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Colon cancer and CT pelvis report Vaginal discharge and STD Xanogen and side effects Blackheads Signs of early stage gum disease Runner with sinusitis and fatigue concerned with post op fitness Indication for wisdom tooth extraction Pregnancy paranoia Flu-like symptoms and pimples on vulva Abdominal cramps all day but no period How to tell if child needs glasses Diet for weight loss Woke up with loud ringing in ears Problem during intercourse Painful red itchy dots Skin condition appearing at different places No period on due day and not pregnant Negative pregnancy test followed by a positive at the same time Irregular periods, scalp hairfall and excess facial hair Swollen tongue without a diagnosis Stitch in the right abdomen after urinating Swollen painful lymph node behind ear Positive RPR and negative treponemal test in syphilis Sore anus and urinary frequency Blisters on lips after oral sex Liver enzymes elevated with nightsweats and body odor CT scan head interpretation Head injury with frontal fracture Numbness of entire body Hit on the nose and headcold Deep parallel lines on scalp after assault Bleeding teeth while sleeping Right sided testicular pain Abdominal pain followed by bowel movement Small anal abscess Tingling of face and legs Lack of concentration and alertness Worried about Herpes after swabbing someone with whitlow Safety of pre dated delivery Painful bruise on leg with vaginal Progesterone Drop in BMI and Prostatitis Odd growth on base of penis Burning and itchy marks on butt Spots in armpits and psoriasis Burning sensation at beginning of period Clear mucinous vaginal discharge post menopause Pain in nose after spray painting Possibility of STD in throat after negative screen Itchy mouth after eating sushi Interpretation of MRI scan Abdominal pain and presssure after colostomy reversal Tiny little pimples on penis Masturbation addict Excruciating pain after laxative for constipation Pregnant wife and safe medicines Diarrhea with a long coating Swollen stubbed toe Clear line in urine test and pregnancy Fluctuating BP and bloating Weakness in legs and tingling all over the body No erection and low libido Nagging sore throat Itchy nipple and discharge of clear liquid Tight foreskin Moderate right sided chest pain Problems with penis Boxer with a lot of anxiety for Benzos Sudden onset ear pain Oral glucose tolerance test result interpretation Waking up with stomach pain Pregnant and transient loss of vision Severe vaginal thrush Awakening from sleep from sharp deep pain in nasal cavity Unprotected sex and on seasonique pills No erectionn in the morning Problems with concentration Bumps and rash above groin Possibility of pregnancy and normal periods Positive double stranded DNA and no symptoms Dark pigmentation of penis gland Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty for increasing height Nostril block after septoplasty Son with low back pain Body itches when nervous Unprotected sex and itchy pink dots on backside Unprotected sex and red dots on the back Loose stool and bad flatulence Treated for chlamydia and white milky dischargge Critically ill father with neurological condition Sore area at the base of penis Fibula fracture and persistent pain Social anxiety disorder Bad cough and headaches after cold Problems with digestion Ex girlfriend claiming pregnancy and paternity testing through amniocentesis ACL surgery in the past and pull or tear at same knee Prenatal paternity testing Increasing TORCH IgG titre fetal risk On Yasmin and query regarding periods in PCOD Pap plus HPV test positive and genital warts

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