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Snap, pop sound on forceful snorting with nose bleed.

Resolved Question:

I would like to get this consultation addressed by an ENT specialist.
So I have always seemed to produce what I assume to be a lot of snot but perhaps I just assume that any amount is too much. So early in life I developed the habit of pulling it down by snorting and using my mouth and throat to create further suction and spitting it out otherwise I'd be having to blow my nose almost constantly as I clear my sinus this way at least once a minute. So the other night I was with friends and did this like always but this time felt like I 'pulled' on something fixed in place and for a split second I heard the loudest snap or pop sound in my head and an electric 'jolt' in my whole body. My one friend described seeing me in that moment as just freezing in place mid action handing him a Xbox controller. I immediately grabbed my coat and had them drive me to the hospital, during the drive there and while in the waiting room I was feeling really cold and finding it a bit hard to collect my thoughts into well organized sentences and that I had to actually try hard to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. It was also noticed that it felt like each breath wasn't getting me the air I needed, I also had a lot of sensations throughout my abdomen that eventually settled as a small amount of pressure if you will behind the bottom of my sternum. While in the waiting room it like a battle inside me to stay awake against impending sleep. After a couple hours got into triage where I explained how I felt the best I could, was sent back out to wait more and after about two more hours figured I was still alive, feeling a bit more normal, and wasn't rushed into the ER that it must not be too serious. For the next couple days I'd felt kinda cloudy, short tempered, not as mentally acute as normal, dropped things a few times which is all very uncharacteristic of me. Also sleeping a lot longer at nights. I went and got my vitals from that night and had my blood pressure taken again to see if that night they were different but they weren't. So I have hight blood pressure bit I already knew that. Results from that night were:
pulse 127, resp 22, BP 132/98(a tad lower than days later), MAP 109, SpO2 100%. I'm 31 175 lb, 6'1' white male.
I want to find out what that sound and jolt was all about! I have set an appointment for next week with a local ENT and start taking my sinus issues more serious from here on but
I'm worried now that I may have had a very small bleed that may dislodge and kill me based on what others described online except that I had 0 pain and that seems to be a consistent part of SAH/anurisum accounts. Anyone have any idea what might have really happened that night and where to go forward from here?

Category: ENT Specialist

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Category: ENT Specialist
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Thank you for posting your query at
I can understand your problem.
You are suffering from nasal obstruction and nasal discharge from childhood. You
try to clear by blowing it down or sniffing and spitting it. Few day ago while
clearing you had pop sound and felt some electric activity.
Most likely you are suffering from rhinosinusitis(infection and inflammation of
mucosa of nose and sinuses). This may cause block in eustachean tube (tube
connecting ear and nose). So this eustachean tube dysfunction will causes pressure
change in middle part of ear with sniffing or clearig nose.And due to negative
pressure in middle ear your ear drum may move in and can produce this sound of pop
so this is the most likely possibility as you did not have any clear loss of
consciousness during episode, there are not much worrysome symptoms related to any
brain pathology.
To confirm all this you need ent examination, a nasal endoscopic and ear
examination can be done.
To see details status of your sinuses a CT scan of paranasal sinuses can be done.
Once your diagnosis is confirmed it can be easily treated with course of nasal
spray and antihistamine medication including levocetrizine 5 mg once daily of
So at present you need not to be panic and can wait comoftable to see to ENT
specialist next week as your all parameters are normal except your pulse rate only
little high.

Hope this helps
Best Regards

Dr. Sunil Jalan
Category: ENT Specialist
DAA (Diploma in asthma and allergy) : Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2012
D.N.B (ENT), 2011
Residency - M.S. (Master post graduate degree in otorhinolaryngology),  Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2009
D.L.O. (Diploma in otorhinolaryngology) - Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2007
Medical School - M.B.B.S, S.P. Medical college, Bikaner, 2004
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