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I am suffering from an unheard blockage of ear. Need urgent advice.

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Dear doctor,

I am a female of 56 years with a normally healthy body. I am not too overweight also. This is to help me with some problems in my ear. Last month, I suffered from a head cold which developed some problems in my right ear. I felt like my ear is filled with something and as a result I was losing my hearing. I consulted my doctor after a week and he said that it might be some infection in the ear and prescribed some antibiotics. As per his instruction, I completed the course of antibiotic tablets. But even after completion, there was no difference in hearing. Unfortunately I could not consult with the same doctor again and I went to see another doctor. He asked me to wait for a week or two and consult him again. The interval may give my body enough time to get well by its own. But even after the period, there was no difference and the doctor asked me to see an ENT specialist. He also advised me to use Rinatec nasal spray. For a week from last Monday, I have been using Rinatec and the ENT specialist also asked me to use some over the counter decongestant tablets. But still, my ear is having the same problem and my right nostril is dry. I feel and hear some sound as if my ear is completely blocked. WWhat should I so now? Show I wait for another two weeks or just go and meet my old doctor or ENT specialist? What could be the possible problem I have? I feel as if deaf so that people around me have to repeat whatever they are saying, louder to me. This is really an embarrassing situation and I need some urgent help. Please help me out of this. Thanks in advance.

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You have said that you feel your ears are blocked, but you didn't complain of any pain. So blocked ears without pain is seen most likely in a condition called serious otitis media it is a condition in which non infected fluid accumulates in the middle ear. Serous otitis media often resolves spontaneously. That is why your doctors have asked you to wait for it to resolve on its own. Due to the fluid accumulation in the middle ear it causes temporary conductive deafness or aural fullness. It is only temporary. You need not worry about it. Once the fluid is cleared off from your middle ear the deafness will definitely resolve and you will get back normal hearing capacity. This will happen soon. The doctors have wisely diagnosed and started very appropriate treatment with antibiotics and decongestant. Continue using the decongestant tablet for a week. Give at least a week time for spontaneous resolution. If doesn't happen, then consult with an ENT specialist. He will examine your ear, mainly the tympanic membrane. He might also ask you for an Audiogram test to evaluate the level of conductive deafness. Sometimes, the doctor might advise you for a simple surgical procure called myringotomy in which small incision is made in the tympanic membrane which will release all the fluid collected in the middle ear. Following this procedure you can expect to hear normally and you will be relieved of clogged sensation.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if you need further help.

Thank you.

Dr. John Monheit
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