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Ringworm all over the body that is spreading

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I'm 29 years old, female, and have an autoimmune disorder of histamine as far as I understand it. I've been on two medications for it for several years (xyzal,singulair)..Which seems to help. I'm also anemic and only take a multi-vitamin/diet for that. With that background, I've had ringworm for a couple months, and now it's out of control spreading all over my body. I went to see a doctor, he gave me the clotrimazole cream, I applied it twice a day for two weeks. All my bedding and clothes are clean. I have no pets, nor do I know anyone with this. It just gets worse. I've been putting tea tree oil/apple cider vinegar on it for days, and it doesn’t change. Please help me.

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Hello, the infection, which you have on your body, is a superficial fungal infection and is known as Tinea corporis or ringworm infection. It can occur on any part of the body. Usually there will be a enlarging raised red rings with a central area of healing. The edge of the rash appears elevated and is Sealy to touch. Sometimes the skin surrounding the rash may be dry and flaky, and invariably there will be a hair loss in areas in areas of infection. A tiny fungus known as Dermatophyte causes it. They normally live on the superficial skin surface and when the opportunity is right, it induces rash or infection. Person-to-person transfer usually via direct skin contact can acquire this disease with an infected individual. Animal to human transmission is also common. It also occurs in pets (dogs, cats) and also other animals like horses, pigs, cows, and ferrets. It can also be spread by touching inanimate objects like personal care products, bed-linen, combs, athletic gear, hairbrushes and so on. There is a higher risk of acquiring when you live in crowded, humid conditions or if you sweat excessively or in humid conditions where the pathogenic fungi can thrive which is common in armpits, groin creases, skin folds of the abdomen, or participating in close contact sports or wearing light constrictive clothing or if you have a weakened immune system (like those infected with HIV or taking immunosuppressive drugs). Examination and skin scrapings treated with potassium hydroxide are examined under microscope for diagnosis. If it is negative, you can ask for a culture, because the fungus grows slowly. It takes several days to become positive. Washing hands can do prevent it. Avoid touching characteristic lesions, wearing loose fitting clothing and practice good hygiene. Treatment consists of applying Topical antifungals twice a day for at least 3 weeks. Most commonly used are clotrimazole, Ketaconazole, miconazole, terbinafine, tolnaftate and bulinafine. If it is severe and lesions are extensive and existence of secondary infection or patient is immuno-compromised, oral antifungal medications can be used. (i.e. once a day for seven days). Prognosis depends on the contact because it is contagious and recurrence is obvious if preventive measures are not taken and once again depend on the person’s healthy immune system. So, if you are not satisfied in using clotrimazole, you could contact a dermatologist for alternative medication. Thank you

Dr. John Monheit
Category: Family Physician-GP
Residecny: North Colorado Family Medicine
Medical School: The Chicago Medical Center
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