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Symptoms of foreign body get attached to ENDOCARDIUM, MYOCARDIUM.

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Dear Sir.
Thank you for your answer.
I almost understand your point.
I want to ask below questions for more understanding.
1. Doctor said that if foreign body get into vein, our cell make it clot or covered...
as far as I know if foreign body is virus or very very small one... I could belive doctors' advice.
but I want to know is that is it the same with the particle such as somewhat big (2-3mm) such as wood particle or glass particle or etc...
if it is surely the same with virus.. I could finish my concern..
Sorry to say that I could not image that macrophage how to attack such big foreing body.
2. As doctor said that endocardium is very strong and myocardium is more strong..so eventhough particle stuck in the endocardium,,,,, only with the help of blood velocity... particle could not be pused more inside into myocardium...right?
(our cell which engulf or encapsulate particle... is very strong enough to block the particle not to move more
3. if such particle by accidently get into vein and flow into thru vein... is there any pain or symptom because of immune system for foreign body reaction....(is the same cause for wood particle...virus could make symptom...
Thank you very much.

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.

Thanks for your query at DoctorSpring.com
Please, see answers to your questions
1. Yes, the same thing happens with the larger particle as I explained earlier, It is not the single cell but multiple cells such as platelets and different proteins such as clotting factors make the clot around the particle.
2. You are right. It is difficult for the particle to push into the myocardiul as I said earlier
3. there is no pain when inside the vein. There are no pain receptors inside the vein.
Hope it was helpful

Patient replied :

Dear sir.
What I confused is sometimes we heard that broken needle stuck in vein or organs..
Does that means our mutiple cells cannot make clot around the particle? so it could not cover sharp edge... so it prick the wall of organ... really confused... our cell could cover the sharp edge?
2. what happen.. if particle slowly move into myocardium from endocardium...
if it move very very slowly... what happen..
Thank you very much

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days.

Thank you for your follow-up.
If there is a sharp particle or a particle with a sharp edge it will immediately cause unbearable pain no matter where it goes in.
Yes there is always a chance of the organ getting pricked if a sharp particle goes in close to an organ ( for example spleen ).
The particle will be stopped or cause local symptoms before reaching the heart.
Hope this was helpful,

Patient replied :

Dear Sir. Thank you for your answer. And then there is one thing to know. the blood velocity when blood move from right atrium to right ventricle is almost 70cm/s. is The blood speed slowed while almost blood reach the wall of right ventricle? or the speed is same? Now I almost understand that my imagination is not possible. but I want to know exactly why this imagination is not possible with logical thinking. Because as far as I know, there is no evidence for body cell such as macropahge could eat or engulf the wood particle. or immune cell could cover the particle with clot... it is only assumpton... right? So, if I know that macrophage could eat or engult the wood particle in blood vessel... I don't need to think anymore... But as far as I know there is no data. And then... particle move and finally reach the heart...As far as I know the blood pumping speed is 70cm/s.. So I want to know that the energy has the enough power to prick the layer of endocardium and stucked As far as I know. if particle is needle... it could have enough power to prick the endocardkum. Becasue we know the when we fall the lancet into foot or hand, it could prick and stuck in the skin (only very sharp tip-1mm) If it has enough weight ans sharpness and speed, it could prick... But what I think that wood particle don't have enough weight.... so it is very hard to prick the endocardium with the velocity of 70cm/s. And also what I want to know is that is the power which blood has when it hit the top of particle (diameter 0.7mm)which stuck in the layer of endocardium enough to push particle into more and more until it reach the myocardium. I know that if it has enough power to push ther particle, we could know more earlier..(it is almost 1yrs ago..)... --> What I really want to get the advice from you is blow.. --> I know if blood has the power to push 1micron more inside into myocardium, it could already reach the myocardium...(60beats/minute...3600beats/hours...86,400beats/days--31,536,000beats/years) So, there is two option... first is blood could not push the particle any more... Second is blood could push the particle very very little bit almost size of nano size..so after 2-3yrs it could reach myocardium..(push 2-3mm more into myocardium..) --> So What I really want to know is why second thinking is not rational. for example. if it move very very little bit... there is absoultly body reaction which people could know.. or there would be everyday inflammation because of moving so. clot and fibrin is much bigger so there would be so big problem... Pls. teach me why second though is impossible in body mechanizm. we know that continuous one drop of water could perferate the Rock...after time flows... (I know it is somewath different... it need 1000 or 10000yrs...) What I really wnat to know is if it is not irrational... pls. teach me what is wrong in my tought. Thank you very much. Asked by Me , 0 minutes ago

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days.

Thank you for your follow-up.
See I get that you have obviously analysed this entire process very well and it is not that your thinking is irrational.
The only thing is people have been injured before under similar circumstances and there never has been such reported wood particle reaching heart story.
So all I can say with my experience is, no matter where it pricks it will cause local symptoms warranting immediate attention.
I hope you understand what you're trying to explain.

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