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Could clot made from particle entering vein seen by ECHO?

Resolved Question:

Dear Sir,
would you pls. explain me with medical knowledge what I want to know.
If very little wood particle below 1mm get into vein by accident (while wood cut the vein), and finally reach the heart and stuck in the layer of ventricle (endocardium).
What I understand is if this thing happen, inflammation start and encapsulated by cell and be finished. nothing woudl be happen... or if it is large.. Clot be made and could be check by eco.
What I want to know is below scenario.
what I want to undesrtand is if wood particle which got stuck in the layer of heart be shaked (not move to another place... just shaking by blood flow) by fast blood flow, I want to know how healing proecess is going to next step.
For example.
as far as I know there is small blood vessel in endocardium, and while particle got stuck in layer, there must be bleeding, and normally after time flows, bleeding end up.
( if it got stuck in the layer of endocardium totally, bleeding must be stop after time flows and inflammation start and finished and encapsulated by cell and nothing is going ot happen.)
But What I want to know is what if particle be shaked by blood flow..
then bleeding is going to start again or stop or continue? or other mechanizm?
and Clot is going to be bigger or what happen.
and also inflammation is ?
it also could be encapsulated by cell while shaking?
if so, can we know easily know the symptom?
if this condition is continuing almost 1yr... what happen and people could know easily?
Sorry to ask difficult question.
if we know easily what hapeen then I could finish my concern.
(For example, if particle be shaked, inflammation is continuing so we could know.. or Clot is going to bigger so we could check by eco.. or etc..)

But what I want to know is unfortunately particle only be shaked by blood steam, (not delodged)
I want to know what happen next..
In my poin of view, first Clot is made but after shaking.. bleeding start, and clot is made.... So after time flows, very big clot could be made and so we could check my eco...
or first small clot is mage after stucking and while moving clot is deloged and move to lung or other organ,,, so people could feel the bad symptom....
pls. explain me with medical knowledge.
sorry to bother you again.

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.

Thank you for your query at DoctorSpring.com
I understand your query even though it is slightly complicated.
If the particle does get stuck in heart, there will be inflammation yes. If the venous blood flow ( the current ) increases then it can dislodge the particle as well as the clot. Yes.
In this case, if it still stays in the same place another process of inflammation will start and can be easily caught since there will be symptoms, and will be evident in the ECHO.
However if it gets dislodged, then it will act as an emboli and can even cause death if it lodges in the lung, or lead to DVT if it travels via IVC to the veins in the leg.
Hope this answers your query,

Patient replied :

Dear sir. Thank you for your answer. My concern start from this thinking- litttle wood particle which got stuck in the layer could not be checked by eco. And inflammation on endocardium somtimes could not deliver the symptom if it is not by infectious endocartis. So.My concern is it possible not to know the symptom while small particle got stucking in the layer of endocardium for 1yr if particle got stuck not firmly. in my point of view if particle got stuck firmly, there would be inflammtion and bleeding stop and encapsulated...so we could think what is going to happen next. My concern is if particle be shaked by blood flows.is it more easy for person to know the symptom? More hard to know the symptom or checking by eco. In my point of view, it makes more clot and delodged so more easy to know or more hard to know? Sorr to bother you again.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days.

Yes firstly if the particle lodges ( no matter where it lodges and however small it is ), it will be picked up by the echo and also produce symptoms, to warrant an investigation immediately.
Even if it dislodges and lodges somewhere else, it will act like an emboli, and finding it out will be easier because the symptoms will be almost instantaneous.
Feel free to discuss further,

Patient replied :

Thank you very much. There is some misunderstanding. Sorry my mistake. What I really want to know is if particle got stuck firmly, i could understand the wound healing process. But if not firmly stuck and little shaked by blood pressure (not move somewhere,), i want to know wound healing process. Capillary on the layer of endocardium maybe got cut by little particle and bleeding start. What if continuesily particle shake and irrated the wound part... bleeding could stop and what happen and that is easily checked. More easy to know? Sorry to bother you againthank you.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days.

See that is my point. It won't happen like that the particle gets a little shaken and moves away. The clotting process happens in seconds so wherever the particle manages to reach, it will be surrounded by inflammatory cells almost in 5-10 seconds being recognised as a foreign body. And such small particles won't be able to cause a great deal of damage to the capillaries of endocardium. Finally if the clot somehow gets dislodged, then it becomes dangerous in the way where the emboli lodges.

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