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Herpes Simplex Virus infection.

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I was wanting more information on HSV 2. I have read so much about and it just seems like such a sneaky virus that people are not so fully informed on. I had been in a long term realtionship for about 5 years and never really noticed anything. I was always tested for what I thought were all STDS but barely found out they never tested me for Herpes 2 because they dont routinely test for that.Well, i broke up my relationship at about the 5 year mark and had intercourse with a new person. We had unprotected intercourse as well as oral. Not a lot but enough Im guessing. This started back in about July of 2013 and lasted tilll September 2013. In October I got back with my long term partner. In about the end of October I started having lots of stomach issues such as heartburn and other annoying little things. In December and January I started having constant urination, burning when peeing, vagina burning and couldn't find out why. I did not have UTIs. I also got a very bad cold in January. Just like everything was falling apart.I became worried and asked my gyno to test me for all stds again icluding herpes, oh and i did have a pimple like cyst on my labia that i was able to pop so doc didnt think it was herpes. He drew blood and sent it off. HIV and everything came back negative except I do have HSV 1 &2!! I was mortified. Sorry for the long story. In January 21 i also found out i was about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. The peeing problems went away. But now in February, I noticed what looked like a sore on my stomach next to my belly button, and then some on my lips and some ones that had ingrowns on pelvis. So my questions are:
1. With the new partner, is it safe to say that he was probably the one that infected me. I know its hard to say exactly but with the onset of symptoms is it more likely the new partner?
2: Could it have been my long term partner that infected me and it was just dormant in me until i got pregnant. I was also suffering lots of depression and stress, which i know can activate it.
3: could it be a new infection in the terms that my long relationship and I used condoms for a lot of our relationship and it was transmitted recently due to lowered immune system?
4:Is it more than likely to have hsv2 on both mouth and genitals.
5: Can I self infect myself from touching my genitals and then touching my mouth?
6: can I transmit HSV2 in mouth to everyone?
7:Is it possible that if am the only one that has it, is it possible that my partner still does not have it? He has not gotten tested.
8:Why would I get sores on my stomach?
9: should i be satisfied with the HIV results or get test again. I know that the infection can be transmitted anytime that you have sex. So the last time was September and when we did it the most. And got tested in January. I heard that some people can take about 6 months for it to show up but more than likely in three it would show.
10: If its new, why am in breaking out so much and so often?
thank so much, sorry this is so so long.

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.


Thank you for choosing DoctorSpring.

You are right HSV is a indeed a sneaky virus and people usually don't know the whole story. I will answer you specific queries . Feel free to ask followups in you need more clarifications.

1. It is really difficult to say. Upto 50% adults have HSV in their body ! However if I have to choose one person, it would be your new partner. He slightly more likely that one who infected you. Especially if he had multiple partners in the past.

2. Theoretically this could be from any sexual relationship you had in the past. So you can never be sure who it is and it is POINTLESS to search for the origin. Half of the population has this !

3. Infectivity is more when the immunity is lower. But fully immuno competent persons can also get HSV easily.

4. Mouth lesion is more likely to be HSV 1. Only 10 % chance it is HSV2

5. Yes
6. If you are actively shedding the virus - that is when you have an active lesion (not healed) you can spread the infection

7. Possible that your partner is still negative. However most likely he will be infected already (either from you or a past contact)

8. Sores on the stomach is unlikely to be HSV.

9. That HIV is conclusive enough. However if any of your partners or you had any high risk behaviours (multiple partners, unprotected sex, IV drug use) you can get 1 more HIV test to be sure.

10. Depends on the natural course of the disease. You should consider anti viral therapy and a tzank smear for confirmation.

Hope this helps
Thank you

Patient replied :

Okay thank you for the information. I also did have a miscarriage which Im wondering if it was a recent HSV infection if that caused it? and concerning the HIV, if the activity was started from around july to septmember with the most intercourse happening more around septeember and getting tested in beginning of January, would that still been pretty good time to be satisfied with the negative result? Im just freaking my self out because I think if he had hsv2 and I could of possible gotten that from him then what else does he have and also because Ive had a sore throat and just sick feeling for like two weeks and I heard that sore throat can be a symptom of that. But i also read that in the vast majority it shows up by 3 months. So just wondering on that. Thank you

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days.


There are a number of causes of miscarriage. HSV is unlikely to be the cause (HSV and miscarriage is a grey area. However not a major risk).

Regarding HIV yes you can be pretty sure. But again 1 more test is recommended just to be 100% sure. But for all practical purpose you are NEGATIVE. Do not worry, as I said up to 50% individuals have HSV. So having HSV does not mean that you might be having other STD.

Hope this helps
Thank you

Patient replied :

And I keep getting these ingrown hairs everywhere for about two months now. On my pubic area I them a lot and little pimples that don't look like sores so it's hard to determine if it's me having an outbreak or it's just pimples and ingrowns. But I also have like a little rash on the sides of pubic. And I get ingrowns on my breast, on my thighs. They are just coming up everywhere.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days.

Those pimples with ingrown hair are most likely folliculitis (not HSV outbreak). You can epilate or remove the hairs, which should take care of the pimples. The only sure shot way of knowing what the pimple really is by a Tzank smear test. But if there is no blisters and if they are not persisting no need for worry. The ingrown hairs are unrelated. There are number of options to remove these hair (Please refer online)

Hope this helps
Thank you

Patient replied :

Okay last thing before I close this, after I finished miscarrying about two days later I got like a cold but I still have the throat ache or irritation. It's been about a week in hAlf that I feel it. It's not bad pain, but i feel it. That's why I was scared about HIV. Could it be due to allergies or just do to my body out if whack after miscarriage?

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 1 Day.


I would not worry about HIV. Sore throat is not specific of HIV. Most likely it is flu like virus. Since your HIV test is negative and with no other symptoms you need not worry.

Thank you

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