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Bumps in penis without pain, itching. Treatment.

Resolved Question:

I have had these bumps for about 6 or 7 months in my groin. I have used a needle on one of them and removed it. They do not itch or hurt. The majority of them are above my penis, I believe I have one on the base of my penis that is very small and one mid way up.

Category: Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD)Specialist

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Category: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your query at
I would like to get some more detail before I am able to provide a possible diagnosis and discuss further management.
1) Your age and gender
2)Are you currently sexually active? Do you use any form of birth control?
3)You mentioned that you have tested positive for HSV-1. Have you been treated for it? Was your partner treated for it?
4)You mentioned discharge, kindly provide additional description: color, odor. is it associated with itching in the vaginal area? Have you had previous episodes of vaginal discharge before.
5) What was the first date of your last menstrual period?
6)Do you have any significant medical history? Are you on any medications for any condiiton?
I look forward to your reply

Patient replied :

I'm 20 years old and female. I am sexually active. Ever since being diagnosed with HSV-1 my partner and I have decided to take oral sex out of our sex life. So now it is just toys and hands but we wash them with method hand soap and hot water. We are sexually active every week. And some of our sex consists of vaginal to vaginal skin contact. My partner does not have the HSV virus to my knowledge. If she has it I'm sure it is from me since I had the outbreak. So September 2014 is when I had my first ever cold sore outbreak. I took acyclovir and used Abreva until it fullly healed. During the outbreak I constantly washed my hands and never touched my genitals. I went to the doctor and was positive HSV-1 negative HSV-2. I do not take any medication what so ever, I am not on birth control and my last menstral cycle was about 3 months ago (I have a highly irregular period) I tested my thyroid and everything came back normal. The concern that I am having is that today I realized that on the inner part of my labia minora I have a small light red area of skin roughly the size of a n infants index finger nail and there is a small bump that doesn't burn, it doesn't tingle nor does it itch accessively. I do shave my vagina (my groin area, the entire labia majora and even my anus and inner thighs) I have been having mild itching in my genitals but nothing severe but the red area has a slight itch but not consistently. My concern is that the thing I found on my vagina is a genital herpe. It has not grown or developed into blisters. I discovered it around 9-10am and it is now 10:27pm and it has not changed size nor has it started to burn or feel tingly or turn into blisters. There also isn't any other bumps around it, the bump is not white it is the same light red color. I realize that once I pull the skin the lump does flatten, it doesn't remain risen. I understand the possibility of auto inoculation, and I am scared that before I ever knew I had HSV-1 when I master bated and used my saliva as lubricant what if I was asymptomatically shedding and spread it down to my genitals? Like I said when I first had my outbreak it was orally, I have not ever had any other type of outbreak, and so far I have gone 2 1/2 months without another outbreak and I have not master bated with saliva since being diagnosed with HSV-1. My question is, what could the red bump on my labia minora be? It is only on one side also, the lump is like the size of a pimple that is ready to pop. I also have been having thicker discharge than usual (I have been tested for go mores and chlamedia and have came out negative) my discharge has also been observed under a microscope and I was told it is normal. Is the information I provided an indicator of genital herpes or something else.....

Thanks for posting your query on
I can understand your concern.
I can see only redness in the picture. Did you have a cluster of fluid filled blisters as that would be diagnostic of genital herpes. I would recommend that you apply Mupirocin cream on the affected areas twice a day which will help in the healing.
Please let me know whether you had fluid filled blisters. If it's genital herpes you need to take oral antiviral called valacyclovir.
Take care

Patient replied :

Hello. No there aren't any blisters, and there isn't any fluid. It hasn't gotten bigger, this is the second day of it being there and nothing has changed, there will be a slight mild itch for a few seconds then it will stop. There is not burning nor tingling. It doesn't hurt when it's touched or rubbed with clothes. The red area is still the same size and color and it hasn't spread at all. My vagina does have a lot of bartholin glands (I think that's the correct term) and when I stretch my labia minora it's the botholic gland area that is having the issue. And the area where the bump is, the glands aren't there, this has happened before on the same labia and it is the same size. This has happened way before I knew I had HSV-1 and I had the same itching and slight irritation. I don't know what it could be but it isn't blistering there aren't any clusters of the sort. It is not spreading or turning another color. It isn't getting redder. It doesn't have liquid nor is it itching accessively or burning nor tingling, it has a slight itch that lasts no more than a few seconds.


Thanks for your reply.

Then it's most likely due to razor burns.
In case you used a cream before shaving the area that could be another reason.

I would recommend that you apply Mupirocin cream mixed with cortisone cream twice a day for 5 days. That should help in resolving it.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Take care

Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar
Category: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon
Diploma in Dermatology - Royal College Of Physicians & Surgeons Of Glasgow, UK , 2010
Residency - DNB, Dermatology -  K.J Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai, 2009
Medical School & Internship - MBBS - Dr. D . Y . Patil Medical College, Mumbai, 2004
Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you

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