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Trouble seeing in dark, gasping for air and low appetite.

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Hi i am wondering why i am gasping for air mostly every day i am getting the shakes my vision is going slowly i am having troubles seeing in the dark my pupils are larger then normal, I am loosing my balance alot. My Appetite is decreased i am not wanting any visitors in my home with my carer is getting very agitated with me about this as well, I am sleeping alot I take my frustration out on my carer. Who is always their for me and has Done nothing wrong. I'm Yelling at my Carer for no reason just drop of the hat sort of thing.
I am going to see my , Local Dr this A/P John Dearin, who has looked after me for 8 yrs. I am not wanting to go out much only in my local area Lithgow NSW Australia dont go out wihtout my Carer Dave or a friend thats near me at all times other times i am at home or asleep in bed.
Sometimes I have got diarrhea and vilonet vomiting for no bloddy reason I have always been careful of my casual partners so I dont know where this came from.
Can you help me with this question please.
Jason Grey
Lithgow New South Wales Australia

Category: Pediatrician

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Category: ICU/ Critical Care Specialist
Dr. Saptharishi L G is online now

Expert:  Dr. Saptharishi L G replied 4 Days.

Dear Parent,
I can understand your situation. It could be flu - a viral infection.
There are a thousand causes for fever in a child. Unless you describe the associated symptoms (however minor, if any) it is very difficult to differentiate the caused of fever. I would appreciate the following details to suggest further management.
1. Are there any associated symptoms? Headache, nasal stuffiness, cough, raid breathing, pain in any part of the body, burning sensation while passing urine, etc.. Any other symptom like vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, loose stools or change in stool pattern? The list is long. You need to tell me what else your daughter has other than fever..
2. What are the blood test reports? What tests did she undergo? Did she undergo any urine tests as well? Can you please attach a copy of the reports?
3. Is there any recent travel history? Any history of outside contaminated food ingestion? Does anyone else at home or at school suffer from similar symptoms?
4. Is there any history of mosquito bite (though unlikely in winter...)
5. Is there any other significant history that you feel is important?
Dr. Saptharishi L G

Patient replied :

Hi, this is the blood results ECR 4.26 HB 120 HCT 0.349 MCV 81.9 MCH28.2 MCHC 344 RDW-CV 13.0 TRC 199 CRP C 3.1 blood taken from her finger She has nasal stuffness, some coughing but mild, no headache no vomiting, no stool problems, she seems to be nomal in eating too and during the day she is playful and energetic, but still has fever and at night the fever gets worse. No pain anywhere on the body, no traveling to forgein places, no one else has the same symptoms at home, the doctors checked and said it was all normal and in few days if her fever doesn't go away to come in and take another blood test. But im just worried now about her fever still, if i should wait another day to see if it gets better or to go to the hospital if her fever is still continuing today?

Expert:  Dr. Saptharishi L G replied 3 Days.

Dear Parent,
Thank you for providing all the above information. Each of those questions were meant to rule in or rule out a few causes of fever in children. I believe in doing everything perfectly and hence troubled you with all those necessary questions.
Now coming to your daughter's illness, it does appear to be viral as she has no other localizing symptom other than suggestive of an upper respiratory tract infection (URI). Her ESR, and CRP are also suggestive. Given the description of her overall well being, I think it would be prudent to wait another day or two and the fever would most likely wane out. You can continue to monitor her fever, use antipyretics as and when needed.
If her fever rises further or if she develops any new symptom or she stops taking feeds and being active, only then do we need to take her to the hospital again. You can safely wait for another 24-48 hours to see how she does.

Patient replied :

Ok thank you i will wait another day see if her fever starts to drop at all. Thanks so much

Expert:  Dr. Saptharishi L G replied 2 Days.

Thank you.
Hope she gets better soon.

Dr. Saptharishi L G
Category: ICU/ Critical Care Specialist
Senior Residency: DM,  Pediatric Critical Care, PGIMER

Residency: MD, Pediatrics, Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, 2013

Internship: JIPMER, 2009

Medical School: MBBS, Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Puducherry, 2008
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