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What happens in clot fromed by particle entered vein?

Resolved Question:

Dear Sir.
Thank you for your answer.
I have two more questions.
1. If little particle get into vein, as far as I know inflammatory cell would be attached to particle and try to wrap and attack...-does that means little clot could be made around particle, so if particle is very sharp, clot could cover the sharpe edge? --> if it is not so sharp, I know it is very hard to attached in the layer of heart.

2. if particle(below 1mm) accidently got stuck in the layer of endocardium, particle only could cut or prick the some very small capillaries...
So, I know that there would be no big bleeding..
What I want to know is if particle cut totally capillaries in half and stay there.... then clot could be made and block the end edge of capillary.... so capillary may be dead,,,, so if there is little bit twist or is impossible to bleeding again.. already dead.
What I want to know is if particle cut slightly capillary and stay there...and little twist and swing and irritate again and again the broken capillary..... what happen.
as far as I know capillary is very small that only one blood cell could be passed...
so, if capillary cut slightly and particle stuck in there and twist... what happen... bleeding is over ? or bleeding could restart?
That is my really very curious question.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks for your query at
I can understand your concern. I will try to answer your questions.
1) If a little particle enters into the vein, the body immunity system comes into play. It forms clot around the particle which is formed of platelets, red blood cells, clotting proteins present in the blood. Thus formed clot is called an embolus. And as you rightly mentioned that it will cover sharp edge of the particle. This embolus may get to the heart or different body organs. But, if these emboli are harmful or not depends on their size and number. Smaller and fewer particles may not cause any harm.
2) If a particle is as small as to get stuck into capillaries it will form a clot there and block the blood supply from that capillary and thus will stop the bleeding. It would be unlikely that it will twist or turn and it won't move due to clot formation and may not cause further injury to the capillary or to the other site.
Hope this was helpful,
Please feel free to ask further,

Patient replied :

Thank you very much.
So, doctor think that if wood particle get into the vein, and then our immune system rightly make the clot which looks very sticky around the particle so it will cover the sharp edge of particle before it get into heart. right? so particle cannot pierce the layer of heart.
2) second question is somewhat miss understanding.
particle is 1mm... that size is huge big while comparing to capillary.
my hypothesis is while 0.5mm of particle stuck in the layer of endocardium and 0.5mm of particle is outside of endocardiium.
while stucking 0.5mm of particle, particle could cut a lot of capillaries in the layer of endocardium. my assumption is among alot of capillaries which particle cut, if there is half cutting capillary at the edge of particle...
and what if particle swing and twist ... then half cutting capillary is going to bleeding again? or it is dead?
Sorry to bother you again.

Thank you for follow-up.
1) Yes, the particle can not pierce the layer of the heart.
2) If wood particle of size 0.5 mm or 1 mm gets injected into a vein, it is too small to cause injury to endocardium. Endocardium is inner lining of a heart which is lined by endothelial cells.It is not lined by capillaries as you said. The problem might occur when these particles form emboli which travel through the heart to get lodged in blood vessels (capillaries, arterioles, arteries) of organs such as brain, lungs etc.where, these emboli block the blood flow and cause ischemia (death of cells) and organ damage.
Hope this was helpful,

Patient replied :

Dear Sir.
Thank you very much.
So, I misunderstand that there is alot of capillaries in the layer of endocardium.
if not, continuous bleeding is impossible.. only what is dangerous is emboli.. right?
Thank you very much.

You are right, the heart is covered inside with endocardium and not capillaries. I am glad that I was able to clarify your concern.

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