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BUN Values and its interpretation.

Resolved Question:


This is regarding my father: (His Age : 50 years)

His Blood Pressure is around 180/110 from last one year (may goes upto 190/120 in the morning , varies throughout the day)

- His current Creatinine Level is 9.5 and Blood Urea Nitrogen serum (BUN) is 110 mg/dL and Hemoglobin is 10.3 g/dL

—Three months earlier it was :

—Creatinine Level: 4.5 mg/dL
—BUN: 34 md/dL
—Hemoglobin: 12 g/dL

There is no swelling in his body along with no issues with the urination.

Currently he is under the treatment of Dr. Nirbhay Kumar (Nefrologist)kanpur , India

—Please help me out, what to do ? what should i do ? Is it possible
to retain the normal cretatine and BP level without dialysis.

Please help me out , suggest me what should i do now? and some best Doctors for this in India.

Category: Nephrologist

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Category: Pediatric Nephrologist
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Hi, thankyou for approaching DoctorSpring with your query.
You did not mention about the other health issues of your father like diabetes and hypertension.did he undergo kidney biopsy before?was he taking any pain killers for any kind of body pains
as he had a sudden and rapid deterioration suggests that there may be an " acute" factor that caused further damage to kidneys .invariably, some drugs like antibiotics,pain killers,indigenous locally available drugs are the culprits. Infection in the body or in urine is the other frequent reason. You need to check the reason as the removal of the culprit if possible can reverse the situation at least partially.
His condition is called " acute on chronic kidney disease" and if we can evaluate clearly there is a possibility of partial reversal.
As he is at creatinine of around he would require to undergo dialysis and simultaneously correct the " acute" factor. When some one at this time, procrastinates about dialysis ,the general condition of the body will deteriorate and he would catch infections. I advice you to find out the reasons for rapid decrease in kidney function,admit him a hospital and observe him for a day or two. Assess him about the need the real need of dialysis during this period

I hope this has helped. Feel free to follow up.

Patient replied :

Dear sor,

No sir he is not Diabetic but there is hypertension (average BP 180/110 for last 12 months). Once he had a test in New Delhi (which shows that there was 10% swelling in his kidney). Is there no other way to recover from this without dialysis ? if you can suggest me any other way to recover?

this is possible to recover from this stage without kidney transplant or dialysis ?

i mean i'm very much worried about my father and dialysis as "ONCE SOMEONE GO THROUGH DIALYSIS , HE'll have to go through it every week month" :/ :'(

Many years ago he used to eat "Combiflem" for headache ?

Please help me what should i do ? i really beg of you for this. very much worried and troubled about my father :/

Thank you for your response sir !!

U can wait and see. The statement of " once dialysis is dialsysis for ever " is not correct. There are sevral cases where the patients recover from dialysis requiring state. YOur father seems to be having a one such condition. Combiflam definitely contributed to your fathers kidneys disease but not now as an acute factor. Check his kidney size. If size of both the kidneys is more than 9 cm, he can go for kidney biopsy and see the reason for kidney disease which might require a special therapy for recovery of kidney function.It is too early to comment about " life long need of dialysis as well as transplantation.

Patient replied :

Sir do you think is there any treatment in Ayurveda for this ?? Can Noni Juice and Alovera be little helpful in decreasing the creatinine level?

Please take a look at the attached report (recent one) and response accordingly

No drug o the earth of any kind can cure kidney disease as of now. In-fact many of the drugs are dangerous and they can deteriorate the kidney function very fast the way it happened in your father's case. So be careful and don't experiment with his kidneys which can lead to worsening situation. Many of the plant products are "heavy molecules/ substances " and they can get accumulated over the damaged filters ( called glomeruli) in the kidneys and damage them further. As per the reports sent by you, i feel that h should be on dialysis at-least till some recovery is seen in kidney function. As i felt that he has some acute component in his problem now. so dont be afraid to get in to dialysis programme and dialysis is a life saving procedure and not a one that can impair the health.

Patient replied :

HI , :'(

Doctor at Nanawati Hospital Mumbai has told him for a Kidney Transplant ?? He said that my mother can donate her kidney ?? is transplantation is the last stage ?? what are the successful ratio for this?

after transplantation my father will be all right ? or still there will be some issues ?
After donating what will be the effect on my mother
what if her kidney doesn't match ??? please help me sir...please...


Transplant is a good option and it is NOT a last option. It is actually a best option. Your mother will be alright after transplant. Success depends on a lot of factors and your Doctor will only be able to give you a good opinion on that. But generally it should be safe.

All the best.

Dr. Sree Bhushan Raju
Category: Pediatric Nephrologist
FISN : Fellowship of Indian Society of Nephrology(ISN), 2012
FIACM : Fellowship of Indian Association of Clinical Medicin(IACM), 2012
FICP: Indian College of Physicians Association of Physicians of India, 2012
Fellowship: DM, DNB, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 2002
Residency: MD, General Medicine, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, 1998
Medical School: MBBS, Gandhi Medical College, 1994
Dr. Sree Bhushan Raju and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you

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