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GERD with constant nausea.

Resolved Question:

Hello, im 20 years old and live in CA. My stomach has always given me trouble and when i say trouble, I mean nauseous. No pain, just lots of nausea in my life. About two years ago I've had chronic sinusitis and I was on antibiotics on and off those two years MANY times... That really messed my stomach up... then I finally got a tonsillectomy last year and that fixed that problem. However, my stomach has been left very vulnerable.

If I have even a sip of any alcoholic drink, about 10 minutes later i get very nauseous and the entire next day (and even couple days) I experience terrible nausea. I did a test yesterday. I felt fantastic all day... no naseous. So last night I took a shot of white wine about (2/3 full of the shot glass). Ten minutes later got a little naseous but I ignored it and went to bed. Woke up and I've been feeling naseous all day long.

I currently take 20mg-40mg of omeprazole a day (i was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago).

I also get allergy shots (immunotherapy) for trees, grass, and weeds. I was looking online and it says that if you are allergic to things, you can check your immune system's response to a particular substance by checking the amount of allergy-type antibodies in your bloodstream known as immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. That is the mayo clinic: here is link:

What do you think I should do? My inability to drink ANYTHING is impacting my social life dramatically... Thank you

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Category: Hepatologist
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Thanks for posting your query at DoctorSpring. I am Dr.R.K and I am pleased to assist you.

I would like to some more information before I can assist you.

1. Do you get nausea only after drinking alcohol or with any other food item also.
2. What tests have been done so far?
3. Was upper GI endoscopy done?

Kindly get back to me with these information and I would be in better position to give my opinion.

Patient replied :

1. Alcohol is the only thing that makes me truly sick. Once I had half a beer at school and then the next day I woke up so nauseous that from 7pm-3am I was throwing up non-stop and had to go to the hospital. They told me I must have had a stomach virus, but I'm convinced it was from the beer. (but I used to be able to handle a little bit until the past 2 years or so). In high school I'd have a couple of beers and Id get nauseous but nothing like I do now.
-I've had an allergy test and im semi allergic to almost everything, but especially allergic to grass, trees, and weeds.
-I've only had pro-op blood work done...I had low vitamin D (which is back to normal) and my gamma globulin was slightly low, but I had mono the past year too.
3. I've had a camera go up my nose then down my throat (assuming that's the test) and they said I have a type of GERD... forgot the exact definition. But I had bumps all over my lower throat and I still have them on the back (assuming that it's from that). Never really got it treated. I used to take Dexilant for 6 months, that didn't work. My primary concern at that point was getting rid of the tonsil pain.

Hello and thankyou for your reply.
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
From what you have described it is likely that alcohol is precipitating your symptoms of GERD.
It is unlikely that you are having an allergic reaction to alcohol cause if that was so, you would have had redness on your face, hives on your skin, runny nose, headache, feeling dizzy due to a drop in B.P in addition to your nausea and vomiting as it has been mentioned in the mayoclinic link.

GERD which is gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition where stomach contents (food and fluid) come backwards into the oesphagus and throat causing the nauseous sensation and vomiting.
Following are precipitating factors, like alcohol, spicy food, smoking, fatty food like deep fried stuff.
In your case it is likely that alcohol is precipitating your condition (GERD).
I would advise you to do the following.
1) Avoid alcohol for a while, though I understand it is hard socially. Even if you consume alcohol, make sure you do after eating a little food.
2) Avoid spicy food, and fatty food like deep fried and oily food.
3)Avoid foods that cause a lot of gas like peas, lentils, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, bananas, apricots , prunes on a daily basis
4) Avoid staying hungry and eat at regular intervals.
5) Avoid lying flat soon after a meal. Try having an early dinner
6) Exercise and maintain a healthy weight
7) Avoid wearing tight clothes
8) Continue taking the omeprazole tablets.

Your symptoms should clear with the above lifestyle modifications. It is unlikely that you are allergic to alcohol but more likely that the alcohol is precipitating your existing GERD.
I hope this has helped.

Dr. Ratnakar Kini
Category: Hepatologist
Fellowship - DM - TN Dr.MGR Medical UniversityResidency - TN Dr.MGR Medical University Medical School - Stanely Medical College, TN Dr.MGR Medical University
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