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Cracking sound from the back. What could this be? Pimples on my face and chest HIV positive and having continuous diarrhea Can you help me lose 200 pounds quickly? HBV PCR quantitative show results detected <20 IU/ml. Should I stop Zeffix? Have taken 40 mg of Vyvanse. Should I be concerned? Ringworm all over the body that is spreading Tooth pain that does not subside Irregular beats .Why does this happen? Having heart palpitations daily. What could be the cause? Streaks of blood on defecation. What could this be due to? Severe pain in the limbs Have DVT in my legs. 15 weeks pregnant and experiencing very intense pains in my stomach and pelvis as if I'm in labor Can hypothyroidism cause infertility? Red bumps that appears on the head and form scabs Sustained severe trauma to the right epididymis. Is this normal? Have I jammed or broken my thumb? Are poppers worse then cigarettes? Have heavy dark flow a week after my last period. Should I be concerned? Hurts when I move my eye. What could this be? Little toe numb after being stepped on Is liquid Band-Aid a good idea for her eyelid? 2-year-old son had diarrhea for past 24 hours. What could be the cause? Did I break my hand/knuckle? Is Advil effective for broken finger to relieve pain? Can I take Adderall XR with pulmonary stenosis? Stabbing pain in my abdomen on and off since a year Sex with an HIV patient .Can I be affected with it? Chest pain that is associated with headache I'm 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant and having tightening in my stomach. What could this be? Do I have HIV symptoms? Bleeding and pregnancy test negative. Could I be having a miscarriage? Bumps present around the bottom of my penis. Dry skin around my eyes. What could be the cause? Feeling sick after having junk food 4-month-old baby with high fever and unresponsive. Could this be due to meningitis? Having severe pain in my testicles since a week Vaginal break out after using Mirena IUD Pregnancy test result showed initially positive and later negative. What does it mean? Can a tear in your abdomen be treated? Bumps on the anus. What could this be? Burning sensation in the stomach with headache Numbness and feeling heaviness in the arms Indirect Coomb s test showing two results How do I improve my immunity? Could I have ovarian cysts? Lower back pain Light bleeding due to diet pills Have fuller breasts, vaginal discharge and missed period. Could I be pregnant? Can Change in place cause diseases? Heavy bleeding with spotting. What could be the cause? Garlic burns on genitals. Mensovit tab dosage and frequency. Irregular Bleeding after taking plan B. Trying to conceive after 5 yr IUD. Dizzy on standing up. Hair follicle test after taking Adderall Fracture of index finger in 3 yr old. No periods after taking Plan B. Pain with vomiting and headache. Lump under the skin worried about bugs. Pain over the elbow after accident Headache after taking tramadol White discharge with minimal spotting. Soreness of breast and nipple during periods. Lung cancer in an elderly Oral ulcers after having oral sex. Irregular bleeding after using Alesse. Two and half year old son fell and bumped his head; glue was used to close it up. He has fever today. Chances of DVT after a flight of 5 Hrs Dosage of azithromycin for chlamydiae. Nasal congestion and ear fullness. Recurring episodes of pain with multiple medications. Recurring ring worm in spite of treatment Nausea with loose stools that is relieved on having food. Painless bump on the shaft of penis. Clogged nose with mucus and discomfort in the ear. Crunching sound in the wrists after a fall. Groin pain with physical activity. Nausea and vomiting with loss of energy Dizziness after a fall. Swollen lymph gland with infection Continuance of verapamil in a patient with chronic AF. Abnormal blood test without any physical symptoms. Abnormally high iron in blood test. Lump in the throat with nausea. Counter effects of omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E on action of paxil. Yeast infection with reddish rash Discolored nail that is pale and gray. Condom failure and chances of being pregnant Loose stools since month and improvement with diet change. Anxiety issues due to drug abuse. Chances of HIV after encounter with prostitute. Irregular periods with faint positive pregnancy test. Pain in the knee while walking. Lower abdominal pain diagnosed as appendicitis without pain relief. Lower back and abdominal pain. Chest pain with headache. Anxiousness and restlessness during rest.

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