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Pimple on the top of the upper lip.

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Hi this just appeared on the top of my lip it does not hurt, I have severe anxiety issues, but is this a cold sore or not? I don't think it is it does not Itch, it is red, but I have gotten a pimple hear before please let me know. A photograph is attached. Thank You! I have been stressed but I dno I am freaked out, it does not hurt but looks red. It appeared 1 days ago and looks the same and just in this spot. There is NO tingling or burning, a little scratchy but that's not coming from the spot just moustache. Have also been experiencing dry lips as well.

Is it ;possible to get a red bump from stress/pimple? at this spot Ive had it before there.

I have been diagnosed with mild OCD i keep checking and re-checking...nad checking an re-checking, I keep observing it and touching it.

I tested for negative HSV 1 last month I have kissed one or 2 girls but they have nothing present or not shedding. Thanks.

Photo is attached where finger is pointing. Now I feel like my anxiety is kicking in and I am feeling wierd feeling on for 10 minutes and off because I am thinking of things.

It is nowhere else around my lips. It has been 5 HOURS since my question and there is NO PAIN after I took a shower I felt better. It is not itchy or burning. I think if it were a cold sore it would have blistered by now.

The first picture worst then it is.

It doesn't look like a bump kind of flat with no pain.

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Category: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon
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Expert:  Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar replied 4 Days.


Thanks for posting your query at DoctorSpring.com. I can understand your concern. I apologize for the delay in replying to your concern.

It seems to be a pimple and not a cold sore.

Cold sore would have a cluster of blisters which would have been fluid filled.

In your case it just seems to be a pimple. I would the application of clindamycin gel twice daily or neosporin cream twice daily for a week. That should heal the lesion. A prescription would be needed for the clindamycin gel.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

I would like to reassure you that it doesn't seem worrisome and it will heal soon.

Take care

Patient replied :

Thank You for your reply Doctor I really appreciate it and it puts my mind at ease.

Here are more things I want to ask,

-There are no Clusters of blisters.


-If I noticed it 24 hours ago would have blistered by now already and had some pain? (If it was a cold sore)

-Is it possible to get a pimple/blemish anything bumpy on the border of the upper lip?

-Did you get a chance to look at it/The Pictures? thoroughly it has been about 24 hours and still looks red and not bumpy.

-When will this sort of pimple go away?

-It kind just came out of no where no burning leading up, I do have a moustache and usually when I over grow my moustache which I have, I do get a little irritation plus I am stressed.

I have responsible seually since I got last tested and kissed only 2 girls whom didn;t have anything present.

Could please answer these questions? Thanks

Also a pimple is considered a lesion?

WHAT IF THIS IS THE EARLY STAGES OF IT, freaking out. I tested NEGATIVE a couple months ago, maybe I am resistant as I have a good immune system.

Expert:  Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar replied 3 Days.


Thanks for your reply.

I will surely answer all your questions.

Pimple is considered a lesion.

Pimples can occur on the border of the lips.

Cold sore can start with redness and go on to form a cluster of blisters, there is no definite time period but usually happens within a day or two.

I had a look at the pictures but it looked like a pimple in the photo. If you want to send me a photo again of how it looks at present, I will be happy to look at it.

This kind of pimple takes a week to resolve.
It is unlikely to be an early phase. As I said the pimple will resolve.

Hope I have answered all your queries.

Please let me know if I can address any other concerns for you.

Take care

Patient replied :

Here is it after almost two days looks the same, No blisters, no pain or itching, looks like its going away. Please be honest and forthright with me :)

PHOTOS are attached I am pointing to the area.

Expert:  Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar replied 2 Days.


Thanks for your reply and the photos.

I am being honest with you and it doesn't look like herpes. It seems just like a pimple and it should go away with cream application like neosporin.

It doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.

Take care

Patient replied :

Ok great, It has been 2 days and i just had a game there is no pain. Usually by now it would have blistered or began to blister right?

I think its starting to look to dry out but it is not painful and NO BLISTERS have formed, there is NO PAIN, NO ITCHING, NO TINGELING it has been 2 FULL days. Looks like a pimple peeling trying to upload a picture but it won't let me.

Expert:  Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar replied 1 Day.

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Request you to send the picture to info@doctorspring.com. We will forward it to the concerned Doctor.

Thank you

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