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Drugstore Makeup for Pregnant Women

Reviewed by: Dr Madhuranjan

       Being a woman is amazing! You get to buy endless amounts of makeup and use it to enhance your beauty. Even though there are many harmful chemicals involved in our everyday makeup products, but does that stop us from picking up the brush and applying the darkest shade of red lipstick that we own? No, it doesn’t. But what will you do if I tell you that these chemicals can be extremely harmful to a pregnant woman?  

     Being pregnant not only means making smart choices but also acting with responsibility. After all, you have a tiny human inside your belly, that is totally dependent on you for every single thing!  

    Yes, yes, we know you makeup geeks can’t stop doing makeup while pregnant but you can choose safer makeup products for yourself. You must be wondering why these chemicals are harmful to pregnant women.  Which drugstore makeup products are good for pregnant women?

    Not many women know about all these factors and even the ones who know skip using makeup products during their pregnancy. But we all know that there are days when our skin color is dull and our wrinkles are a bit too prominent than usual or maybe you have to attend some event.
You cannot host your own baby shower looking like a dead woman, can you? Definitely not! This is why investing in safer drugstore products during pregnancy is important.

     In the past, there were not many makeup brands that manufactured products which were safe for pregnant women. Even nowadays, it is very hard to find a brand that has made a makeup line especially dedicated to pregnant women. However, with a little bit of research, we can help you find the best makeup products for you.

    If you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

Toxic Chemicals in Makeup Products

    There are not many laws present that limit the use of cancer-causing chemicals in makeup products. These products are harmful in general and if you use them during pregnancy, the result can be worse. According to research, a person absorbs 5lbs of chemicals from daily makeup. Following harmful chemicals are present in makeup products which must be avoided during pregnancy at all costs. 
  •   Parabens
  •   Retinoid
  •   Phthalates
  •   Tetracycline
  •   Petrolatum 
     Therefore, when you are out in the mall shopping for makeup products, make sure that it doesn’t involve the above-mentioned chemicals. 

Why Choose Safer Makeup Products During Pregnancy?

     This is the question which is most asked by pregnant women. I am sure that you also clicked on this article to find out how and why certain makeup products can be more harmful during pregnancy.
As you already know that our skin can absorb the most chemicals when we apply makeup and anything that our skin absorbs will enter in our bloodstream. Therefore, if the toxic chemicals enter the umbilical cord, it can cause serious problems.

     Everything that your body will absorb during the time that you are pregnant, will have a direct impact on your baby. So being a good mother I am sure that you will choose to intake and use only healthy products and avoid the makeup products that contain toxic chemicals.  

     Are you wondering about the negative effects of these toxic chemicals on babies? As babies are more vulnerable to the damage caused by chemicals than adults, therefore these chemicals can hinder their brain and body developments. Sometimes babies are born with abnormalities due to such toxic chemicals.   

Safe Makeup Products for Pregnant Women

     Even though pregnant women are not usually in the mood to apply makeup during pregnancy but we all are aware of the mood swings of a pregnant lady. Anything can happen when you are pregnant!  
Therefore, you cannot just stop using makeup during your pregnancy as there will come many occasions where you will have to dress up. Yes, you can avoid using makeup on a daily basis and stick to minimal makeup as it will help you get rid of skin problems also.
     I haven’t found any makeup brand dedicated to pregnant women however after a bit of research and googling, I found about this makeup brand which is called Beauty Counter. Not only has Beauty Counter self-banned more than 1500 ingredients which are toxic but they also do a thorough testing of each and every product. 80% of the ingredients used in the making of Beauty Counter makeup products are natural which is why you should definitely stick to this makeup brand during your pregnancy.   

     This makeup brand has many products that you can buy but the best ones that are easily available are listed below. If you are going for a minimal makeup look then these products can be your go-to!
  • Tint skin hydrating foundation: Not only will this foundation give your face a glowing look but it is also lightweight which means that your face won’t look cakey at all.
  • Sheer lipstick: These lipsticks are amazing as you won’t have to apply them after every hour. They will stay on for the longest time.
  • Powder blush duo: Who has time for doing an hour of makeup routine when pregnant? No one! You can buy this powder blush duo to give you a complete look.
  • Color outline eye pencil: Give your eyes are a bit light! During pregnancy, women are mostly tired and in order to look alive, they need to outline their eye using an eye pencil. 
Other Drugstore Makeup Products

     If you can’t find Beauty Counter makeup products in stores then there are always other makeup products to choose from. Drugstore makeup products are also good for pregnant women as they include a lesser amount of toxic chemicals and are also cheaper in price as compared to the luxury makeup brands. Here is a list of the best drugstore makeup products!
  • Sally Hansen Your Skin Makeup Foundation 
  • N.Y.C. Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne 
  • Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer
  • Maybelline's Lash Discovery 
     You can also check out this review on drugstore setting powder to select the best setting powder for your skin type during pregnancy in order to get a smudge-free final makeup look. Setting powders are a must have as they keep you from having to touch up your makeup after every few hours.
     It is always a good idea to invest in drugstore makeup rather than choosing high-end products for makeup during pregnancy as a lot of drugstore items are as good as expensive brands. Plus, you might only be using these during pregnancy, when your hormones are wreaking havoc on the skin. Later, you can go back to using your old makeup (unless it expires).  

     Have a good time, girls! 

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