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Sharp pains in head, ears, tingling sensation. MIGRAINE? Burning , inflamed sensation in hands after rashes. Treatment? Constant palpitations, skipping beats with ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS. Effect of fever on BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. Abnormal blood count after CHEMO for BREAST CANCER. Cold, difficulty in breathing with snorting noise. Treatment? Tired, dizzy on periods, IRON DEFEICIENT in blood test. Dizziness, shortness of breath with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, TRIGLYCERIDES. SICK with chest pain on reducing NORCO. Strong urge to pee with discomfort after peeing. Cause? Itchy, uncomfortable pimples in lip. HERPES? Pain after surgery for LABRUM TEAR, SUBACROMIAN DECOMPRESSION. Treatment? Painful, burning sensation in eye with redness and pus. Tingling sensation, lump in hand, waking up with sweating. Peeing a lot without pain . Cause and treatment? Pain, irritation in testicles by EPIDIDYMITIS even on ANTIBIOTICS. Some levels are high in blood tests. Suggestion. Will LOW LYMPHOCYTE keep my body from fighting CANCER? Drak brown loose bowel movement on taking AUGMENTIN. Prolonged bleeding with PCOD on DUPHASTON. Treatment for dark marks near eyes due to spectacles. Is CANCER presence in PET SCAN accurate? Further course. Chances of BRAIN ANEURYSM to rupture without surgery. Having IRREGULAR and LATE PERIODS. Can I have SEX? Small lump in breast but all clear in MOMMOGRAM. PARNOID, SCHIZOPHRENIA symptoms with DEPRESSION on MIRTAZAPINE, CITALOPRAM. Chest pain at night, tired on waking up. Cause? Treatment for CHRONIC URTICARIA with shoulder swelling. Forcing out stool with smaller stool movement. COLON CANCER? Bloody stools with growth protruding from rectal passage. Cause? VERTIGO, double vision, tinnitus due to VERTEBROBASILAR INSUFFICIENCY. Will vinegar turns HPV affected part white on application? Red, crusty hard bump on leg with ring around it. Red spots on penis after vigorous masturbation. Can I switch to CLOMIPRAMINE from PAROXETINE for OCD? Became fat, unshaped, hair loosing after INHALERS for wheezing. Fever, chills, painful urination. Should I start ANTIBIOTICS? Painful EXTERNAL HEMORRHOID after FOOD POISONING, DIARRHEA. Chances of transmitting HIV in micro cuts in breasts. Chances of reinfecting each other with INTESTINAL PARASITES. Will COCAINE showup in drug test with HAIR FOLLICLE? Burning sensation in penis after vaginal sex, no discharge. Does the pic shows BLOOD VESSELS trying to heal? Is there a 4th GENERATION HIV TEST to confirm HIV? Headache, migraine after PRIMER, BUG BOMBS for walls. Purple/red sweeling over anus without pain. HEMORRHOIDS? On and off swelling in the toe. Treatment? Urine leaks out of penis after sex with no pain. Cause? Curved down penis when erect with PEYRONIES DISEASE. Bleeding during sex when off pill. Affect getting pregnant? Swelling in ankle due to TUBERCULOSIS. What to do? Medication with less sideeffects to decrease ERECTION. SPLENOMEGALY with low PLATELETS, WBC. LEUKEMIA? Churning stomach after Oral sex with girl having HPV-16. Prescription for partner diagnosed with CHLAMYDIA. Can I try following diet to lose weight safely? Swollen eye with pain after surgery for CATARACT. Chances of transmitting HERPES from kissing, oral sex. Bad anxiety that comes repetedly. Do I need medication? Pain when urinate and on sitting. Treament? Brain fog, visual problems, normal MRI on taking HORMONE EXTRACT. Mood swings, dizziness, fatigue with heavy vaginal bleeding. Unbearable pain in foot after injury with normal XRAY. Nausea, cramping, headache, milky discharge after PLAN-B pill. BRAIN ANEURYSM that bled and clotted by itself. Serious? Low WHITE BLOOD CELL with LOBULAR BREAST CANCER. Will METHOTREXATE make me sick with RA? HOLTER MONITER results with SUPRACLAVICULAR AORTIC STENOSIS. Sorethroat, fever, cough with yellow colour sputum. Spotting prior to period, frequent need to pee. Cause? One side of body feels sore, pain in calf. Irregular and long MENSTRUAL CUCLE. FIBROIDS/POLYPS? Treatment for recurrent NEPHROTIC SYNDROME on STEROIDS. FULL THICKNESS LATERAL PATELLOFEMORAL CARTILAGE LOSS in MRI. Risk of high ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE in blood. Looking for comparison betweem two CHEST XRAYS. Fast heartbeat, high BP on taking MESSACOL-OD for IBD. Lightheaded, feel like spinning worse on laying down. Pain in legs, hands with darkened skin. Cause? Pain with muscle atrophy in shoulder. DIAGNOSIS? Baby digesting food formula slowly on GTUBE. Cause? Escort spit on my dick. Can I get STD? Will cracking neck repeatedly cause VERTEBRAL ARTERY DISSECTION? Long standing MOLE in hand getting bigger. ACRAL MELANOMA? Chances of getting HSV by sex not during outbreak. New WARTS are formed after CRYOTHERAPY for GENITAL WARTS. Borderline HSV PCR, ELISA tests. Sholud I be concerned? Hip pain after surgery. Need surgery/ VON ROSEN SPLINT? Rash in chin after scratching. Can I use HYDROCORTISONE? Can I do ABDOMINAL EXERCISES years after HYSTERECTOMY? Shortness of breath after eating in pregnancy. Cause? Raised glucose readings on decreasing INSULIN. What to do? BRONCHITIS on heavy smoking. Is it a serious disease? METASTATIC CANCER invaded LIVER. Is CHEMOTHERAPY good option? Dizzy on and off, pain in parts of head. PUBERTY? Distended stomach, nausea and vomiting with low WBC. Doctor prescribed XANAX without meeting someone. Is it illegal? Flashes of lightheadedness with heart racing and beating harder. Pain while urinating, in back below skin. Cause? Abdomen pain, occasional constipation, loose stools, flatulence. Treatment?

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