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Lump on right cheek

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34 year old male. Pre existing condition. hiatus hernia + gastritis. Causing me lots of discomfort which has led me to question other potenital issues with my body.(ALL BLOOD TESTS I HAVE HAD DONE COME BACK PERFECT)

I have a 15 mill oval lump above the right cheek .See attached image. I've marked the approximate area. It might be a little bit lower than the mark. Its not on the jaw, its inside the skin of the check. (Not visible on outside of face or from the inside of the mouth)I've had this for a few years. Its hard to touch, is not painfull and moves if pushed. I'm not sure if it has increased in size but it feels a little larger. I do have some bad teeth in the right side of my mouth. I've taken augmenten for my other pre-existing condition. The lump did not reduce in size. I'm constantly fatigued, which might be a bit of depression and my condition.

My question is does this lump concern you and if not what might it be?

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Category: Hematologist
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Expert:  Dr. Prasad Eswaran replied 4 Days.


Thank you for your consult at DoctorSpring.com.

I saw the image and I hope the query is about the dark mole in your cheek which you had for years together. This could probably be a mole which has a very very remote chance of changing into cancer, but be assured that the chances are very low.

I would advise you to meet a surgeon or a dermatologist and get that removed if you feel that it is bothering you for some reason. Else it can be left as such and immediately seek medical attention if you see any change in size , color , pain , bleed or any other change in it.

Rest be assured that it is innocuous. Would be glad to answer any of your follow-up queries.

Take care

Patient replied :

Hi. Thank you for replying

Its not a mole. I have marked the area with black pen so you know where the lump is located! Can you please check it again.

The lump is located in under the skin. Its NOT protruding through the skin and its NOT visible if I look inside my mouth. So its not a mouth abscess. I have no other white/grey, or red rashes, inside the mouth our other signs of possible infection.

Its is larger than a pea, hard to touch. Is not painfull. I do have rotten teeth on the right side of my jaw. This lump/stone has not reduced in size eventhough I had anti-biotics for another condition.

So Imagine a pea shaped hard lump about 1.5times the size of a pea. Hidden in under my skin.

Thank you for your help. Let me know what you think it is and if nothing to worry about what the lump might be called

Expert:  Dr. Prasad Eswaran replied 3 Days.

Thank you very much for the follow up. I am sorry for the previous email as the mark with pen looked like a mole in the photograph.

Since the lesion under the skin, it could probably be a sebaceous cyst in the beard area since it has no pain and redness ruling out an infection. Else it may be a small lipoma or a fibroma or a calcified lymph node in that region.

I would possibly look at possibility of a calcified lymph node in view of your history with sharp teeth and tooth decay. It would seem innocuous but i would sincerely advice you to seek medical attention to identify your problem.

The doctor would be able to give you an exact diagnosis after a proper examination of your oral cavity and advise on treating your sharp tooth and tooth decay.

Hope this explains your doubt and I would be happy to answer any queries if any.

Patient replied :

Thank you for the explaining. My bloods all come back perfect. I've had 3-4 CBC and other blood tests completed. Everything is normal

I read about lipoma or a fibroma or a calcified lymph node.

I read that the above possible lump types non cancerous. So if my bloods come back perfect. Does this need to be removed?

Expert:  Dr. Prasad Eswaran replied 2 Days.


Most likely NO. This swelling is mostly a benign (non cancerous swelling). There is no reason to worry about this. However blood tests are pointless as it would not give any information about the swelling per se. More important is Physical examination by your Doctor to access the swelling.

Again, the swelling (from the nature of swelling, location and description ) is mostly benign. So no reason to worry. The only sure shot way to know what the swelling by a FNAC or needle biopsy. This is need only if your Doctor recommends it. (after a physical examination)

Hope this helps
Feel free to ask follow-ups.
Thank you

Dr. Prasad Eswaran
Category: Hematologist
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