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Numbness in legs, pain in hands for years. NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM?

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For the past several months I've been having health problems and after several trips to the Dr I have figured nothing out. My blood work always comes back fine. Ive had several cbcs and metabolic panels as well as thyroid and h plori testing. Ive had clear ultrasounds of my reproductive system and a non radiated/fluid ct scan that showed no abnormalities as well as a ultrasound of my heart and xrays of my lungs and heart. I currently awaiting another referral. I suffer from anxiety only brought on recently by my health problems. I've already started treatment for this with a counselor. About 4 months ago I started having nausea off and on the at lasted quite a while. I've also had constant nasal congestion which I take zyrtec for nightly and Flonase if it gets too bad. I diagnosed my self with vertigo from the congestion. I've also been suffering from chronic fatigue for the past 3 months that interferes with my life on a daily basis. Today and a few times recently I've experienced weakness in my arms and legs. Today pressing my gas pedal I was alarmed because the flexing motion made my leg feel numb. They feel shaky but are not visibly shaking. My eyes have a hard time focusing as do i. I feel like I could eat better and sleep more but I'm not sure if it would change much. I've also been getting random pains in my hands, arms, legs with in bones and joints. I'm nervous about a neurological something or some sort of auto immune thing. I feel like I'm just waiting for someone to see all of these symptoms and connect the dots and just drop this ball on me. I'm not sure what to do or what tests to ask for. I have copies of all results I can attach if need be. I'm going to get my hormones tested tomorrow. Ive seeked help on here several times as well so im sure you can look at my history.hanks.

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Category: Pediatric Neurologist
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Expert:  Dr. Sudhir Kumar replied 4 Days.

Thank you for posting your query.
I have noted your symptoms. I agree with you that an auto-immune disease such as collagen vascular diseases (SLE, etc) needs to be excluded. For this, ANA profile, anti-ds DNA, Rheumatoid factor, may be done, if not already done.
In addition, vitamin B12 and D levels should be checked to exclude any deficiency.
If all the work up is negative, then, we should consider fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)
Senior Consultant Neurologist

Patient replied :

I've had a shaky feeling and weakness in both of my arms for about 4 days now. I can do push ups with no problem and my hand does not shake while I'm holding anything. It's just the feeling. What would cause that?

Expert:  Dr. Sudhir Kumar replied 3 Days.

Thank you for getting back.
I have noted your current symptoms. They are non specific and do not suggest any serious neurological illness. Please take good food, vitamin supplements and do regular exercises to get better.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)
Senior Consultant Neurologist,

Patient replied :

Ok. Well I'm really concerned. I'm awaiting more tests. My fingers hurt. I'm extremely tired through the day, have constant nasal congestion and It's become hard to look outside if it's really bright. I thought it may have been an allergy buy I'm seriously wondering if it is lupus. Wouldn't my cbc be off if it was?

Expert:  Dr. Sudhir Kumar replied 2 Days.

Thank you for getting back.
Could be allergy or a viral infection. unlikely to be lupus. ANA (anti nuclear antibody) blood test would be positive if it were lupus.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)
Senior Consultant Neurologist

Patient replied :

This may be a long shot but I've been logging my symptoms the past few days. With left eye pressure left face pressure, vision sensitivity, congestion, fatigue it all goes away around 6 pm. What in the world would that be?

Expert:  Dr. Sudhir Kumar replied 1 Day.

Thank you for getting back.
I have noted your new symptoms. The possibilities include allergy and vascular/cluster headache.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)
Senior Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Category: Pediatric Neurologist
Senior Residency, Fellowship: DM, Neurology, CMC, Vellore, 2001
Junior Residency: MD, Internal Medicine, CMC, Vellore, 1998
Medical School: MBBS, Christian Medical College, Vellore, 1995
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