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Normal vaginal discharge for most part of life and cramps and cracking skin Little bumps on right corner of lip and fever after contact with Herpes Problem of lucidity or clarity of mind and no focus Throat infection Diarrhea and rash on upper back part of stomach Transverse lie baby in LOA position chances of fundal anterior placenta Itching burning heat boil near vagina and humid environ Real time wait management monitoring and tracking analytics for doctors Scratch on tip of penis passing a kidney stone not healing RA with normal inflammatory markers and knee pain Frequent headaches taking 5 HTP on occasion and low libido Achy pain in mole and changing size with cancer in family Diagnosed with syphilis at blood drive and treated with partner safe Apomorphine and tadalafil taken together with flurazepam Side effects of HCG injection into penis HCG injection to increase penis length if low Testosterone Smaller penis after surgery for abcess Non pregnant wife with severe abdominal pain after eating grapes Risk of Toxoplasmosis in pregnant lady living with cats Male with no facial hair and younger looks for testosterone supplement Swallowed a bug or dry leaf but stuck in throat Internal back pain on both sides when drinking continuously Pressing finger against palm cause red marks that stick Pain of migraine with pineal cyst and Dextropropoxifene Watery brown diarrhea with green round thing Had sex for first time but no vaginal bleed why EKG done when anxious and after Alprazolam Will contraception injection along with morning after pill affect fertility Lower back pain along with digestion problems Infected sebaceous cyst on back taking Penicillin Gastritis and hiatal hernia with soreness of rib area Can it be Strep in child with fever and thoat hurts Blood after fingering in anus and vagina followed by intercourse Spotting after fingering in anus and vagina followed by intercourse Tender painful breast and bleeding after sex and use of I pill Enlarged white something at centre of tongue Spinal problem with prior surgery needs medicine to strenghthen spinal ccord Sharp pains in left side of chest only for a second and heaviness with morbid obesity Chances of Pulmonary Hypertension if Sleep study shows Sleep Apnea and blood work all good Swimming in a lake and infection with Naegleria Anal fissure and constipation caused flat deformed stool Sebaceous cyst on cheek popped and bleeding Drug test for job coming up but ate poppy seed bun Separated with partner and visited brothel and now scared of HIV Pain at the centre of the chest with normal ECG Visited camel farm and developed difficulty breathing Hepatitis B positive disease control before marriage Anabolic steroids to increase height and dark pimples Red patches on underside of scrotum with ingrown hair Vomiting sensation with leg swelling and backache Syphilis count was low with negative HIV test visited massage parlour for sex and developed fever Fast ejaculation within one minute and earlier excess masturbation Clear discharge from clitoris with bad smell Lumps on left levator scapulae muscle Sinus congestion and red swollen tonsils with heartburn Itchy area in anus with a growth Tried hydrocotisone for itchy red rash on groin area Aching kidneys and hip ache due to alcohol drinking Lingering cough with post nasal drip Pink blood mixed and mucus with stool of baby Female with constipation and family history of UC and Ca Colon Spinal cord TH7 and Th 8 flattened with lymphocytosis and illness of Kahler Lamotrigine for mood regulation now having hot flashes Mother with Ischemic demyelinations in MRI of brain Strep and yeast infection of breasts Recurrent warts on hand despite cryosurgery Risk of HIV after protected vaginal sex with stranger Diagnosed with HSV1 in childhood now with cracking skin of penis Skin coloured bumps on penis and anal discomfort with conjunctivitis Have ITP and pregnant with brown leukorrhea Itching and clear ooze in vagina after sex with STD negative man Candidiasis of the genitals Painful wrinked skin of penis and scrotum with fever Sexually ragged in school with anal itch Biopsy showing cancer of penile skin Time gap required between cocaine use and cardio Fit woman with waves of fatigue and sleepiness Scraped wound on thigh with dressing cotton sticking Acute adult ADHD together with Bipolar one Disorder request for Fentanyl Small bump on the back of neck felt only when tilting back Suffering from GAD now feared about having MS Panic attack earlier and now dull mood with negative thoughts and fear of death 8 month old with fever spikes and puking Erectile dysfunction on Safed Musli drink but no improvement Can IBS cause knee joint pain and arm pit discomfort? Short head aches lasting only for seconds near temple Partial tear of the achilles tendon and rupture of calf muscle HCG hormone test to check pregnancy duration Clicking sensation on turning head to one side Light red or dark pink discharge with brownish clots after intercourse Pregnant with bleeding and increased baby movements after sex Had several heart attacks on Coumadin now with low platelet count Trying to quit drinking at home with withdrawal symptoms Knee pain below and beside Patella only on jogging Chance of E coli 0157 infection through human faeces exposure Stiffness in upper abdomen and intake of whisky daily Numbness in hands and legs of short duration Whitening around urethra Something protrudes out after passing stools Baby with Tracheo-oesophageal fistula on Tracheostomy and Gastrostomy

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