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Unusually dry hair and hairfall Chance sof success from manipulation of a thigh rod Painful lump in groin Red bumps on body which go away fast Pulling pain underneath and nausea Prescription for Valium Sperms on hand and pregnancy Pain in Trapezius muscle Lower left abdominal pain and Diverticulitis Surgery on stubbed toe and persisting pain and numbness On Coversyl and emotional incontinence Testosterone therapy and stopping it cold turkey Kid with jaundice and anemia with Thalassemia Vaginal bleeding between periods and severe pelvic pain Pain on left side and back and red spot over the site Severe gastroenteritis and trouble standing Wondering whether pregnant or not Periods restarted after Levonorgestrel Child with increased frequency of urination Worsening hip discomfort and central cord syndrome Enlarged prostate Unable to run longer than one minute Encounter with masseuse and pain on urination Intercourse with 2 men on same day and paternity issue Pins and needles below eyes after refilling of upper molar Self diagnosed HSV2 and time required for recovery Unprotected sex and fever with bodyache Questions on testicular ultrasound Lump under nipple getting larger Lump in the middle of neck Risk of HIV from protected oral intercourse Lesions on penis and Reiters disease Red lump below belly button Query to Dr. Vivek Nair Abscess on gum and profuse sweating Blood pressure range in a young woman Bilateral probable benign breast nodules On Geodon Trazodone and Ultram and possible interaction with Benadryl High calcium level Pregnant with lot of blood and mild cramp Swollen skin on top of glans Effects of withdrawal with Arip MT 10 mg Tons of mucus and back pain where lung is Gyno lumps in nipples after prohormone use Gnawing ache at site of cholecystectomy Repeat consult Trouble with remembering keys and confusion Intraparenchymal renal cyst Ate out and sick Wart on lower penis HIV risk through razor cuts at hairdressers Abdominal cramps after periods Tingling and numbness in hands and fingers Nose job and a hard knock on the nose Red itchy rash around anus and differing doctors opinions Worried about Herpes Unprotected sex and iPill with fibroids Painless bump on labia with tiny head Son with difficulty breathing Pulmonary nodule after surgery for benign pituitary tumor Itching condition in genitalia Hairfall and greasy hair Burn on face by curling iron Intake of proprietary blend of vitamins while breastfeeding Exposed to Naegleria fowleri and dying from PAM Bumps on foot after tattoo Green stool Unusual looking mole removed and anxiety Advice for high cholesterol Different Staph infections in past and query on dormancy Enlargement of nose and nasal space Rectal cuts Non specific symptoms and risk of HIV without any exposure Risk of HSV1 HSV2 and HPV from oral contact Tongue like thing sticking out under labia HIV risk with cut on hand and exposure to genital secretion Pregnant and shone a laser pointer Burning and stinging pain in left upper torso Left lobe liver mass and resection later mass was found to be cyst Trampling fetish and risk of injury to internal organs Daughter with swollen upper lip HPV 16 postive with persistent throat sore fearing cancer Test question Chronic constipation and fear of using Senna Valium and Seroxat for colon problem Red bumps near top of butt crack Cyst like lump between fingers and lesion in pituitary Infection after operation for hip wound Discomfort when urinating during defecation Palpitations after pregnancy Severe sharp headaches with fullness and feeling of bursting pressure in the head Hydrogen sulphide or flatulence like odor from the body Recurrrent severe lower left abdominal bloating Benefit of 3D CT planning for double jaw surgery Tightness and pain in stomach with blood in stool Sex after 1 day of permethrin treatment for scabies and risk of transmission Unusual eruptions on tip of penis Severe burning in lower spine and shoulder blades and neck Erectile dysfunction due to neuropathy Small sore itchy lesion earlier and now recurrent red marks and bumps on penis

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