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Acute viral infection.

Resolved Question:

Hi, Ive been having reccurent cold not sure why i keep getting this. First time i had it i just had fever and diarheaa and went off after a couple of days. After that i got it this January my doctor said it was acute bronchitis and mild sinusitis, i was antibiotics for a week and it went away again. I got again one this March again with sore throat it seems like it usually starts off from my nose when i inhale the phlegm and my throat starts to itch was on antibiotics for few days and it went away again. Now its end of march and i feel i am getting another one again starting off with my nose and now a bit of sore throat i dont want to take too much of antibiotics so i am seeking some home remedies like gargling with salt water and take pepper with turmeric and milk. Just to mention all these episodes i have had mild fever and sore throat.. Why do i keep getting this? Is this really allergy or really virus/bacteria. I have never had any allergy before but i was told my by sister who is a gynecologist who didnt examine or checked me said that i might have allergy because every time i go to india my hometown i get a episode of cold. The one i mentioned in Dec i was in India and then moved to the US in Jan and since then had like three episodes of it.

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days ago

Hello and thankyou for approaching DoctorSpring with your query.
I have gone through your case and understand your concern.
From the symptoms you have described it is likely that you have a common cold, which is a syndrome of symptoms caused by different families of viruses.
Most of the respiratory viruses do cause re infection after re exposure. However severity and symptoms are milder with each re infection. Some viruses are more prevalent in fall and late spring, while others in winter and spring.
Symptoms usually occur due to the body's immune response to fight the virus rather than direct viral damage to the respiratory tract.
Symptoms are usually nasal obstruction, sore and itchy throat, postnasal drip (phlegm from nose to throat), cough and fever depending on severity.
Colds usually persist for 3-10 days in a normal person but can last upto 2 weeks in upto 25% of patients.
What you are experiencing seems to be recurrent infections to the virus.

I would advise you to do the following symptomatic treatment. You do not require antibiotics as of now as it is most likely viral.
1) Do steam inhalation , by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, twice a day
2) Use saline nasal sprays to help clear the secretions in your nasal passage.
3) You can take tablet Allegra 180 mg once a day at night for 5 days
4) Do salt water gargles or gargle with betadine gargle solution diluted in water twice a day.
5) Avoid smoking as this tends to decrease your immunity making you more prone for infections.

It is nothing to worry and should subside on its own in due course of time.
I hope this has helped.
Feel free to follow up.

Patient replied :

Thanks for your response doctor.. I have never had this kind of re occurences before.. Is these type of re occurences normal? I am a bit frightened about this . I am scared if i will catch another one , or is this cause of something serious? Also im just taking zyrtec is that good enough or do i need to take allegra?

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days ago

Hello, thankyou for your response.
Yes this type of re occurrence is normal and you need not be worried.
Even if you catch another one, you need not worry. Do the above advised and you should find relief.
It is nothing serious. If you are on Zyrtec no need of taking allegra.

If you notice that you are having weight loss, low grade fever at night frequently or night sweats, if your cough is continuous with thick sputum and persists continuously for a month you will require further evaluation.
As of now it is nothing to worry and you can carry on with the above advise.
I hope this has helped.
Take care

Patient replied :

Thanks for your repsonse doctor... One thing i forgot to mention was i do have periodic night sweats not profusely but a little bit not on a daily basis though.. I had sleep problems before but now i sleep really well.. Im not sure if the night sweats are because of the temperature in my room.. I am using a fan now and i dont think i sweat in the night anymore.. I dont have any cough per se.. I am actually feeling a lot better today. What else could cause periodic night sweats?

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days ago

Your night sweats in that case seem to be insignificant.
Its a good thing that you are feeling better today. Continue with the above mentioned treatment advise for a few days.
Since you have no cough, or weight loss your night sweats are likely to be due to the temperature in your room.
Other cause of night sweats could be due to tuberculosis, but you do not have other symptoms suggestive of it like low grade fever at night, weight loss, loss of appetite etc. Hence you need not worry.
Like I said earlier your symptoms are most likely related to common cold due to a viral infection.
However you can get a Complete Blood Count test done if your symptoms persist to rule out any other infection.

I hope this has helped.

Patient replied :

can zyrtec cause fever and sweats? I was feeling well this morning when i wrote to u,this afternoon i took zyrtec and suddenly i got fever like and started sweating now it has worn off (i checked my temperature now its 98.2).. Am i still fighting infection or is it because of zyrtec? I dont have a scratchy throat or cough.. A bit of running nose after i took oxymetazoline a nasal spray.. I am not sure whats happening with me..

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 1 Day ago

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Hope this communication was fruitful. Wish you good health.

Thank you
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Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian
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Medical School - MBBS - Govt. Medical College, Kottyaam

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