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Pain, burning in penis tip after peeing, ejaculating. Bacteria? Low iron level, ANEMIC with progressive achiness. Reason. Couldn’t get erect during sex. Naturals ways to do? Soreness, pain in joints with raised URIC ACID. Recommendations. OBESITY, depression on DOPAMINE, FIBROMALGIA. Reports. Can doctor tell when MC comes by ULTRASOUND? Negative ELISA test 10weeks post exposure. Test again? Pain above belly button, across pelvis. Treatment. PERICARDITIS on treatment with IBUPROFEN. How long will it take? Shortness of breath, tightness in chest with STENT in heart. Pain in hip on bending after horse flip over. Treatment. Unable to walk, pain in legs on waking up. CARCINOMA INSITU even after BCG treatment. Next treatment? Watery fluid from nostrils on laying, eye sockets pain. C8 RADICULAPATHY in EMG, normal C7/T1 in MRI. Reason. GLIOSIS in brain scan in IBC. BRAIN METS? Chest pain, TACHYCARDIA when stressed. HEART PROBLEM? Low BP in night with INDERAL for SINUS TACHYCARDIA. SINUS TACHYCARDIA on INDERAL. Can I workout? Reason for cough until feeling like vomitting. Yellowing of eyes with age. Is that normal/JAUNDICE? Is VAGINAL DELIVERY safe with VELAMENTOUS CORD INSERTION? IMMUNOSTIMULATORY APPROACH or IV for treating MRSA PROSTATITIS. Cough with RATTLING in lungs. Can I give EXPECTORANT? Dosage of INDERAL for SINUS TACHYCARDIA. ANAL FISSURE not helped by CIDER VINEGAR, NITROGLCERIN PASTE. Enlarged THYROID GLAND with NORMAL FUNCTION. FNAC,CT. Unable to get erect penis during sex. Reason? HYPERTENSION, ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS on METHOTREXATE. Treatment. Stomach gas, ACIDITY and heartburn. How ro cure? DEPRESSION, ANXIETY with stronger urine smell. Cause. Small amount of bleeding after MENOPAUSE. Is that normal? Instant relief for CHEST PAIN for ANXIETY. Chances of pregnancy after missing dose of birth control pill. Can RISPERIDONE DEPOT INJECTION be given in foot? Lightheaded, pains in chest and low heart rate. Effect of ST JHONS WORT on LEXAPRO for depression. Is VOYEURISM symptom of PARAPHILIA due to VANLAFAXINE? Popping feeling without pain in throat. CANCER/GLOBUS PHARYNGITIS? Irritation in vagina, blood in urine. Temporary relief? Risk of HIV from anal sex with MYCOPLASMA INFECTION. ANGULAR CHEILITIS on lips. Symptom of HIV? Had anal sex with HIV+ partner. NAT/ANTIGEN TEST. Palpitations, night sweats with LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY. Chances of TOXOPLASMOSIS from moving cats's litter. GENITAL WARTS ON FLONIDA. Is LASER/BURNIG OUT risky? SLURRED SPEECH for months. CT, USG, XRAY,URINE TESTS. Vibration in abdomen after drinking alcohol. Cause. Stiff neck, numbness in arm with no help from CHIROPRACTER. Difficulty in vision, headaches with EMPTY SELLA in MRI. Eyes turned red, swollen and hurts on sleeping. Had pus, burned to urinate after anal sex. Reason? Elevated CREATININE, EGFR levels. KIDNEY FAILURE? Boils on inner thigh that gushed on popping. Consequenses. Causes of shortness of breath with HPYLORI MEDICATION. DEGENERATIVE DISCS in neck. Options besides PHYSICAL THERAPY. Constant tiredness, MIGRAINE and unable to physically aroused. Small raised white dots in genitalia. No itching. THYRONORM for removed THYROID CANCER. Is pregnancy ok? Ear pain, itching, metallic taste and NODES WITH FATTY HILUM. Low HEART RATE when relaxed, thicened HEART SEPTUM. Itchy penis with red spots and without discharge. Will VENLAFAXINE for HYPOCHONDRIASIS cause PARAPHILIA? Non itchy bumps in edge of penis. Remedy. Irregular vaginal bleeding not on birth control. ENDOMETRIOSIS/HPV? Chest pain, thud in heart for few minutes. Fine? Took PROVERA for late period. Will it mess up cycle? Sores on edges of mouth which bleed. Treatment. Risk of HERPES after unprotected sex. ACYCLOVIR. Minor VAGINAL BLEEDING after intercoarse. PERIOD/IMPLANTATION BLEEDING? Soreness of vagina, burning micturition after sex. HERPES? Reduced penis due to too much MASTURBATION. REVITAL. Indication of MISCARRIAGE, ECTOPIC PREGNANCY on late implantation of EMBRYO. DIASTEM between front teeth. Treatment options. Yellow discharge from vagina on birth control. CHLAMYDIA. Can I drink ALCOHOL with RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION? TINNITUS, HYPERACUSIS, dizziness after hitting head. COCUSSION? Pain in pelvis with normal PET, MRI. BONE METS? Effect of ALCOHOL on LEVAQUIN for CHLAMYDIA. Pricked my fingerwith CAT BRUSH. Should I worry? Effect on LIVER by drinking alcohol daily. Had recent FRENULOPLASTY. Is it infected? INCISIONAL HERNIA filled with FAT. Syrgery needed? Is ATKINS PROTEIN SHAKE advisable in HIATAL HERNIA? Darker penis with tiny white line. What is this? Will operation to remove block lead to PARALYSIS. REPORT. Lightheaded, flu like muscle aches, with raised CPK levels. White film on tongue with bad breath. Cause? Does negative blood test three months post exposure conclusive? Recurrent euptions with HENOCH SCHNOLIEN PURPURA. Treatment course? Took VOLTAREN SUPP per vagina mistakenly in pregnancy. Does belly button looks INFECTED in picture? SEGMENTAL PROLIFERATIVE LUPUS NEPHRITIS in RENAL BIOPSY. PROGNOSIS? METHICILIN RESISTANT STAPH AUREUS PROSTATITIS. Is TURP effective? Prominent TONSIL in different shape. Treatment. Shared beverage with person with COLD SORE. Chances of contracting? Having problems keeping an erection while having sex. Will ADIPEX give FALSE POSITIVE drug test? Dark blood in toilet after sex in pregnancy. Nipple seems harder, sore with cheesy scent. Normal?

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