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Curved penis due to childhood mistakes. What to do? Can I take antifungal cream for JOCK ITCH? Why tip of my penis is hurting? High BLOOD PRESSURE due to anxiety of taking test. Best option to add volume for SHALLOE FOREHEAD. Burning stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting with normal UPPERGI SCOPY. MESIAL TEMPORAL SCLEROSIS in MRI, EPILEPSY and HYPERTENSION. Treatment for recurring outbreak of GENITAL HERPES. Sore penis, dry foreskin, itching, problem pulling back foreskin. Is my vaginal U/S report of pregnancy normal? Heavy back pain on standing, tremor in legs. Cause? Is POSTCYCLE THERAPY unnecessary after 2.5%DHT GEL? Is ALKA SELTZER good to treat GORD? Wart under foreskin without pain, itchiness. SKIN TAG? Jowls, flatter cheeks after ULTHERAPHY. MINI FACE LIFT? Risk of pregnancy after stopping YAZ tablet. When will shortness of breath improve after DOUBLE BYPASS. Nose blockage with blood mixed mucus when sneeze. Treatment? Does PRECUM contain SPERM. Chances of pregnancy from it. Bedridden for back pain emanating from LUMBAR VERTEBRAE. Chances of HIV from touching penis with infected vaginal fluid. Surgeries to reattach TORN BICEPS TENDON in elbow? Increased PSA years after RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY for malignancy. Ways to treat fear of vomiting, EMETOPHOBIA. Treatment for headache after taking MODAFINIL. High mood with HYPOMANIAC SYMPTOMS on CELEXA, LAMICTAL, AMBIEN. Deafening pressure in ears, tinnitus after FLU SHOT. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever after visiting caribbean. Treatment? Speech slur, difficulty walking, shaking hands. Is MRI needed? Increased frequency, burning urination after sex. Cause? OCD about contracted STD from erotic massage parlor. Severe muscle ache, tremor after taking TRAZODONE. CONTRACEPTIVE PILL to treat PCOS, HYPOTHYROIDISM. Painful raised bump on eyelid. What is it? Feet are flat after injury, pain after exercise. Surgery? Is PEP HIV treatment warranted after 72hour window? Discomfort on urinating, with WHITE CELLS in STICK test. Chances of recovery after STROKE, HEART ATTACK. Precaution for DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY, LV DYSFUNCTION. Skin infection at three places. Cause? Fever, feeling no energy. Has UTI spread to KIDNEY? Treatment for dead toenail which pulled loose. Will disturbed JUGULAR VEIN flow cause Hearing heartbeat? Headache, eye pain, vision disturbances, pupil doesn’t constrict well. Can I take sleeping tablet for stop drinking? Is it safe to take MIFEGEST ABORTION KIT? Precautions. FUNGAL INFECTION in groin, failed to remove by fungal cream. Getting PRECUM on talkin to girlfriend. ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Lumps under nipples for 10years. BREAST CANCER? Strong desire for child at 41yrs. Are there risks? Stomach pain, diarrhea, sweating. Cause and treatment? COMPRESSION FRACTURE of T7,T9 in xray. OSTEOPOROSIS/CANCER? Headache around temple area, prevoius TENSION HEADACHE. Treatment? Fever, sorethroat resolved after taking AZITROMICINA. Urge to urinate after bowel movement. Cause? Medication for panic attacks while flying along with ALPRAZOLAM. Cough with mucus, itching, pimples, BRONCHITIS. TREATMENT? On and off burning sensation, pain in pelvis. Treatment? Not able to digest properly, high BILIRUBIN levels. Cause for white layer in eye blocking PUPILS. Treatment? Chances of pregnancy by sex on periods. Could FLOMAX cause LOW BACK PAIN? Large infected boil on back. Is this emergency? Boyfriend can't feel anything during sex. Is this permanent? Menstrual pain with no blood on weaning. CT, ULTRASOUND. Chest pain radiated to back after taking NUVARING. Effects of infection in bone, screws on body. ENTEROCOCCUS. Should I take AFTER-PILL after sex while ovulating? Reason for vagina not being tight, unable to feel anything. Treatment for problem breathing and ACIDITY. Pain in arm after TRIPLE BYPASS surgery. STENT. Not getting periods on weaning from breastfeeding, scarred cervix. Itching rash on neck unresponsive to HYDROCORTISONE cream. Itchy red patches in neck when submerged in water. Blisters like bump in cheek, thumb. Should I get checked? Cause for AMPHETAMINE in blood during DRUG TEST. White specks on tonsils, PERICORONITIS. Treatment? Discomfort on erection, lost sensation of sex after surgery. Blocks in ARTERIES in CTA. Are STUNTS necessary? Effects of NIASPAIN on HLD, LDL levels. Small smooth lump in breast. Is it CANCER? What is INCIPIENT CHONDROCALCINOSIS of METACARPOPHALANGEAL JOINT? Unable to concentrate on studies. Better councelling or treatment. Below normal RBC, HCT, elevated MCH. BONE MARROW DISEASE? Unable to conceive for months. Am I not ovulating? Spotting with brownish discharge after sex. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING? HSV1 IgG >1.1. Am I having HSV1? Is it safe to travel in pregnancy? Constantly loosing weight, weak and nervous. Cause? Retaining urine in bladder with UNDERACTIVE BLADDER SYNDROME. Bruised, tingling on pressure after injury in finger. Effects of pediatric supplements, krill oil on ABG, AMMONIA. Symptoms of little particles reaching MYOCARDIUM from ENDOCARDIUM. Epiosodic stomach pain with dark stool. Treatment? Low levels of ALT, AST. Should I worry? Can't able to lose weight after child birth. Weakness in leg, joints and twitching, numbness in hands. Medication for SMALL VESSEL VASCULOPATHY CHANGES in MRI. Snap, pop sound on forceful snorting with nose bleed. Unable to ejaculate after taking medication for fever.

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