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Getting birth HERNIA after having surgery for it.

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I am 25 years old patientold, 75 KG and 180cm. I have had few major problems in past: 2 hernia surgeries (groin area), Hepatitis C and A, Dengue, Malaria, Cholera and Typhoid.
Apart from what is mentioned above, I never had any other diseases or problems and now my immunity has so much improved that I don’t get sick easily and even if I get sick with some infection then without medicine I get okay in two days because I take lots of natural vitamin C (lemon + yogurt) and lots of water.
But from previous 1.5 years old patientmy life is like hell. I had by birth hernias which I operated 5 years old patientago and started doing exercises afterwards for the first time in my life and then started practicing martial arts but now I have started developing joints problems.
Somehow my problem seems to be very unique because I have seen at least 18 doctors from 3 Counties in this 1.5 years’ time. I live in Afghanistan so I have been here to doctors then I went to India and Pakistan and met all orthopedic professors and the most elite doctors in the country and no one could pinpoint my problem.
My problem is as such: when I do any activity be it exercise, sprinting, football or something else and then I get myself injured in joint area then it doesn’t recover at all. I damaged my left elbow 1.5 years old patientago in weight lifting and did lots of physiotherapy, took medicines of all doctors and nothing changed. And this Jan 2015 I had an injury in football and my left knee got hurt and now it is not recovering either.
As you know I have been to many doctors so, I got tested for Vitamin D, Calcium, Uric Acid, RA Factor, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, MRI, CT-Scan, cholesterol, Diabetes and all other kind of blood tests ESR etc. and everything in all reports are okay, they are saying I am fit and fine but still I can’t do exercises.
As per my MRI there is no problem in my knee ligaments, meniscus, no bone bruises or what so ever, just a little liquid in knee which is due to the fact that sometimes I get frustrated with my situation and start sprinting and then it starts hurting like hell and then I am on one leg for few months and when I rest a little and the knee gets better then I start running again.
Doctors are saying there is nothing in the reports so, they can’t fix the problem so, they are telling me to quit on martial arts or exercises. Right now I am living on anti-inflammation pain killers and day by day my self-motivation and confidence is going down because I can’t do what I love which is Martial Arts. I have been to psychologist to find out if I am mentally sick and these pains are not real and they told me that I am not sick and the pain should be real because I don’t have any symptoms of psychological issues.
I eat good food but during the time of exercises/martial arts practice, at that time for almost two years old patientI have overdone myself by sleeping only 4 hours a day and working and exercising the rest of the day as I was not having time for recovery of muscles due to exercises so, I was taking supplements like: Amino acids, fish oil, creatinine and whey protein but I have told this to doctors as well none of them said that those supplements could have had a direct impact on my joints problem but they did say that sleep deprivation is not good for my health so now I am sleeping 6 hours a day but still nothing has changed.
I really don’t know what to do, what kind of doctor to consult and from which part of the world: Orthopedic, Sports doctors, Sports Psychologist or what.
Is it really end for me? Will my dream of becoming a martial artist remain a dream?

Category: Orthopedic Surgeon

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Category: Spine Surgeon
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Expert:  Dr. Karun Jain replied 4 Days.

Thanks for your query at,
Thanks for writing to us. You seems to be in lot of pain.
I have read your complete history and saw the reports. Yes, As a patient's point of view, it is really upsetting to have long duration of problem without any proper diagnosis/direction.
Well, along with pre existing medical co-morbidities, you have multiple joints pain specially at knee, which increases on exertion. I have read the reports which are mostly normal.
I recommend you to get the following test done and get back to me. That is,
1. Ultrasound guided aspiration & Complete synovial fluid analysis of left knee joint.
2. CRP, HLA B 27 & vitamin C level.
I am quite sure this test ll give us some direction regarding your joint problem. Meanwhile, please avoid heavy exercise for the time being.
Please get back to us.
Stay happy & healthy,

Dr. Karun Jain
Category: Spine Surgeon
MBBS, 2002 - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
D.Orth, 2009- J.S.S Medical College, Mysore
MS - Orthopaedics, 2011 - University of Seychelles - American Institute of Medicine
Currently pursuing ChM (Trauma & Orthopedics) from The Royal college of Surgeons, Edinburgh & University of Edinburgh, U.K
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