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End of the Endless Search !
In January, 2012 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Needless to say, I was really worried, confused and my mind was full of questions. My first reaction was to go online and search the internet. I spent a couple of days searching in forums, websites and blogs, but only added to my confusion. Then I found about online consultation website…Within hours of posting the question, I got a reply from a nice and knowledgeable OBGYian. The Doctor cleared all doubts and queries with detailed and (to) the point answers…Over all it was a nice experience…

- Susan Claire
Opinions, Second Opinions and even Third Opinions
We were all set to fly to Ohio, for getting a second opinion on my daughter’s diagnosis and the treatment she was going to receive. It was by our sheer luck that my wife came across website. [At DoctorSpring] getting qualified opinions is simple… The replies from the MDs were really helpful and helped us with some peace of mind... We were prepared with answers and some equally important questions for her attending physicians…Many thanks.

- Renold Davis
No more waiting to see a specialist MD
It is quiet nice to get opinions from all the Specialists quickly and easily… Sure this service cannot replace seeing a MD physically, but I believe [online consultation] can help in many ways…When I was asked to wait for 2 months for an Urologist’s consultation I was really worried and the waiting was killing me, so to speak. At Doctorspring I got in touch with an Urologist and with question-answers over the next week I could rest easy! She gave me detailed explanation on my condition and assured me that waiting a couple of months to see my Urologist here won’t make things worse. In the mean-time I started with the dietary advices suggested on the basis of my KUBs, scans and CT.

- Theresa Hurst
Opinions, Second Opinions and even Third Opinions
DoctorSpring's online consultation is a promising step in democratizing healthcare. I am impressed by the simplicity in approach to the problem... My patients do look for medical information online and I am happy that services like this will provide them safe and individualized answers from recognized Doctors and save them from false and potentially dangerous information, which is all over the internet. The more 'correct' information they get ahead of time, the more engaged they will be as a patient.

- Renold Davis
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