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Stomach cramps, nausea after insect bites. KEFLEX.

Resolved Question:

I started on Keflex 2-10-15 for what appeared to be 2 insect bites on the back of my leg and the big lump was on my achilles tendon. 45 minutes after I took the first dose, I had severe diarrhea that was like I was peeing but it was coming from my bottom. I hadn't had a bowel movement after that. I ended up going to the ER because my stomach was cramping off and on and I kept getting nauseous. I was on it for 5 days. They said it was probably a side effect from the medicine and that the bite looked healed so they took me off it. The stomach pain continued off and on and I had not had a bowel movement for a little over a week. I used a fleet enema and only got 4 tiny pieces of stool out. I did notice one was floating and was half white. I went to my doctor, she found bilirubin in my urine ,drew blood and said my liver enzymes were elevated. She had me start taking Miralax for the constipation. The next day I had an complete abdominal ultrasound and they called me and said everything looked normal except that I had a lot of gas. A couple days later I got very nauseous on a car ride and when we got to the house I was very shaky, pale, and felt like I was about to pass out. Then I threw up one time. The Miralax wasn't doing anything for me after 5 days of taking it once a day so I called my doctor and she had me after taking the Miralax, take 2 capsules of Dulcelax. About 3 hours after I took the dulcolax I had 2 marble sized balls come out but that was all. The next morning I called again and they had me do another fleet enema and this time first just a few pieces came out, then it was very soft stool, a medium amount. I still felt like I had more to push out but I couldn't. I was also still very nauseous. Doctor said that's normal. Today I went for a check up on how I'm doing with the blood pressure medicine. I also told her that I get a burning feeling in my stomach a little above my bellybutton in between meals and that when I eat bread or thick foods, I have trouble swallowing them down. Yesterday the bite of muffin when I swallowed came back up. She said that was probably because of constipation? She said she thinks that the constipation is from my blood pressure medicine, Procardia XL 30mg. I tried telling her that I've never really been normal that I do tend to only have 2 bowel movements a week on average even before I was on any blood pressure medicine. She still thinks it's from the medicine. So she prescribed me to take Miralax and Lactulose every day. I still have to pick up the lactulose tomorrow but tonight I noticed I went 3 times, each time small bowel movements, and I noticed they are shaped like worms. Just the shape I didn't actually see any worms. The stools are about the size of my pinky each. I also noticed that some stool still has some white patches on it. I took a picture of the last bowel movement I had. I also noticed something sticking out of one of the pieces so I took it out and washed it off then scrubbed my hands clean then took a picture. I also have almost felt a tickling sensation on my bottom hole one of the first days I hadn't had a bowel movement yet and when I wiped there was a little clear/white mucus. I did have an increase in Prozac from 40mg to 80mg 2 days before I started the Keflex. Do you think I might have worms or something?

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Thanks for posting your query at
I am Dr.R.K and I am pleased to assist you.
It is less likely that you developed diarrhea due to Keflex. Because you developed those symptoms within 45 minutes of taking the antibiotic.
And that is too short a period to develop antiobiotic associated diarrhea or a C.diff diarrhea.
You probably acquired some stomach bug which caused diarrhea.
Stomach cramps that you developed is further proof of a stomach bug.
Now that you pass excess mucus in stool. you probably have colitis which I feel is related to the prior infection.
I would advise you to get a stool analysis done to rule out infection and also get a colonoscopy done as you have signs of colitis which is there for quite sometime now.
Meanwhile you can consider taking a course of metronidazole along with probiotic supplements.
I hope that answers your question.
Let me know if I can assist you further.

Patient replied :

Now that I think about it, the night that I had the diarrhea I had a fish sandwich from arbys that didn't taste right for some reason, but I figured it just tasted different because I usually don't get tartar sauce on it. Also is colitis why I feel like I have a big bowel movement just waiting to be pushed out but every time I try I get what is in the pictures? Also, how would I go about convencing my doctor to get a colonoscophy and stool analysis when she is so sure that this is all just because of my blood pressure medicine? And if this is what's going on is it safe that she has me taking Miralax and Lactalose together? She made the impression that next time I call her with anything regarding my stomach/stool issues she'll just change my blood pressure medicine. Also I am noticing that my gas smells like rotten eggs.. And I am right now getting intermittent sharp cramps in my lower right abdomen almost near my hip, it pulses then stops then pulses a sharp pressure-like pain. I just took the lactulose an hour ago and now am having almost uncontrollable diarrhea every 5 minutes and it smells like rotten eggs. And when I pass gas it is very pungent like rotten eggs and it feels almost hot when I do.

Yes, colitis is a possibility.
If you doctor is not willing for a colonoscopy, you can take a course of metronidazole as suggested earlier.
There will be good relief if it is infectious colitis..
You can at least get the stool analysis done.
You can stop the laxatives.
You can discuss with your doctor about the possibility of infectious colitis.
I hope that answers your query.

Patient replied :

Ok I will ask my doctor for that. I am also getting a few other symptoms but am not sure if it would be related to the tummy issue? Itchy skin, gums are getting inflamed and I am bruising more easily. I just noticed these symptoms within the last week.

These symptoms may not be related to your tummy issue.
I would advise you to get a liver panel, coagulation profile and a complete blood count done for evaluation of these symptoms.

Dr. Ratnakar Kini
Category: Hepatologist
Fellowship - DM - TN Dr.MGR Medical UniversityResidency - TN Dr.MGR Medical University Medical School - Stanely Medical College, TN Dr.MGR Medical University
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