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SCHMORL HERNIA ON L3 VERTEBRA in MRI after fall. Elevated LIVER ENZYMES after fall from stairs. NASH? Burning sensation when urinate, on and off pain in back. Self administered CLOUDY VITB12 shot. Anything to worry? Early signs of pregency within 2days after sex. Swelling, pain in urinary area after protected sex. Cold medicines that are good for GORD, sorethroat. Is it okay to have COUGH SYRUP with GORD? COLD LOZENGES for sorethroat without causing ACID REFLUX. OCD with belief that contact with feces makes him ugly. Discomfort in groin without itching, redness. Cause? Itch on anus after bowel movements, reoccuring UTI. Cause for bumps on tongue on back side. Shaking uncontrollably on stopping VISTARIL. Withdrawal? Cause for swollen itchy redness in toe. Pimples, redness in face, hand. Treatment? Dizziness in morning after CONCUSSION with normal CATSCAN. Bladder pain, frequent urination with prostate problem. Treatment for painful wrist after spraining it, Brownish residue while wiping even without bowel movement. HAND FOOT MOUTH infection with DIARRHEA. Treatment? Mild ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION after CVA brain. Treatment? Pain, sensitivity in bladder during intercoarse after pregnancy. Abdominal pain in night with normal ULTRASOUND, BLOOD RESULTS. Anxiety, depression with AGAROPHOBIA and bed wetting. Treatment? Heart palpitations, headache, vomiting. Is it heart related? Weight loss with elevated TSH levels, HYPOTHYROIDISM. Deficient IRON, VIT-B12 with elevated URIC ACID. CELIAC DISEASE. Blood in stools during BM. What to do? Fever, chillness with SPLEEN ABSCESS in CT. Treatment? Itch on penis, redness not helped by FLUCINAZOLE, KETOCONAZOLE. Can I take RITALINE for boosting my performance? Is it possible to treat ANGINA without surgery. ANGIOGRAM. Good pain relief medication for CHEST PAIN. Had sex with unknown HIV status girl.Should take PEP? Never getting erections, wet dreams. Can I masturbate? Ache in arm, chest after injection. Due to ANESTHESIA? How can I treat a boil under arm pit? Pain in nostril with DEVIATED SEPTUM. Treatment? Can D&C show ENDOMETRIAL CANCER in uterus? Chances of LUNG CANCER according to report in smoker. Can a VIRUS linger for weeks and come back? Cough with aftertaste with VANTIN for ACUTE BRONCHITIS. Stiff arm due to misplaced I.V for blood transfusion. Strong pulse in stomach with normal ULTRASOUND. AORTIC ANUEURYSM? Drop in HEMOGLOBIN after BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS in PARAPLEGIC. Cough, tightness in chest after workout. ASTHMA? White bump like skin tag on anus, chest pain. Diagnosis? Bloated, delayed periods with no pregnancy in ULTRASOUND. Tremors, twitching, burning sensation with abnormal IgmP23 for LYME'S. Heavy menstrual periods with clots with DM2. Treatment? Will HYPOTHYROIDISM cause COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT IMPAIRMENT in pregnancy? Tough anal site, cirlce around it. Was he RAPED? Pain in ankles with BOHLERS ANGLE 20-40* in XRAY. Presuure down my head, neck and ear pain. Cause? Compulsive thoghts about getting RABIES from cats. Pain, TENDONITIS after injury treating with MUSCLE RELAXER, STEROIDS. Dizziness, lightheaded with headache. Treatment? Itchy rash around eyes. How to treat itchiness? Twiching, cramping, tingling in extremities with normal MRI, EMG. Sleepy feeling, loss of balance with normal MRI. Effective medication for TONSIL INFECTION befor surgery. Can ZIDOVUDINE, EMCITABINE used as PEP medication for HIV? Risk caused by white spots in TONSILS with TONSILITIS. Can NEUROCARCINOGENIC, VASOVAGAL SYNCOPE occur in episodic manner? Could clot made from particle entering vein seen by ECHO? Pressure on chest, problem with breathing. HEART ATTACK? Weird feeling in PUBIC MOUND area after jogging. INCUBATION period of RABIES in humans from cats. Medication to cure PREMATURE EJACULATION besides VIGOCARE. Are DILTIAZEM, LEVOTHYROXINE with GRAPEFRUIT safe after certain time? Before and after stages of fetus's development in pregnancy. SOLID MASS WITH CYSTIC COMPONENT in thyroid ULTRASOUND. COMPLEX KIDNEY CYST in MRI. No Renal masses in kidney. RESPIRATORY, METABOLIC ACIDOSIS with RA, MIXED CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISORDER. Getting dizzy, lightheaded after eating . Cause? Treatment for cough with severe ear pain. Headache, noise in head after head injury in childhood. Lump in tonsil where a crypt has tore. Treatment? Chances of baby to be mine with period dates. Reason for back, spine pain after sinus surgery. Bleeding, pain from urine and vomiting. Treatment? Risk of HEPATITIS-B from HBSAg CARRIER to immunised wife?? Hving WEBBED PENIS uncomfortable during sexual activity. Cough with sputum, chest pain. What's wrong? What are options for alternative CONTRACEPTION PILL for MERCILON. Feeling dizzy, lightheaded after eating, tingling in hands. Blood in stools without abdominal pain. Reason? Intermitent Internal tremors in hands. PARKINSON'S? Can I take ST JOHNS WART for DEPRESSION? Treatment for CHRONIC MIGRAINE with DEPRESSION already on ZOLOFT. Fever, vomiting with red swollen areas in hands. ANTIDEPRESSANTS that can be taken with MAXALT for DEPRESSION. Dark red itchy, burning rashes on legs. Treatment? Fever, chills, back pain after taking PLAN-B pill. Treatment for PERTUSSIS besides CLARITHROMYCIN antibiotic. Pelvic pain, PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, bleeding after inserting MIRENA. Best way to increase size of the small penis. Are ADVIL, NOVACAINE not safe during pregnancy? Medication for HEPATITIS-C that does'nt damageliver.

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