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Is it dangerous to take MODAFINIL without medical reasons? Low body temperature, less appetite with weight loss. Cause. Sudden shock, ache in heart. Will cause HEART DAMAGE? Headache, HALLUCINATIONS after knocking my head. Needed MRI? Mother died of BREAST CANCER. Genetic chances of cancer? DIASTOLIC DYSFUNCTION in ECHO. Is it not dangerous? Cold, cough with GREEN PHELGM. Is it CANCER? FIBROIDS with debris in VAGINAL ULTRASOUND. Is it dangerous? NUCLEATED RED BLOOD CELLS in DIFFERENTIAL CELL COUNT. Had dry rubbing in strip club. Risk of HIV/STD? Small hard lump in breast with pain on touch. GROUND GLASS OPACITY in CT. anything to worry? Gay with bad physiche, misaligned teeth. Ways to improve. Chest pain, cough with normal ECG, CHEST X-RAY. Do ER postive cells have ER negative in ITC'S? Treatment for OVERHEATED body after playing. Pain with shoulder blade protruding more than other. Cause. Cause for pain in side, back and dry, sore mouth. Sorethroat, swollen nodes with POSITIVE MONO TEST after sex. Treatment for ACUTE abdominal pain with CHOLELITHIASIS. Little spit in penis, sleep disturbance after sex. Cause. Will YEAST INFECTION mediacation help HERPES INFECTION? Bruised area, resolved swelling after bumping wrist. Cause for fits, uncontrollable cry in baby. Diarrhea/flu symptoms, stomach pain after returning from bali. Had blowjob from escort. Chances of HERPES. Treatment for BRAIN ZAPS, withdrawal symptoms of LEXAPRO. Chances of pregnancy from sex after taking PLAN-B. Spitting YELLOW SPUTUM on antibiotics. CHEST X RAY. Swelling around eye with STAPH infection. Treatment. PROCTOGYVENOL CREAM for ANAL FISSURES. Any other remedies? Milky white discharge with UTI, VAGISIL. HERPES? INFLAMMATORY PSEUDOTUMOR LIVER. How to recover quick after SURGERY. Will FIBROIDS in UTERUS shrink after delivery? Cramps, tingling legs, pain in hamstring muscles. ORTHOPEDIST OPINION. Showed RF SIGNALS in RADIOFREQUENCY scanner. FOREIGN BODY in scan? Pain and swelling in BICEPS after lifting heavy object. Small FOCI IN FEMUR WITH MINIMAL UPTAKE. What it means? Unable to move wrist following injury. Is it emergency? Is PROMETRIUM better than PROVERA in inducing periods? Pelvic pain, normal ULTRASOUND with RAISED HCG. Cause? FATIGUE, hot sweats, disturbed sleep with aching limbs. Reason? Raised SGOT levels in blood with high CHOLESTEROL. CRESTOR. Frequent urine infection in DIABETIC, breathing problem. Treatment. Cramping, back pain, nausea with PCOS. Chances of pregnancy. OVERWEIGHT with numbness in vagina, buttocks, tingling senation in arms. Painful sore on butt, bleeding out of anus. Cause? Wide HIPS, small penis and testicles. Normal TESTOSTERONE levels. Medicine for HERPES ZOSTER besides VALACICLOVIR. Are my TB Ag, INTERFERON GAMMA results positive? Body is itchy with RASH, HIVES. EARLY HIV? HEMORRHOID type symptoms with no bowel movements. MOVICOL. Anxiety, dizziness, palpitations with IBS symptoms. Cause? Nightsweats, raised LYMPHOCYTE COUNT with neck LYMPHNODES. ETIOLOGY. AUGMENTIN for ACUTE BRONCHIOLOTIS. Is it suitable medication? Blood , mucus from anus after using object stimulation. Chaving,soreness, pain in vagina area after shaving. Itchy rash in arm. Is it due detergent? Mild MUSCLE PAIN in thigh. Is it serious? Can CREATINE level increase suddenly? PROTEINURIA. Allergy in penis not reduced by CORTISONE cream. Chances of reverting ANTI ESTROGEN induced MENOPAUSE. Is there anything wrong in UTRASOUND REPORT? Low LIBIDO, depression, pain abdomen. Are lab results normal? Vomiting sensation, dizziness after protected sex. Is it PREGNANCY? Impact of DVT on ABI test with calf swelling. Malnourished stray dog licked my hand. Risk of RABIES? Small COMPLEX SEPTATED OVARIAN CYST. Should I worry? ALLERGIC to SULFA ANTIBIOTICS. Is CEPHALOSPORIN SULFA DRUG? Do short HUMERUS, FEMUR in pregnancy indicate DOWN'S? Pain in chest, upper abdomen with ECG. HEART ATTACK. CONSTIPATION for weeks, on STOOL SOFTNERS. Any other treatment? Will PROSTATE INFECTION cause pain/discomfort opening the urethra? Negative ORAQUICK TEST at months after sex. Chances of HIV. Spotting, brown vaginal discharge after missing dose of ORSYNTHIA. High ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE, THYROXINE, HDL levels with enlarged LYMPHNODE. Small lump in breast. Is MAMMOGRAM useful? Increased appetite after QUITEPINE for PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA. Heavy bleeding with ENDOMETRIOSIS/OVARIAN CYST and DEPO-PROVERA. Took 5 AMBIEN PILLS. Will it show in URINE DRUG TEST? Bleeding gums, nose, stomach pain. ULTRASOUND, CELIAC TEST needed? Small red spots all over body. BACTERIAL INFECTION? Painless , non itchy red spots in scrotum. G6PD. LOW GRADE SQUAMOUS INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION in PAP smear. Small bumps in penis mostly show up when erect. Will PREMATURE BIRTH lead to HEART PROBLEM in future? Treatment options for METASTASIZED HCC in CT, ENDOSCOPY. Is it possible for pregnancy with THYROID LEVEL, FIBROMYOMAS? PHIMOSIS without pain, trouble passing urine. Is sex difficult? Hard ball like bumps in throat which moves. ACID REFLUX? Management of joint pain from ATT use Is MIRALAX safe for long term constipation? MID CYCLE BLEEDING about 10th day. Related to ovulation? Cause and treatment for recurring stomach pain. Rash without pain or itching in forearms, legs. Red rash with watery things on penis. Will C-SECTION cause SACROILIITIS postpartum? Small red burn spot/dry skin on hand. Treatment. Why BARIUM SWALLOW failed to identify PARAESOPHAGEAL HERNIA? COLD SORES for years. Can I get HSV ENCEPHALITIS?

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