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Painful rash above shaft of penis Very active healthy male with spider naevi Rash on thigh after playing golf not wearing underwear One irregular white spot on penis head Anticholinergic agents for overactive bladder if urine results are normal Fell and landed on little finger with swollen side of palm Weakness in body when trying to have sex for the second time White patches all over beard area on both cheeks and scalp Pain at right side of throat on swallowing saliva Genital Herpes spreading to skin covering penis Not eaten anything all day getting hot flashes and red vomit Bug bites on penis when trying to avoid jock itch Painless bright red blood in stool Few punctate foci of increased signal on long TR images Boyfriend developed small bumps on penis Pregnant with racing heart and shooting pain in hand Fell off bike and landed on the palm of left hand Allergy to cats and cat dander rubbing off on clothes Serious yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis with persisting rash Redness noticed on inner thigh right where scrotum and thigh touch Herbal pill that is safe to use for penis enhancement IUD Mirena and pregnancy symptoms Unprotected sex and scared of pregnancy On gluten-free diet but loud noises in the stomach and gut Fasciculations in various parts of body Tender small sore spot in the pubic area Likelihood of pregnancy in PCOS after taking I pill Losing 100+ hair in the shower everyday Baby vomited after zincovit syrup intake Constant vertigo with eyes crossing and spacey feeling Girl with simple partial seizure as swallowing food Spinal injury with no sensation in body from neck to toe Epiglottis burned by heartburn due to heavy drinking Average pain and numbness on right leg inner side Eye hurts after looking at the sun directly Scared if girlfriend with IUCD coil is pregnant Risk of getting MRSA in children from exposed relatives On sedation for seizures with recurrent seizures on dose reduction Will Sjogren's go away forever? ED with inability to maintain erections 9 out of 10 times Obese female with high diastolic BP on exercise Heart palpitations with ectopics on Holter monitoring and normal ECG Saliva sticks in throat but not liquids or food Wife has skipped 2 period cycles with earlier oligomenorrhoea Recurrence of jaundice and nausea in Gilbert syndrome Small red clot below tongue or food stuck there Male with mild loose motions High bilirubin levels along with hemoglobin hematocrit and sleep apnea Temporary eyelid drooping and double vision when tired Nauseous at night and fatigued throughout the day Can big black spot on lumbar vertebra on X Ray be cancer? Who has got most skin or most fat on their faces in the pics? Bumps on genitals with clear STI screen and smear Obesity with chest pain and high Hs CRP Heaviness in one side of the face and heaviness in the head Terrified that I have MS with symptoms of numbnness tingling but clean MRI Bleeding from penis and inability to have proper erection Child with past fracture femur says his leg hurts and limps Vascular damage to Penis while using Penis pump Holidaying in Vietnam and experiencing stomach discomfort Severe and disabling symptoms diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome Heart beating very hard and dizziness Intercourse twice with two different men and positive pregnancy test. Chances that a technical virgin gets pregnant through layers of clothes On Yasmin had unprotected sex and started antibiotics Injury to lateral side in front of lateral malleolus of left foot Justification to prescribe Timazol or Carbimazole pill when TSH is high Asthma and Bronchogenic cyst Varicella and Rubella antibodies dropping in pregnancy and fetal risk Will HPV and genital warts persist after infection is treated? Head on car crash while in the backseat with late onset dizziness Mirena IUD removed due to missed period now bleeding Moved into a new apartment and got red rashes on hand Lower right rib protruding and painful Boxer fracture on the 5th metacarpal and osteoclasis Back of tongue is white and can be scraped off Late period after sexual contact be implantation bleeding? Picture comparison of subcutaneous fat of hand and facial fat sinusitis with pressure in nose affecting eyes and head Pulmonary valve dysplasia and risk of Noonan syndrome Blisters on lips and infection of face Pain in the upper left abdomen under the rib cage and fear of Pancreatic Cancer Headache with dizziness and partial vision loss and normal CT Type of viral infections and their cure Unprotected insertive oral sex with a girl risk Irritated because after eating I go to Toilet immediately Is high RBC count alarming? High intermittent fever with severe sore throat and anaemia Muscle cramps pain and twitching in Legs fearing ALS Red rash on abdomen with pus filled bubbles Pain only on right side of body and excess sleep in Fibromyalgia Very tiny red small dots on back of tongue On Dexamphetamine for long time changing to Valium Bleeding and abdominal pain after sex for 1st time On Mirena Coil and scanty menstruation Peeing less amount of yellow urine with dull back pain Walking all day nonstop person forced to take psychiatric drugs Macular patch on feet with urine protein Child exposed to crack in utero is constipated Stopped Klonopin and lost my mind

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