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Discomfort on erection, lost sensation of sex after surgery.

Resolved Question:

Dear Doctor
iam facing lack of sensation on doing sex i don't know why because but iam thinking my pennis skin is very tight so i remove my frenulam by the doctor after that i lost sensation on my pennis and on erection time i got little discomfort on my urine nurve so please tell me how can i get my sensation and good feel and enjoy sex and my scrotum also very tight so please give the good suggetion to me.

thank you

Category: Sexologist

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Thanks for posting your query at
I am not able to understand your problem clearly and just letting you know what I understood from your write up. Correct me if I am wrong in understanding you.
'You had a tight skin over penis and hence you asked the doctor to cut the frenulum. The doctor did so but there after you are not having sensation over penis. You had good sensation before.
You also are having a problem of low sexual time and hence a premature ejaculation. You want me to increase the time of the sexual act.YOu also have a burning sensation while passing urine.'
Please let me know if I understood you well, then we will discuss the issue.
Dr. Srikanth Reddy

Patient replied :

Dear doctor sir,
thank you sir for your's understanding my problem. yes sir iam facing same problems what are you asking me. please suggest good medicine for my problems.

Thanks for the information.
So you have three problems and we will see that one after other:
The condition that you are suffering is called premature ejaculation. Now it's a type of anxiety disorder and the person normally suffers from performance anxiety wherein he is anxious if he can perform or not.
First you can try the start-stop technique. Your wife is supposed to start stimulating you and the moment you are about to ejaculated she is supposed to stop all the stimulation and hold your penis head hard. Now this should be repeated.
Perineal exercises also help. These are the muscle exercises that occur when you contract the perineal muscles like when you are trying to stop the urine or feces. You have to do these contractions repeatedly daily to tone up the perineal muscles.
One solution is medications. Some patients are not willing to wait for these acts to produce results and instead demand medicines. I prescribe them 12.5 mg paroxetine at night and they are doing good. Normally one should try until 25mg of Paroxetine. If paroxetine is not effective then Dapoxetine is an option. It has to be given 1 hour before having sex and will prolong the sexual interval.
There is no sure shot immediate cure but with time this problem settles down.
Regarding your burning micturition, it seems there is some urine infection and that needs to be corrected with the use of some antibiotics like ofloxacin or ciprofloxacin for 5-7 days, Also drink plenty of water. Do discuss these options with your doctor and get these medicines prescribed.
Regarding your last problem of tight skin and reduced sensation of the penis and scrotum, it appears that it could be a fungal infection or a skin disease which is causing thickening of the skin and hence the loss of sensation. However, your penis skin needs to be examined personally to comment on the type of infection. In this regard I would request you to meet a dermatologist/ skin specialist in this regard who can examine your penis and scrotum.
Kind regards

Patient replied :

Thank you sir.
Last queation i.e. i heard that sensation gain medicine or ointment in available. so please refer like medicine is any and my scrotum is very tight i heard that who have a very heat generated body they will get like that so please give clarification and it is true please suggest good medicine
thank you sir.

I apologise for the delay in replying.
There are no such FDA approved medicines which can increase the sensation.
But, once you try Paroxetine as I mentioned, it will get better.
No, there is nothing like that. Scrotum can be tight because of UTI, with a component of epididymo-orchitis. Once the UTI issue is resolved, it will get better.

Patient replied :

thank you sir. you find out my 3problems and give medicine details and please provide how to use these medicines for cure my 3 problems at a time. can i take these pills regularly or intervel please provide decription of using medicine.
thank you sir.

As Doctor Spring is an online forum, legally we are not supposed to prescribe medications without physically examining you. Such regulation are primarily meant for the safety of the patients as well as the Doctor. Further any prescription given in E-mail will not be honored by the pharmacy in your country. Sincere apologies for the same.
For my patients I generally prescribe Tab Pexep CR 12.5 mg every night for some months for premature ejaculation and ciprofoxacin 500mg twice a day for 3-4 days for urine infection. Regarding the tight skin of the penis and scrotum, a dermatologist will be a better person to handle this.

Dr. Srikanth Reddy
Category: Sexologist
Doctor of Medicine (MD), Psychiatry Residency Program,2001 – 2012
M.B.B.S,Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences, Sevagram

Certificate Course in sex Therapy and Counselling, Sexology and Counselling, A
Sexology,Medikon Sexual Sciences, Mumbai

Training in Advanced Neurology at a leading corporate hospital (CARE hospital) in Hyderabad

Child Psychiatry Training in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore

Sex Therapy and Counsellingat MEDIKON Sexual Sciences, Mumbai.
Dr. Srikanth Reddy and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you

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