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Brutual flatulence sessions and looseness in stomach

Resolved Question:

Dear SIR

I am Sidharth Kirti ,Male ,Age 28 years,Weight 72Kg ,Height 5 feet 6 inches from India ,I excercise daily in form of walk and Jog for 45 min, I am vegetarian,I used to take alcohol daily around 3 pegs (60 ml) and smoke mildly(3-4 ) a day for around last 3 years ,now i have left alchohol and smoking completely for last 3 months .I have inactive haemhorriods now and do experienced mild bleeding while passing stool (1-2 times) in an year when my stools are hard but they are under control from last 2 months as i have been taking lot of fibre(in form of salads,fruits,psyllium husk daily)from last 2 months and i do take loads of water(about 2 ltr) in morning before going to toilet two times in morning and i take around 1 ltr water in evening to again go to toilet.In between also i take around 1 litre of water during day.I do have normal bowel movements but have to go two times in morning and 1 time in evening to feel good .

ACTUAL PROBLEM: SIR about 2 and half months back i was taking lot of food outside and I experienced brutual farting sessions(10-20 in 3 hrs) and looseness in stomach in evenings from 5 to 8 pm sometimes with smell ,sometimes not smelly but with lot of sound everyday for about 10-15 days and after going to toilet everything became normal and farting used to stop and then it again used to start at about 5to 8 am in morning and again stopped after going to toilet in morning .It was like a timer attached to farting and flatulence but stools were normal ,no constipation,no pain and all.So i approached local doctor ,first i was given antacids,antiflatulents like omeprazole and antigas like simethicone etc but all of no use . Then I went back to same doctor and he told its a chronic parasitic infection of intestines and he gave me metrindazole and other medicines for five days,after taking those i felt relieved and nothing happened for about 2 months then one day i took food outside and the same symptoms arise again ,so i went to doctor (have to go to another one as old doc has shifted) and he gave me same type of medicine for two days only and i was relieved again ,but again after 2 weeks i experienced same gas attack and then i took course to ornidazole and ofloxacin for 3 days(as self medication) and was relieved, AGAIN AFTER 2 weeks I EXPERIENCED SAME , despite taking hygienic home food and water (from R.O). This time went to doctor and he made same diagnosis of infection and gave me course of Netazoxanide+rabeprazole as i had already taken ornidazole ,I TOOK his medicine but i felt constipated and stomach pain and dysuria after taking this medicine but there was no farting so i stopped taking it after 2 days as my farting was relieved but after one week again the same evening and morning farting is there causing lot of problem as i have to work in evening.
Q1)Please tell me what should i do and what exactly is this diseases ?
Q2)Are these initial symptoms of colon cancer etc?
Q3) WILL Taking so much of these antiparsitic drugs in such short span of time cause serious sideeffects.

Category: Family Physician-GP

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Category: Family Physician-GP
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Welcome to Doctors Spring Forum.

Although I am not able to understand the meaning of "Farting" yet with the available described
details, there appears to be high possibility of small intestinal diarrhea or viral
As such virus induced gastroenteritis generally involves small intestine.

Although its very difficult to confirm the cause of gastroenteritis (whether viral or
bacterial); excessive flatulence with foul smelly stool suggests the diagnosis.

Improvement in your symptoms with use of antibiotic also confirms the diagnosis.

There also appears to be decreased gastrointestinal immune system as you are getting abdominal
disturbances on regular basis.

As such there appears to be no correlation between present symptoms and colon cancer. Colon
cancer is associated with weight loss, generalized malaise, blood in stools, intestinal
obstruction. Colon cancer can not be treated with antibiotic use.

Although your treatment has continued for a long period but you have taken antibiotic course
for very short duration in single episode (means for 2-3 days) which is very short for
correction of your problem.

You should consult with internal medicine specialist/ gastroenterologist and should go for
thorough check up.
You should go for complete blood count, serum amylase and lipase, blood sugar fasting and
postprandial, thyroid function test, liver function test, ultrasound imaging of abdomen.

You should take complete antibiotic course, probiotics, rifaximin for 5-7 days.
You should also take potassium rich diet such as juices, banana, coconut water for maintaining
your strength.
Avoid milk and all milk related products for a period of 5-7 days.

Take care,
Let me know your other query if you have,
Get well soon,
Dr. Mayank Bhargava

Dr. Mayank Bhargava
Category: Family Physician-GP
Fellowship: Gastroenterology, Chotiram Hospital & Research centre, Indore, 2009
Residency: General Medicine, Rajasthan University Jaipur, 2008
Medical School:  MBBS, Rajasthan University Jaipur, 2004
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