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Query about normal penis size.

Resolved Question:


my penis size is 2.1 in in flaccid and 4.9 inch in erect and so far my knowledge is concern it has not grown since my puberty.

My second question is about small testicle i think my testicle is also very small.Before 5 year ago it was in good size now i think its changed the size

i m little concern about girth .I m uncircumcised so it that necessary to get circumcision?

is it good size to satisfy a girl ?

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Category: Andrologist
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Hello and thankyou for approaching DoctorSpring with your query.
Penis size more than 3 inches in an erect state is sufficient for sexual intercourse.
Your testicle size is nothing to worry.
But however if you have decreased muscle mass inspite of vigorous exercisce, lack of a beard, your voice is not deep and masculine, or in general if you feel you look younger than your age you can get the following tests done.
1) Serum testosterone 2) Serum LH and FSH

But if you do not have any of the other symptoms I have mentioned , you need not worry about your testicle size.

I hope this has helped. You can follow up for further queries.

Patient replied :

Hello Sir
No i don't have the symptoms which you have mentioned in your reply.
Can i get the test with out doctor prescription or it is a prescription test let me know about that?
Only my face is look younger rest are good.
But sir i would like to know that why my testicle as well as penis is not up to the standard so far my knowledge is concern that it is genetically determined there are certain genes like homeobox (Hox a and d) genes which may have a role in regulating penis size. There is also In humans, the AR gene located on the X chromosome at Xq11-12 which may determine the penis size but i would like to confirm that i hadn't face any health realted issue on my puberty so why its hasn't developed as per the standard.

Hello and thankyou for your reply.
The tests I mentioned can be got without a prescription. However make sure you get it tested in an accredited laboratory.
You need to keep in mind that to test for Serum testosterone, you need to get it tested at 8 o clock in the morning due to fluctuations in the hormone levels. At 8.00 am it is within nrmal range

Testicle size and penis size depend on many factors, as you mentioned genes is one, and hormonal balances is another. Just like people differ in their height, weight, colour, similarly penis size also differs.
The fact that you did not have any health issue in puberty is another reason you need not worry.
As I said every person varies and if your penis in erect state is more than 3 inches , it is normal.

However you can get the above tests done to rule out a condition known as hypogonadism. In hypogonadism there is either reduced production of the sperm or the hormone testosterone by the testis.
It is unlikely that you have that condition as you do not have the other symptoms that I mentioned in the previous reply.
There are penile reconstructive surgeries available if you still want to increase you penile length.
But as a I said earlier you have nothing to worry.

I hope this has helped. Feel free to follow up with your test reports.


Patient replied :

Hello sir Talking about effect of genetics on penis size, there are certain genes like homeobox (Hox a and d) genes which may have a role in regulating penis size There is also In humans, the AR gene located on the X chromosome at Xq11-12 which may determine the penis size. Deficiency of pituitary growth hormone and/or gonadotropins, mild degrees of androgen insensitivity can cause small penis size in males and like father has two sons and the two may not have the same penis size how because they cant have the same set of gene the may be some similarity due to sharing the same genes there many thing in medicine which we don't know as you already mentioned that erect penis more than 3 inches would be enough for sexual intercourse these things are science and science doesn't reflect real world and you know now a days porn plays a significant role in sex life every male want to be have the penis like far my knowledge is concern taking testosterone supplement wont be helpful in males who already completed puberty and so far penile reconstructive surgery is concern it comes with a lot complication patient will not able to get the desire result my question is sir why there wont be any medicine available to increase penis and testicle size as medical science has been developing a lot.

All that you have said about genes and hereditary and hormone deficiencies are true.

But in case of testosterone, you are right it will not help males who have already completed puberty with a NORMAL testosterone level.
It is effective in males who have testosterone deficiency or distinctly subnormal serum testosterone concentration. But in case a men has symptoms of hypogonadism and his serum testosterone levels are normal it will have no effect in him. Hence it is important to first get tested for your hormonal levels prior to starting any treatment.

The outcomes of testosterone levels are known to be beneficial. Normalization of serum testostrone levels will help in the development of secondary male sexual characters and increases libido, muscle strength, fat free mass and bone density. But men who become hypogonadal in adulthood will not have development of secondary sexual characters as that has already been developed. They will feel increase in libido and energy levels.

There is no , other treatment available to increase penis and testicle size. As i have mentioned you need not worry about your size as it is normal.

I hope this has helped.
Thank you

Patient replied :

Many Thanks sir clearing my doubts
I have read somewhere that a women's vagina is only 2 to 3 inch sensitive so size doesn't play an important factor is that true due to its elasticity its can accommodate any size of penis is that true ?Do gals think about penis size?
I am frequently notice one thing when i get up i found my penis is erect is there any problem behind that sir?
i have also read there some silicon injection available which enhance the girth.
Do masturbation have any side effect on health ?
Should i go for a test of ultrasound examination of scrotum for size of testicles,blood tests for Serum Total testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone.
Please clear my doubt i am very depressed about that matter sir.

Yes the nerve endings are only in the outer 1/3rd of the vagina, making that area of the vagina sensitive and pleasurable of the woman. Yes and the vagina increases in size in response to stimulation and can continue to lengthen depending on pressure and hence accommodates the penis. Hence I mentioned earlier that your size of penis is good enough for sexual intercourse.
Girls are more emotional than visual during sex hence size does not matter.
It is normal to wake and find your penis erect. It is known as nocturnal penile tumescense.
It is not not advisable to try any such treatment such as silicon injection
Masturbation has no ill effects on health.
As i said earlier, unless you have decreased muscle mass inspite of vigorous exercisce, lack of a beard, your voice is not deep and masculine, or in general if you feel you look younger than your age, you need not get the ultrasound examination, serum total testosterone and luteinizing hormone done. You can get it done to clear any doubts that you may have.
I hope I have answered you questions. And you need not worry.

Dr. Gautam Banga
Category: Andrologist
MS Surgery: MGM Medical College & M.Y Hospital Indore
Residency: M.Ch, Urology, SMS Medical College & Hospitals Jaipur
Medical School: MBBS, BJ Medical College, Pune, 2001
Training in Urethral Reconstructive surgery: Kulkarni Reconstructive Urology center, Pune
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