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Sharp pains in left side of chest only for a second and heaviness with morbid obesity

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Sir,Sometimes i feel sharp pains in the left side of the chest.They act only for a second.
I feel heaviness also sometimes.My heart beat is always around 95.
My age is 22 yrs but i am fat with a BMI of 49.
Most of the time doctors say its just muscular pain or due to acidity.
I have got my cholestrol checked and evrythng is in the normal range.
What should i do?

Category: Cardiologist

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Category: ICU/ Critical Care Specialist
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Expert:  Dr. Sachin Verma replied 4 Days.

Thank you for your query at doctorspring.com. The pricking sensation in your chest lasting for a second or so is most certainly not cardiac. About the heaviness, could you be more specific as to which area, whether it happens at rest or on exercise, how long it lasts, radiating somewhere else, how severe it is, whether there is sweating or nausea alongwith the chest heaviness?
A BMI of 49 is very dangerous. I strongly suggest you cut down on your calorie intake (eat lesser portion of bread and rice avoid alcohol increase portion of sprouts green leafy vegetables legumes avoid refined carbohydrates cut calories so that you lose half kg every week) and increase your exercise levels and if these measures if already tried and failed you should go to a Gastrointestinal surgeon for bariatric surgery.
Your heart rate is 95. Slightly on the higher side, but whats your bp. Heart rate can be higher because of sympathetic activity in obese people as the body tries to burn the excess of fat. So BP is important in addition to heart rate.Kindly specify the nature of your chest heaviness.
Please get an ecg done. Also get a blood glucose fasting and pp done. Get an opinion on weight reduction bariatric surgery.
Dr Vivek Mahajan

Patient replied :

Sir my bp is 140/90 and this heaviness is in the upper chest near to neck. It doesnt radiate goes after half an hour.It dsnt feel severe.If i put my attention somewhere else i dnt even feel abt it or forget it.Its happening from over 8 months now.sometimes it is accompanied by sweating.
My bp is 140/90
I did my blood sugar test about 2 months ago and it was normal.
Whenevr i feel the heaviness or any pain,i immediately go for ecg but evrytime it comes out normal.
I,m very tensed about it as most people say it could be a heart problem /angina pain.

Expert:  Dr. Sachin Verma replied 3 Days.

Even though your symptoms are not typical of cardiac origin in that it goes off when you focus elsewhere still in view of morbid obesity and high BP you may get a stress test or a ct coronary angiography done to clarify your doubt. Get a 2d echo done prior to this. If after 3 months of low salt diet exercise and relaxation techniques your BP remains above 140/90 then you may consider beta blockers. Most importantly try to cut down on your weight, if necessary get a bariatric surgery
Dr Vivek Mahajan

Patient replied :

Sir, I did a TMT test a year ago...it was normal.But i want to ask you what are my chances of getting heart problems at this age with set of conditions.Ill surely go for the test.

Expert:  Dr. Sachin Verma replied 2 Days.

You didn't tell about the tmt earlier. If it was normal a year ago then you should not undergo any further investigation and you should just follow the lifestyle modifications as advised. Your symptoms are most likely non cardiac. Reduce your weight though.
Dr Vivek Mahajan

Patient replied :

Sir,i have been in exercise(gyming) mostly cardio. I dnt face as such problems during exercising.but it happens often that after gyming when i do it after 2-3 days ,my heart beat remains high often above 110. I feel great deal of thumping in chest.

Expert:  Dr. Sachin Verma replied 1 Day.

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Dr. Sachin Verma
Category: ICU/ Critical Care Specialist
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