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Severe gut pain after taking fat immobilizer sports supplement

Resolved Question:

hi my name is craig douglas from new zealand i hoping you can mabe point me in the right direction as im having no luck with diagnosis at Christmas time last year i had a reaction to a sports supplement that was a fat immobilizer (mess with metabolism etc ) i ended up in hospital 4 times in a week the only did basic blood screens ecgs etc just the normal gp ones said my bloods were fine and that it was mostlikly a reaction to caffine and kept sending me home i had severve gut pains for over a month then seemed to settle down abit but i have contiued to feel unwell and this is were im stuck my quallity of life is poor now before i get to my symptoms ill tell you abit about my self im 30 not over weight always been a physical person as in athletics rugby any sport i could play . and no im to ill to do any of that .
so my symptoms are i have gut achs that tend to move around from right down low below my belly button to right up around my stomach i had diarrhea alot that would come on for no reason and complete undigested food would pass thru also nausea occasionally headaches do get tingly hand very occasionally i feel very fatigued and no stamina i pee alot like 20 30 times aday and feel dehydrated alot but seem to pee out as much as i put in my urine is very clear ..and just like a post flu type feeling run down and unwell alittle dizzy at times ive had a echo cardiogram and stress test hart was fine i seem to stuck as the docs here wont look for the problem and just keep saying well what do you want us to look for etc your bloods are fine but there has to be something causing this its been over 8 months and im no better and slowly seem worse :( ive had one marker come up out of the three with a positive for celiac but nothing definite since 1995 but had the same marker show up alot and docs said well only one marker showed positive so no need to look further any idea s that i can possibly pursue would help like alot of the symptoms point to that but ones like the urinating and headachs dizzyniss and unwell dont :(

Category: Family Physician-GP

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Category: Family Physician-GP
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Hello Mr.Douglas,

Welcome to Doctors Spring Forum.

I would like to know some additional information from you :

Do you have spasmodic abdominal pain/ vomiting & nausea/ fever?
Do you have excessive gargling sound in abdomen with flatulence?

With the available described symptoms, there appears to be high possibility of
acute Bacterial gastroenteritis +/- Inflammatory bowel type symptoms. Frequent urge for defecation, weakness and diarrhea suggests the diagnosis. Flu like symptoms with headache appears to be prodromal symptoms of defined pathology.

A basic blood test is indicated ( You should also go for complete blood count
+ thyroid function test ) But if these are done previously there is no need to repeat. You may need an upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy with duodenal biopsy. (To be decided by your Doctor)

You will need to take complete antibiotic course + proton pump inhibitors - available OTC as Prilozec ( once daily for 7 days) , probiotics (available OTC) and antispasmodics in consult with your Doctor.

Avoid milk and all milk products for the coming 5-7 days.
It is less likely that this even is due to the sports supplement. This could be something unrelated. Endoscopy and Biopsy is important if the symptoms are persisting.

Take care,
Do Let me know your other queries/followup questions

Get well soon,
Dr. Mayank Bhargava

Patient replied :

the pains in my abdomin are more of a stinging ache can last all day or just short the dehydration and urinating is the main problem for me at the moment i wake up with sore dry eyes and lips i havent had any fevers or vomiting tho i have nausea alot more in the morning when i wake or its more just a unwell feeling i guess like post flu say if you had a bad flu .i feel like ive just had one but its every day just tired and run down i cant exercise as i just dont have the energy to. could a intestinal issue cause the urinating problem or would that be more kidney ? my doctor here thought mabe ibs or celiac but i will ask him about a endoscopy of the intestins if i was to go private im guesing a gastrologist would be who to see


There appears to be high chances of gastroenteritis (on the basis of defined

There appears to be least possibility of kidney disease.

There could be possibility of celiac disease but whenever a patient comes with complaints of diarrhea, weakness and abdominal pain; possibility of
gastroenteritis appears to be high and complete antibiotics course should be

If condition won't improve then only other causes should be searched out.

Weakness could be due to loss of potassium in vomiting and diarrhea. You should take potassium rich diet like banana, juices.

Dr. Mayank Bhargava

Patient replied :

Thanks I've got appointments with a gut specialist and a uroligist that's going to run tests will let you know how I get on

Dr. Mayank Bhargava
Category: Family Physician-GP
Fellowship: Gastroenterology, Chotiram Hospital & Research centre, Indore, 2009
Residency: General Medicine, Rajasthan University Jaipur, 2008
Medical School:  MBBS, Rajasthan University Jaipur, 2004
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