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My 7 yr old son is running fever and coughing since three days. upper right quadrant pain under my rib cage I'm late by few weeks for period, could it be menopause? Brown spotting for a week before period came. Small thin wires used in surgery for dislocated middle finger. Have mucus in nose and throat for months, had nasal infection 3 times since 3 months. We were making out 4 days ago; my gf hasn't got her regular periods. Is she pregnant? Have a lump on my right hand; it is hard like a bone. I have been diagnosed for PCOS two months ago, I have sharp stabbing pains in pelvic area during sex, before and after my period. Is it ovarian cancer? Painful stinging sensation in rectum, have a history of constipation. I want a cure for my OCD; I wash my hands always because of dirt. I used to drink heavily for 13 years, I feel unrest and shake like I am going to get seizures. Bruise above my right eye, with sharp pain on right side when I tilt y head to right. I fell on my wrist, there was instant knot and bruised badly. I fell on my wrist, there was instant knot and bruised badly. Blood test shows I have 10% of herpes simplex1. My foot's got frozen, remained cold since then with purple rings and needles and numbness. My jaw line has vertical growth; I'm concerned as it is embarrassing. Big air bubble in my skin under my foot. Can he swim with stitches? Having sharp cramps with white discharge. My daughter is a nail biter, till the white part is gone. Passed out in bar yesterday, still feeling dizzy and weak. Missed 3 birth control pills, having bleeding since 3 days. Had my periods 2 days after having protected sex, but after that not got my period till now. Haven't been able to go to toilet since 6 weeks though I took enema. Had sex a day back, white pus out of my vagina. Had diarrhea for 3-4 days, now anus burns on peeing. My breast itch with popped blood vessels that look like rash. I'm a heavy drinker; I just found I was 4 weeks pregnant, how do I know if my child will have fetal alcohol syndrome? Slammed my thumb in car, profuse bleeding with deep cut. Should I go to hospital? Intense pain starts in my back at the T7 vertebra level goes down at L2 and around all my body. Brown periods with lower back pain. Have a bleeding ulcer; I take excessive alcohol, severe pain in lower back. Severe stomach cramps with feeling of fullness after taking food. Will excessive masturbation cause premature ejaculation?? White worms in the system, can you help? Circular red and warm area around the booster shot. Trouble urinating at night, urge to pass urine but no urine would come out. Three month old baby stopped taking milk since 10 days , only bottle milk is given. Black dot under tip of penis with sharp pain from time to time. Can maximuscle lean and maximuscle thermobol tablets be taken with Simvastatin and Ramipril? Suffering from anal itch but no hemorrhoids. Feeling tired,  dizzy, loss of concentration, hair falling and fingertips turning blue. Had fractured calcaneum 3 months back, recently fell and when I bend my toes sends shooting pain up my foot. Cramps since a week, no periods yet. When I pee, pressure is lifting off my bladder and painful relief of bladder. Taking amlodipine, feeling anxious. I was anorexic when 16yrs, now put on weight, feeling depressed. Red lime on head of penis after sex. Severe pain in butt when shitting. Taken Isotretinoin with alcohol, hangover since 4 days and yellow sclera. Taking roaccutane, can I take supplements?? Excessive pain in ankle, swollen and pain whn applying pressure. Taking roaccutane, can I take supplements?? Headache, dizziness, liver and kidney not functioning since I shifted to new apartment. Is it chemical poisoning? Im type2 diabetic and calorie intake is 4856 calorie per day, should I reduce to 1600 cal per day? Had peyronies disease before puberty, would it have affected development of my penis? Swollen painful lymph node on neck since 3 months and high white blood cells count. What is cause? After anal sex, had light brown spotting and period is heavy with clots. Is it vaginal bleeding or peiod? Had Unprotected sex, haven't got period though period is irregular, could I be pregnant? Unprotected sex 2 weeks after my period, could I be pregnant? Period since 4 weeks, blood flow is slow and brownish colour. Severe pain around navel, turned red and hard. Uncontrollable jerky shudders/shakes lasts for a second, 1-3 times a week. Sexual intercourse after cryocautery, chances of infection. Skin of penis turning white after taking Tylenol. Home remedies for pimples. Tested HBsAg non reactive, Hep B antibody reactive, what is degree of infection? Left valve of heart doesn't close weel, will normal lifestyle be affected? Spontaneous bruising since two weeks without any trauma. Bruise under my skin after sunburn. For scabies 5% permethrin or 1% permethrin. Stopped taking birth pills after a missed pill. Can I take SARMS for gaining muscle faster? Taking gynera, when should I expect my period?? Started taking birth control pill, when will I get next period? Lump at back of knee, upper thigh swollen. Developed fever, bodyache and headache after having unprotected sex, 1 weekback. Pain in lower back near lower ribs, leg has mild swelling and vomiting sensation since three days. Wet macular degeneration, suffering from soreness and slight burning sensation. I take a lot of soy flour, should I take anti-oestrogen supplement?? I am 34 weeks pregnant, vaginal infection for about 3 months. Constipation, vomiting, and foul smelling flatulence Pain and soreness under right ribcage. Swollen lymph node at back of ear, increasing in size. Severe embarrassing grumbling noise from low back and stomach. Pressure in lung with stabbing pain after eating. Terrible pain in left shoulder radiating to right shoulder and bottom of ribcage. Exposed to high chemicals, pain in legs, horrible head ache and tired always. Tingling feeling in soles of feet when aroused or depressed. I ripped frenulum, severe bleeding. What should I do to prevent reoccurance? Pimples not decreasing but in summer the number of PIMPLES is increasing. Amoxicillin side effects on birth control pills. Taking roaccutane, can I take supplements?? Small, red spot increased in size to pimple with numbness around the spot at upper thigh. Hair follicle positive for cocaine, but had cocaine ten years back. Cat allergies Black discolouration at edge of my glans Knees and veins turned purple.

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