSY for CIN. BRUFENS. Treatment for electric shock like feeling after drinking. Painful to walk with small toe fracture,coagulated blood. Reason why people don’t die from undetoxified toxins. Weakness on side of body with chest pain. Emergency? Intense feeling like blood pooled in head on standing. Pain like cramp and irregular period. STRESS? Reason for fever with high WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT. Sorethroat, shortness of breath with raised blisters in throat. Distended urethra with CYST/URETHRAL DIVERTICULUM. CANCER? Treatment for reoccuring UTI after sex. Is the girl fit for marriage with attached report? Headache, dizziness, numbness in hands with normal MRI. Heart pounds hard and becomes normal. Due to masturbation? Inserted finger into vagina with ejaculation. Will get pregnant? What are symptoms of HERPES 2? Is my ALFHA FETO PROTEIN level elevated? Chest pain, short of breath with no help from ALBUTEROL. Black toenails with toenail fungus. MELANOMA? NEUROFIBROMAS along tibial vessels, soleus muscle in MRI. Reason for delayed MENSTRUATION, negative pregnancy test. Medication for PREMATURE EJACULATION, small penis size. What is UNDETOXIFICATION in terms of DDT? Can OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT be used for LEVEL-I HYPERTENSION? Blood in vomit after excess drinking. Traetment for TINEA CRURIS with round reddish black infection. Reason for sweat to be very salty. Vomitting everything after eating with headache, weakness. IRREGULAR BOWEL MOVEMENTS, burrps and heavy stomch. Treatment for gas problem, sound in stomach. Pressure in bladder, WBC, PLATELET COUNT. UTI? Red patch on tongue, bled on eating pineapple. HSV? Weight loss, weird change in vision. BRAIN TUMOUR? Cause for constipation, jellyfish like testicles in stool. Irregular periods after stopping BIRTH CONTROL. Bleeding with clots, spotting after PROGESTRON in pregnancy. Diarrhea, soreness on penis head. NSU? Treatment for painful sore on stomach. Milky substance inside urethra after sex. Should I worry? Pea sized pus filled pimple in labia majora. High CEPHALIC INDEX with low FEMUR LENGTH in ULTRASOUND. Tongue twitches everyday. ALS/BENIGN TONGUE FASCICULATIONS? ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME, CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE? CAG report. Burning pain on stomach and back. NEXIUM. Medication for preventing CHLAMYDIA, GONORRHEA infection. Cause for BACTERIA on PAP SMEAR. Are FLOATING stools early sign of CANCER? Itchy numbness, fullness on neck, breast after MYXOMA removal. Feeble and pain during voiding after CATHETER. Penis is not longer and bigger, cannot last long. Pain and separate lump in testicle. What do VDRL, HSV, HIV, TRACHOMATIS results mean? Are metallic mouth, stomach discomfort side effect of PREVACID? Pain in cut thumb with stiches.ADVIL. Treatment for SKIPPED HEART BEATS in EKG. Symptoms and effect of ENDOMETRITIS on fertility. Reason for headache, slur speech, memory loss. Irregular perios with normal SONOGRAPHY. What next? HYPEACUSIS, TINNITUS, DIZZINESS and on ACETAZOLAMIDE. MENIERES? Numbness/tingling in face. Is it VIRAL NERVE? Low TIBC, UIBC, IRON. SIDEROBLASTIC ANEMIA/ HEMOCHROMATSIS? Red throat with mucus and normal blood tests. Hives after IODINE CONTRAST in MRI. Risk of future reaction. POLLEN/SEASONAL ALLERGIES with swollen lymph nodes. Headache, joint pain, nausea after mosquito bite. VIRAL INFECTION? Reason for knee pain which resolves on wearing shoes. Treatment for PANIC ATTACK and variable HEART RATE. Headache, tension due to family, work problems Being treated for anxiety, HYPERTENSION with PVC in EKG. Treatment for reduced HEMOGLOBIN and HEMATOCRIT. Medicine or way to increase growth. Reason for elevated MCV and EO in blood test. Whitish bump in tonsil which bleeds on removing. Risk of HSV 2 with ANTIBODIES test. Tremor, anxiety, palpitations. THYROID PROBLEM? Burning feeling in muscles, twitching in legs.

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