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Chances of STD'S from sex on periods with prostitute.

Resolved Question:


so i had a recent situation. I had sex with a prostitute who was on period and i did not know. So this is the series of events that happened for you to asses the situation properly. We were in the car, i was on drivers seat and she was on me

1. I had a condom on. Only about 35% of my penis was inside her and i was inside her for about 10 seconds only.

2. After i took it out and she was going back to her seat on my left, she hit my thigh and there was blood on my thigh obviously. A bit of it. I saw the condom and there was a little blood on it too in drops. These were the only two areas where the blood was and no scratches or cuts on body. There were some things that were in around my car, i am guessing the uterus walls etc that come out during period.

3. The condom was NOT broken. The sperm was inside the top as it should be, i took off the condom and blew it form inside to see if it peacefully expanded like a balloon and it did. I although panicked and later i got the condom back, filled it with water and dipped it in water to see the air bubbles (but i think i did this test wrong, condom should be filled with air right to see bubbles in water). At first i saw a bit of fluids in water which i did mistake as sperm coming from some small hole but i also assumed that it is probably some vaginal fluid on the outer area of condom so i removed the water and put clean water again and see if similar fluid comes and it did.. The water remained clean so it wasn't the internal sperm coming out.

I am worried as you might expect. Scared about transmission of STD's or HIV etc. What do you asses out of the situation. Someone told me condoms are only 80% protective as they can have minor holes and gave me an example of how when a balloon is filled with air it fills in but it goes back to being thing after 3-4 hours because of a .001mm type of hole. If by any chance something like that happened lets assume (since i think i got the second test wrong), can the fluid/virus etc pass through that. This question naturally comes out of my anxiety. Apart from this you have the situation above that i have explained.

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Thank you for your query at
I understand your concern.
Yes, being on period does increase the chances of transmission of STDs. This happens only when there is an open lesion on the male partner too. For example minor cuts on the genital area or scrotal area. However you had a condom on, and that reduces the chances of transmission to almost negligible. Also, you were barely inside her for 10 seconds and there was not an active intercourse for 5-10 minutes. The blood that came in touch with your thighs won't spread any disease. If the condom has tears you will understand easily as there will be semen spillage. So please do not worry. If you did not have a condom on, there were reasons to worry. But here, you are fine.
Feel free to discuss further,

Patient replied :

Hey Doc,
Thanks for the quick response. Over time i have realized that a lot of people are in similar situation. We all make mistakes and then we wonder for questions. I never wanted to have paid sex but out of one time i gained confidence that things may not go wrong and did it again. The blood made me freak out. Although without the period i could have been in danger too but this went upto a little extreme this time.
also, i actually edited the above document highlighting a situation before but it did not save because you repied at the exact same time. so this is what i had written in the edited doc.
---- situation 2 -- i had sex before once with a prostitute.. About 2 months back where we had sex. It felt more good in this case. Someone said that if it felt good it may be beacuse condom broke but i am guessing it is because during period i did not feel so great since the lubrication is high at that time and its an easy flow, am i right?
so either ways i was inside her for about 20 seconds or so and then once i took out, the sperm was intact as on top. I did not check for minor holes like in the second situation btu i did blew it and see if it went up like baloon and it did. The prostitute also immediately looked at the condom to see if it wasnt broken because i see they are more worried about spreading hiv or getting one. but about 2 weeks later i got bad viral. i had fever at 100 for 2 or 3 days and then my body got fatigued. Id get tired very quickly and shortness of breath if i do too much. It was also peak winters in december when this happened. My sister who is a doctor said its normal for viral to have such symptoms and also because its winters the shrotness of breath can get more annoying but i started just relating this too the condom blew that i did in this particular situation (situation 2) and wondering that because my mouth did that to the condom, i was close to the vaginal fluids and my lips or so may have come in contact with the same. What do you think?

Thank you for your follow-up.
Yes what you got following that exposure was a viral.
The good thing if you wear condom 80 % times you prevent yourself from STDs.
So even in my last post, as I posted, if you see no condom spillage then condom is not torn. So please do not worry. Yes, all of us end up doing wrong things and then suffer from anxiety. It is important though we learn. So it is best if you avoid having paid sex altogether.
As of now, in both cases, you are not at high risk. The viral that followed was incidental. So please do not worry.
Hope this was helpful,

Patient replied :

Hey Doc, thank you so much. Thank you for your time. I have one last question before i stop freaking out totally and close this consult. i happen to see these weird slight discoloration on my penis. I dont even know if its there or that thing is normal and i am freaking out. Because in the morning i thought i had blood spill out in my urine which umm obv wasn't there. I just saw it cause of anxiety post that day seeing blood like that for the first time and also all those risks involved.
I am attaching some images. Taken with phone and taken with a dslr so you could see clearly. I am very sorry to horrify you with such images but thought i might ask. Also this kinda thing that i am noticing doesn't exist even that little bit once my penis is erect.
so is there something or have i just become hypochondriac?

I understand you are worried.
But your penis looks absolutely normal and healthy.
So please do not worry.

Patient replied :

I understand you are worried.
But your penis looks absolutely normal and healthy.
So please do not worry.

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Residency - DNB, Dermatology -  K.J Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai, 2009
Medical School & Internship - MBBS - Dr. D . Y . Patil Medical College, Mumbai, 2004
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