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Forearm pain Alternating depressive symptoms and extreme positive feelings Impetigo Onychomycosis Blood clot behind knee and leg pain Child with cough and fever at the end of a cold Accidentally shot foot with hot water pressure cleaner Lortab and home follicle test Froze wart and red blistered skin Frothy blood from hole in chest Swollen lip every morning Irregular menstrual cycle Fetal hydronephrosis Ultrasound showing Hypoechoic nodules Second degree burn Negative HIV antibodies and positive PCR Alcohol withdrawal Chest X-ray and spirometry Pancreatic cancer or autoimmune disease Sinus pressure and pain Waking up from sleep with palpitations Hit from behind and neck injury Blood test results Cough leading to rib fracture Labored breathing and nasal congestion Frequent urination after multiple sexual partners Fear of flying on take off Accident and leg injury causing it to be cold and pale Sinus infection treatment overdosage Migraine Delayed period and negative pregnancy test Recurrent vaginitis and UTI Dysentery and diagnosis of IBS Keeping off drugs and strange movement of cheeks Red itchy welts Loss of smell and taste sense after zinc nasal spray Epididymal cyst Garcinia cambogia and Propylthiouracil interaction Loss of libido and over masturbation History of pneumonia and breathless now Chance of pregnancy after withdrawal bleed Sinusitis and migraine Blisters on buttocks High liver enzymes and low cholesterol with positive Hepatitis B IgM Anal sex with wife Pregnant with increasing CMV IgG Anxiety and objects moving with pulse Abdominal cramps and persistent smell from anus Pain in the mid-back Suicide with Psychosis or Schizophrenia Risk of HIV in someone with rash Lump in left arm after fall Gastroenteritis Flu and difficulty breathing Back injury Discomfort in urethra after unprotected sex Mass in brain Upper GI an urinary symptoms Ehlers Danlos hypermobility syndrome Ligamentum Flavum buckling Pneumonia and stomach muscle pain Less growth and slightly enlarged breasts Reliability of pregnancy test 4 weeks after intercourse Parallel black lines on nail Ceroxitum in pregnancy Tightness or dull pain in left hip flexor region Rhinophyma Unusual tiredness Psychosomatic illness Mucocoele inside lip Pimples on bottom of scrotum Red blotches on face and weight gain post puberty Shortness of breath and expectorant cough Child with chronic vomiting Seborrhoeic dermatitis Negative pregnancy test Laryngomalacia Nausea and cramping with bloated feeling on OCPs PSA in prostatic hypertrophy Lump on right cheek Fever and loose stool in infant Sudden knee pain Semen analysis Bright yellow bile in stools after cholecystectomy Spotting after periods and cervical erosion Pain and weakness in thigh Change in color of vaginal discharge and possibility of pregnancy Stress affecting digestion Friction dermatitis Abdominal pain Stroke and right sided paralysis Lump on side of penis Swelling from thigh to calf Headache after car accident Perimenopause and no period for months Trying to conceive with low sperm count Stroke and blackouts causing injury for pain relief Long acting Propranolol and codeine interaction Up all night coughing Café au lait spots and fear of Neurofibromatosis

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