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Felt flutter like sensation back of my head Suggest a food supplement I suffer sleeplessness due to breathing problems. How to reduce my tummy fat lump on the underside of my testicular sac IBS symptoms getting mistook for endometriosis HIV related Problems Tears in both iliac arteries in my groin area Is Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators painful? Is it safe to donate bone marrow if the donor has skin cancer? Is it the menopause causing depression, weight gain and sleeplessness? Itchy patches and spots spreading on face. Feeling bloated, tender breast and nausea. Long term side effects of Depo Medrone taken once in 6 months Lump sensation below adam's apple. Menopause hysterectomy and high cholesterol Missing periods for last 2 months Muscle sprain and weakness What are the pros and cons of this operation? tonsils are swollen, red and covered in white spots I suffer from dermographia urticaria, is this could be allergies or anxiety? Benadryl makes me drowsy I have pain under my lower left rib cage and back Am I allergy to Metronidazole 500 MG? Shouldn't this dr have some questions about ultrasound since I had exposures? allergic to eggs and marshmallow creme There is a steady flow of blood. What's happening? Please advice should I stop taking Eption 100 MG - 1 Tablet. Is their any chance or any treatment related to this? slight murmur, EKG, and mild leak in the mitral valve Experiencing anxiety/asthma attack what other tests can I look into to evaluate my heart? Will these burning sensation and the stool colour be an influence of gastritis? let me understand what the findings in the MRI means. Can i get HIV via blade and cut wound? Should I see some other specialist such as a neurologist or endocrinologist I have been having trouble achieving and maintaining an erection. What causes the swelling in my left ankle and foot My husband is Hypertensive what are kegel exercises and how can I do them? Any Home remedies in Urinary Problem Are we not supposed to have sex during pregnancy? Please help me and let me know if I have an STD? Suggest other contraceptive Methods Is there anything that should be done by us to make things work? I am unable to conceive Do's and don'ts before we go to the physician. We are having Unsuccessful sex could you please suggest some medication? Do I have stomach infection? Perfect timing to make sex suggest me a few appropriate dates or timing to have sex in order to be more effective Doctor, how is an ectopic pregnancy treated? Is there a possibility that mine is ectopic? What is ectopic pregnancy? What is cervical mucus? suggest me any home remedies or any other contraceptive devices. What is Menstruation No periods after stopping pills cold sore on my vagina. Pain in the Chest Area Should we buy plan be if we aren't trying to have a kid? 36 year old healthy lady with pain in foot, suspects bone growth. Problem of frequent menstruation Problem relates to digestion and lack of desire to eat Signs to know you are Pregnant Recommend a test to diagnose her condition Changes in my Voice suffering from repeated sneezing severe cough with yellow coloured discharge suggest some drugs to relieve my nose block. Suggest me what to do to treat body pains and severe headaches Treatment of repeated attacks of cold What are the other sources of carbon monoxide poisoning? Is there any damage to my nose  or lungs because of those fumes? what is spirometry? Is there any cure for this disease? What are the causes of Asthma? Repeated attacks of ear infections. Advice on what to do, Cold 3x a week and some changes in my son face Is chest pain and shortness of breath are signs of heart disease. Constant tightness in my Chest and Shortness of Breath Constant Obstrucion in my left nose Is this cancer or simply adenoid? I am suffering from cold and cough with colored discharges Is there any permanent solution of my repeated attacks of cold and allergy? I haven't got my periods for the last 7 months. I am not pregnant. Side effects of long-term recurring steroid injections. What can be the Cause of excess mucus secretions during menstruation? What are the Side Effects of Zyrtec? Stomach ache for 5 months Suffering from Loss of appetite and stiff neck Suffering from numbness and headache Suffering from severe back pain after osteopath. Treatment for sebaceous cyst What is wrong with my head and headache? Why am I having burning pain and numbness in legs while resting? Need for counseling to delay ejaculation How far can masturbation help to delay ejaculation Type of condom to be used for curing premature ejaculation

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