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Abdominal pain with tiny CYSTS IN OVARY in ULTRASOUND.

Resolved Question:

Briefly, i have had abdominal problems since September of 2014. I have been to the er 3 times and to 4 different doctors one of them a urologist.

Sept I went to the er for a suspected bladder infection after frequency (1 week) and abdominal sensitivity and pain with intercourse(1time). They did a urine test which showed nothing as well as a vaginal ultrasound which showed several tiny cysts on both ovaries they were checking for fibroids. After a week it Went away.

Then November 3 back to the er with severe abdominal pain in the lower left did a ct scan with out contrast, found nothing but moderate stool in intestine felt like I had a blockage.. Severe sharp pain during bowel movement lasting a couple seconds then followed by bowel movement . Sore and tender abdomen for 5/6 days then fine.

Again in December back to the lower right side same symptoms as above, constipation, bloating gas pain. Constipation, abdomen felt too weak to push.

Symptoms have returned again jan 7th mencies like cramps this time in the lower left with sharp bowel movement pains after 2 days when period like cramps went away no problem moving stools no constipation, have had bloating and gas but with the same abdominal tendernes. If something hit me in the stomach I'd probably die from the sensitivity. I'm worried all my symptoms are that of ovarian cancer especially given the cysts. I have been period free while breastffeeding and pregnancy for 3 years. This last time I though maybe I was finally starting my perios but after the cramps went away and the other familiar sighs started up again I don't think that is the case. I take culturell everyday for the past 2 weeks. I've attached photos of my results. I'm awaiting another dr appointment this coming Wednesday. Looking for a piece of mind. Right now the pain is gone but the soreness and tenderness is there from below my belly button down to the left lower side

Category: ENT Specialist

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Category: ENT Specialist
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Thank you for posting your medical query to
I would like to clarify a few details from your end.
1) You mentioned a pill in the roof of your mouth and lower lip, can you describe further what you mean or possibly send in a picture so I can determine the nature of the lesion?
2) You mentioned that you have a change in your bowel habits and detection of blood in stool by the fecal occult blood test and that you were informed that they were due to hemorrhoids. I assume that he made this diagnosis after a per rectal exam? Are you constipated or do you have diarrhea? How much blood do you see in your stool?
Were you evaluated with a colonoscopy? Kindly also upload the reports of the ultrasound and stool analysis.
Are you currently on any medications?
Following your reply, it may be necessary to request a gastreoenterologist's opinion as well.
I look forward to your reply.

Patient replied :


I tried to get picture for a white pill on oropharynx but I failed, Anyhow it is small pill with white head & i noticed it existed for one month ago , For lower li pill it is disappear now, Usually i have furuncle in my Body ( Scalp , Head , Chest & Shoulders area ).

I suffered before one year from hemorrhoids but this time the doctor didn't have the diagnosis a per rectal exam, Bowel habits are not normal as it was before, Now when morning i have done more than one , one of them normal and other shortly after, in liquid or mucous. Sometimes I do not watch the blood and sometimes seeing a noticeable amount of stool, I don't have a colonoscopy. Attached the last reports I did.

There are two possibilities of the white structure that you have described.
One it could be due to candidiasis, can be confirmed only after seeing the picture.
The other one could be due to constant acid reflux, which erodes the epithelium and causes such white pill, as you referred too.
Your bowel habits have also changed and hence it points towards a more gastric issue.
I will advise you to start Cap. Omepraole 20 mg once daily before breakfast for 2 weeks, and also Syrup. Sucralfate 2 teaspoons twice daily after each meal. This will reduce the bleeding in stool.

I also reviewed your reports, and the serum amylase/lipase, as well as ultrasound abdomen is normal apart from fatty liver. The stool shows some undigested particles, and it's brown, so indicating a slight amount of malabsorption. However it will get better. Please continue the medicines as I advised.

Patient replied :

Good Day,

For a white pill on oropharynx i take picture you can find it on pic 01 & there is also new a white pill around mouth pic ( 02 ).

Also Usually i have furuncle in my Body i take pics for them ( Scalp 03, Neck 04,Wrist, Chest 05 , Shoulders area 06, Wrist 07,Armpit 08 & Loin09 ).

Knowing that they are not new with me, and I know before that my skin greasy and my father was suffering from furuncle but not like that , & recently increased the matter with my sense of heartburn and burning in the mouth.

For all pics i will send then on email [email protected].

Yes there are furuncles all over your body. With visible pus, it looks to be staphylococcal in origin.
You need to apply Mupirocin ointment locally and also take a course of powerful antibiotics such as Cap. Augmentin 650 mg twice a day daily for 10 days. or Tab. Doxycycline 100 mg twice daily for 10 days.
Home therapy for mild cases of bacterial folliculitis/ furuncles includes use of an over-the-counter antibacterial wash like benzoyl peroxide (Clearisil, Proactiv), chlorhexidine (Hibiclens), or Phisoderm twice a day. The best results may be achieved with combination therapy using topical products and antibacterial washes.
Also you need to continue the Omeprazole as I mentioned before.
Feel free to discuss further,

Dr. Sunil Jalan
Category: ENT Specialist
DAA (Diploma in asthma and allergy) : Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2012
D.N.B (ENT), 2011
Residency - M.S. (Master post graduate degree in otorhinolaryngology),  Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2009
D.L.O. (Diploma in otorhinolaryngology) - Christian Medical College, Vellore, 2007
Medical School - M.B.B.S, S.P. Medical college, Bikaner, 2004
Dr. Sunil Jalan and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you

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