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Risk of loosing BREASTS from PLASTIC SURGERY. Different sizes of OVARIES in TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND. Will CEFADROXIL cure PREMATURE EJACULATION? Do in need treatment with negative SYPHILIS test? MEMORY LOSS after treatment for PERFORATED BOWEL. PROSTATITIS and pain in penis, KIDNEY STONE in CT. STD? Chances of spreading germs to IMMUNOCOMPROMISED with feces contaminated dress. Am I ok with NATURAL CONCEPTION with these reports? Best pills for CERVICAL CANCER. Pain in back, abdomen with KIDNEY STONE. CT. Effect of LITHIUM, SEROQUEL with BIPOLAR DISORDER on pregnancy. Risk of having baby at 41 years old patientof age. Swollen itchy red bumps in arm after INSECT BITES. HORMONAL therapy for MICROPENIS and ASPERGERS SYNDROME. Cant breathe properly on quitting smoking. HYPERPROLACTONEMIA causing low sperm & TESTOSTERONE level. CABERGOLIN. Milk teeth creating problem for growth of permanent teeth. Cause for neck pain on side when stressed out. Chances of HEART BLOCK with abnormal EKG, normal STRESS TEST. Is negative sperm test after VASECTOMY trustworthy? What could be this lesion? MOVICOL for constipation with CYSTIC FIBROSIS. Treatment for hair loss with HYPOTHYROID. Healed PERFORATED BOWEL in rehabilitating with MEMORY LOSS. Itchy red/white bumps due to CORAL SCRATCH POISONING. Dry patche in genital area, redish on peeling off. Frequent abdominal pain, GERD for years. CANCER? Unable to sleep after SHOULDER SURGERY. MELATONIN, BENADRYL. Risk of CANCER in MUCOUS CYST in mouth for years. Excruciating pain when urinating. IRITTABLE BLADDER SYNDROME? Treatment for overactive LIBIDO and INDECENT EXPOSURE. RH-negative carrying RH-positive baby. ANTI-D shot. Cause for spasm, pain in extremities, headache, INSOMNIA. Crutches and physical therapy for STRESS FRACTURE, TORN LIGAMENT. ANXIETY, PALPITATION and sleep disturbance in night. Headache after EMBRYO RETURN procedure. PARACETAMOL. Cheaper drug for LARYNGOPHARYNGEAL REFLUX besides NEXIUM. Abnormal LIVER, KIDNEY FUNCTION test with nutritional diet. OVARIAN CYST in CT, ULTRASOUNDand pelvic pain. CANCER? Can TENOTOMY be reversed with LABRUM TEAR, TENDINOSIS. Extra beat in heart with MITRAL REGURGITATION in ECHO. PHENYLEPHRINE/PSEUDOEPHEDRINE for sinus pressure/headache.BP. Pain, redness and swelling in joint. BMI. Treatment for red area in tip of penis. Pain in finger with BONE INFECTION and antibiotics. Ointment for treating WARTS in face besides freezing. HYPOTHYROID on THYROXINE with high TSH. Chances of contracting GENITAL WARTS with normal health checkup. HIV and LIVER blood test.Should I be concerned? BLISTERS, pimples in groin, thigh after sex. HERPES/HIV? Dizziness, disorganised after swallowing SLEEPING PILLS, fishing hooks. Feels like BRUISE on pressing in thigh. BONE CANCER? Treatment for COLD SORE and stiff neck. Discomfort/urge to cough after inhaling PROPANE/WINDEX gas. Little bumps in pubic area. INFECTED HAIR FOLLICLES? Cause for DENTS in leg near shin bone without pain. Can I conceive with high TSH and GRAVES DISEASE. Will stopping YASMIN pill cause delayed periods? Enlarged liver with elevated enzymes after GALLBLADDER removal. Persistent cough for months with CLEAR XRAYS. Who conceived by pregnancy by period dates. Fever, blister on lip. Will baby catch it by kissing? Will BICEPS grow after DISTAL BICEPS SURGERY? Swollen painful LYMPHNODES under arm. CANCER? Treatment for PROLAPSED UTERUS, frequent urination & CYSTITIS. Effects of AGE RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION in future generations? Treatment for itching and white liquid from vagina? What are these white spots on penis head? Need to urinate often with pain in pubic area. Risk of MEASLES after vaccinated as a child. Raised and itchy sore. What is it? Treatment for sharp pain in foot while playing. Ulcer with little pain to touch and DIABETIC. Outbursts of frustration, sadness and anger on partner. Heart attack, SODIUM DEFICIENCY with increased BLOOD UREA NITROGEN. Treatment for POST STREPTOCOCCAL REACTIVE ARTHRITIS. Warm itchy rash under neck. MEASLES? Back, abdominal pain and kidney stone. CT. VITAMIN, MINERAL supplements for muscle and joint pains. Are GASTRIC FEEDING TUBE, PERCUTANEOUS ENDOSCOPIC GASTRONOMY TUBE same? Reason for LOSS OF MEMORY, HEADACHE and dizziness. Pain in bones and on VITAMIN D injections. Blood reports. Cause for fever, tiredness and stomach aches. Poor memory, troble remembering, difficulty talking and on WELLBRUTIN. Side effects of QUADROVAX & TRESIVAC vaccine in baby. Is it safe to split a SEROQUEL with pill cutter? Chances of HIV/HERPES transmission with RASH, TYPE-I DIABETES. Cyclical pain in flank, chest, bloated stomach. Alcohol intolerance. Sore throat, couldn’t drink or eat. Sinus relief capsule. Swollen tonsils which hurt to swallow. Non itchy rash on stomach started as small bump. Risk of HIV after negative 6 weeks POST EXPOSURE TEST. Lagging baby growth by weeks in DOPPLER ULTRASOUND. Tiny dots in genital area like skin over skin. Stiff joints and popping joint noise. Second opinion. PITUITARY ADENOMA/RATHKE'S CYST in MRI. PROLACTIN level. Non healing wound in penis after vinegar for mole. TACHYCARDA and PALPITATIONS with normal ECG, ECHO. Reason for delayed period besides pregnancy. Tiny whitehead pimples in stomach. BUGBITE?

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