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Athletic male with kidney pain and fatigue Complete blood counts on lower end of normal on routine physical Wife with rash under both breasts not resolving on steroids Dose increase of Citalopram and FDA warning of risk of QT prolongation Severe pain on straightening knee on standing up Extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and brain fog after orgasm Lump on pouch beneath penis and two unknown skin objects above Empty consult Itching and irritation of anal area during and after passing stools Mild hip pain on sitting cross-legged with high uric acid Unprotected intercourse with HSV2 positive person on antivirals Poked self with infected dental burr of HCV positive patient Enlarged and distented abdomen after tubulisation Perimenopausal with shortness of breath and feeling of fullness Not itchy pink red blotches on back Accidental drinking of liquid soap lead to cough and stomach pain Hirsutism with hair all over but thinning on head and enlarged clitoris Motivated to quit drinking considering antabuse Lower right pelvic pain and on Progesterone OCP Pain due to anal fissure prescribed Azithrorite Snapping clicking and grinding noise and sensation in joints and muscles. Unable to remember tasks done in the past hour or simple words Excess fatigue at night and pain abdomen due to TB medication Starting alcohol after infection with Hepaptitis A Previously taken I pill provides contraception for next 72 hrs Fatigue and weight loss with back ache after sexual activity Resolving vertigo with disequilibrium and pressure in head and advice on flying Lymph node lighting up on PET with epithelioid features Fuzzy feelinng in head with lightheadedness aggravated by motion On OCP but fearing pregnancy due to antibiotic use Cough and eosinophilia prescribed Hetrazan Risperdal and Zoloft showing up on a routine physical Put dough up the butt and now stomach rumbling Passing blood in stool and loss of concentration with fear of H pylori J tube is clogged Lost insurance and broken hand and in pain Child with inflamed rash not resolving with Cortisone Pregnant and worried about paternity Dialectical behavioural therapy for borderline personality Fracture fibula and choice of conservative treatment or surgery Finasteride for hair loss and loss of libido and ED On OCP Gianvi and threw up after taking it Belly button red and itchy with mild bumbs on stomach On Testosterone shots and developing Gynaecomastia Scared of getting a heart attack with family history of heart disease Risk of transmitting Hepatitis from dried blood through mucus membrane Rash on arm in between elbow Red veiny looking throat and white tongue after oral sex Cerebral infarction but clean CT and excessive sleep Paraesthesia and excessive sweating after drug eluding stent insertion Persisting pain and warmth at steroid injection site Management of sinusitis with previous septoplasty and turbinectomy Pregnant with pre term contractions and role of Progesterone Fracture of lumbar spine with curved spine and now twitching Obese with heart disease and off cocaine but still testing positive Knee clicking and stiffness with generalised joint pains Heavy cough and breathlessness only in the night Thyroid swelling with normal test results but feeling off High fever with swollen head and muscle weakness and spasms Pregnant with high urine epithelial cells and hemorrhagic cyst ovary Light brown spots on child and possibility of Neurofibromatosis Male with CYP2D6 positive and withdrawal to fentanyl Risk of transmission of bacterial infection through erotic masssage Rash on inner part of thigh and STD Increased heart beat in lady with Parkinsons Massive hair shedding and multivitamin deficiency Male with coating of underside of tongue and tiredness Risk of transmitting HSV1 with cold sores and trichomoniasis Pregnant with severe tiredness Confused about paternity of pregnancy Childhood ITP treated with no symptoms and low platelets in adulthood Flu and rash with diarrhea and negative HIV tests after exposure Young obese male with heart disease in family having spike in pulse and BP Prolonged bleeding with history of PCOD Pain in left abdomen with one bout of blood per rectum Thyroiditis and fibromyalgia with fluttery heart beat and facial numbness Death due to massive heart attack after martial art class Accuracy of ultrasound to determine date of conception Depression and PTSD on Celexa and Elavil changed to Thorazine Pain on front left side of stomach slowly moved to back Painful black mark on heel surrounded by callous Incresed frequency of urination with decreased volume Red welt on the chest not relieving on cortisone application Shorter and heavier period after unprotected intercourse Body deteriorating with skin lesions and discharge Back pain and tingling burning in calf and toe in a triathlete Tumor in stomach on ayurvedic medicine Irritation and pressure inside neck and Ultrasound done Child with leg swollen red and itchy around injection site Headache and increased visual snow with rebound depression Burning pain when urinating and pain in kidney area Positive for HSV2 and risk of infection transmission by kissing Recurrent abortions in women with satellite associations Vague chest pain Dilated kidneys of fetus Positive home pregnancy test but negative at the doctor's Oral thrush and risk of HIV with oral sex Scared of bumps inside vagina Chest tightness and fever with decreased O2 saturation Pain in right carotid artery area after minor stroke

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