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Penis getting hurt with head turning red Stomach pain after meals with some diarrhea Elderly cardiac patient with headache and decreased hearing Husband with epididymitis and its cause Brownish smelly rash under and between large breasts Burning pain in right forearm near the wrist and carpal tunnel on the left Piain from complex ovarian cyst and menorrhagia Scratch from indoor cat and muai thai HLA B27 positive and its effect on body and how can it be removed Sore eyes which hurt and are sensitive to light Swollen groin and testicular pain and chance of an STD Stomach upset in Thailand and symptoms recurring after return Diagnosis and prognosis of illness and risk of infection Empty consult Empty consult Routine bloodwork done by self for interpretation Daughter with ASD with Lactic acid level fluctuation Pregnant and stopped IBS medication with flare up of symptoms Risk of HIV after exposure to sputum from sex worker Physically active person with obstinate constipation Progesterone pills for irregular bleeding and trying to conceive Empty consult Torn rotator cuff and herniated disc in neck with upper back pain Headache behind eye with swollen cheek and teeth pain Scared of getting pregnant at the end of cycle through pre-semen Maroon stools turning flush water red HIV negative at 4 weeks and risk of transmission HIV to husband and baby Herpes 2 positive on routine test despite same partner for years Asthmatic on Clarithromycin for chest infection and vaginal thrush Child with abdominal fullness burping and vomiting in the morning Ejaculation within 30 sec and no erection during sex Internal bleeding after rough fingering and time needed to heal Woman develops ataxia and motor weakness after penicillin Moderate central burning chest pain on and off in depressed woman On the Trifeme pill to skip periods and bleeding now DVT and PE patient on Coumadin with pain behind knee UTI symptom of frequently feeling like urinating Unprotected cunnilingus causing small hemorrhages and ulcers inside lips Do Mirtazapine and Bupropion effect sperm health mobility and count Pigmentation of toenail with little hemmorhage Chances of pregnancy with protected intercourse just before period Holes in chest with hissing and frothy blood oozing on inspiration Physician with fasciculations affecting body fearing ALS Emergency contraceptive use and feeling unwell for days Sudden bouts of memory loss with mood changes and incontinence On pacemaker and Amiodarone developed swelling of feet Soft lump in elbow crease in a fully tattooed arm Blood types with husband and MMR vaccinations Minimum time gap between two breast augmentation surgeries Increased HbA1c and Dyslipidemia with sugar and protein in urine Bright red blood on stool after eating a bowl of cashews Unprotected intercourse with wife in puerperal pernd pregnancy risk Lipitor causing neuropathy issues in CVD patient with stents Concussion and whiplash injury in person with depression aggravating headache Female bodybuilder on Anavar without knowledge of pregnancy Burning sensation and constriction on inspiration of right pectoral area Feverish and lack of energy and scratchy dry throat Image seen directly goes to the bottom right with vertigo and loss of balance ED and premature ejaculation and vecurect penis pump Epileptic with long seizure and talking in sleep One mole bigger than other and worried about looks Vertigo like symptoms and falling out of bed Toothache relieved only after freezing and morphine Question regarding hormonal imbalance Splenomegaly and mesenteric lymphadenopathy in kid with abdominal pain Low lymphocytes on regular physical done during throat infection Bumps on penis and scrotum with itch unlikely fordyce's spot Hypertensive with arthritis and taking Flex-a-min Severe gut pain after taking fat immobilizer sports supplement Poofy and reddish lower eyelids after persistent crying Difficulty swallowing increasing as day progresses and choking Blood red urethra after ejaculation and fullness of half penis Hunger and nausea at the same time and gluten intolerance Feeling of phlegm in the back of throat Painful foreskin retraction on erection and intercourse Risk of STD after ingesting lollipop used by stripper Switch from Minigynon to Pearl LD and leg cramps On Sartel and Inbloc for hypertension and chest discomfort Prominent veins on penis on erection and penile strength VBAC in previous C sections and placental abruption Long duration of cough in Indian scenario Sore under tongue Bleeding ingrown hair on knee and tender femoral lymph node Measures to raise HDL in white man with increased paticle number Woman on anti-hypertensive medications with rashes and severe itching Calcified focus likely Calcified granuloma in apicoposterior segment of right upper lung Wife seeking suitable method not to have a baby for 2 years Tinea cruris not resolving since years Finger prick with 20 gauge needle of HIV negative patient Extreme anxiety of HIV after sex with sex worker and flu symptoms Internal bleed after oral sex Glans around urethra is red and painful and aching side of penis Unable to walk and needs testing by a needle with camera to check leg Complex problem of muscle stiffness and achiness relieved on masturbation Should a child with myopia wear glasses if she can read well? Upper back pain on left rhomboid Fetal wellbeing with uncontrolled hypothyroidism in mother in early pregnancy Neurodermatitis with scalp psoriasis Woke up feeling lightheaded and unsteady on feet with low pulse Worried about HIV after unsolicited oral sex

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