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If small particle touch endocardium, can people die?

Resolved Question:

Dear Doctor.

I have some very qurious query.
Pls. explain me with medical knowlege.

If wood particle (diameter is 0.5mm and length is 3-4mm) get into vein while accident thru middle finger vein or arter...

1. is it going to flow and move further into heart ?
(I know there is alot of curve part in vein... so almost particle could be stuck in somewhere...

- inflammatory cell is going to stuck and attack and it is impossible to move further?
- finger blood flow could not have enough power to push particle flow and move?
- finger vein also have valve in vein... it would be stuck...
- or other reason.

* because I read article who lose the needle in vein and cannot find out ... that means blood speed could push particle...

2. I read the article that our white blood cell could eat wood particle and engulf it....
But I try to find out the support data for that experiment...
white blood cell could eat wood particle which get into vein? and how loing it will take...

3. If particle get into heart and stuck in the endocardium.. and finally reach myocardium... not prick deeply...people is going to die?
(as far as I know pacemaker lead tip is attached to heart muscle... so such little prick cannot give poeple die...

Thank you very mcuh.

Category: General Surgeon

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Category: Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Hari Charan Perigela is online now

Expert:  Dr. Hari Charan Perigela replied 4 Days.

Thank you for your query at DoctorSpring.com
I understand your concern.
You need to explain the mode of injury before I can give my opinion.
If the wood particle gets in the finger vein, it can flow a bit, however, it will be stopped by the inflammatory cells as it will get stuck in the vein. It can't travel to myocardium.

Patient replied :

Dear Sir.
When I push wood golf tee into ground. golf tee broken and cut my middle finger..
In my point of view... it is vein... So I could see the cutting side of vessel and could see blood come out... its injury is not so big..dimention is 2mm x 2mm
I don't know whether particle would enter into or not, but I want to know it is possible or not.
if I understand with medical knowlegee... I could finish my worry.
below is worry.
1. wood particle flow to heart and stuck in the endocardium and prtick the myocardium..
Does that event makes person sudden death?
AS far as I know, pacemaker lead tip attached to heart muscle... So it is not so dangerous.
2. Another article said ... White bood cell could eat wood splinter or particle...But I cannot find out the data how long it will take and what is the exact experiment ...so is there any experiment which could tell me white blood cell could eat or engulf wood particle.
3. Doctor said to me that inflammatory cell could block off the particle... Woud you pls. expalin me more...
I cannot understand... if particle stuck in vein somewhere...then I could understand.. but if it is flowing to heart... how blood coudl stop the particle.
Thank you very much.

Expert:  Dr. Hari Charan Perigela replied 3 Days.

To answer your queries,
1) Wood particle can't travel from the vein in the finger to heart. If there is a random wood particle in the vein, ignoring how it reached, it can cause arrhythmias and palpitations needing immediate treatment.
2) There is no such experiment where WBC eats up wood particle, and I guess that is because such a thing has never happened before.
3) The cells will mostly stop the particle causing local swelling and inflammation. There is no question of it flowing to the heart. There is where your logic is wrong.
Please do not worry,

Dr. Hari Charan Perigela
Category: Pediatric Surgeon
Fellowship: DNB, General Surgery, National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, 2001
Residency: MS, General Surgery, Sri Venkateswara Medical College,Tirupathi, 2000
Medical School: MBBS, Kurnool Medical college, 1995
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