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Query about HIV risk.

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I am feeling no relief really of symptoms. This is why I was very scared about the HIV causing all my sickness. I continue with the mild sore throat going on two weeks. I started with a horrible stomach ache three days ago that also included bad heartburn. It has been three days and I am not able to eat. I am not hungry at all. I feel worse when I eat or drink. I feel nauseous when I eat or drink. I feel tired, low energy, throat hurts. ear hurt somewhat, no hunger, headaches and depressed. I went to the doctor today and they drew blood for a CBC and to test for ulcer. When doctor pressed down on my stomach, it hurt. She said my throat was red and so where ears. She said I have white blood cells in urine. I am on my period so I don't' know if that makes a difference. I have had white blood cells in urine before and they always treat me for uti but I don't feel any pain or trouble at all. She said she would send the urine in for culturing. I scared im not hardly eating or hungry at all. I feel a little better on this third day but just not hungry and stomach still hurts somewhat. I asked an HIV testing center if i should get tested for HIV again since i was tested at the 4 month mark. She said no because our state uses the same tests and that they are very accurate and the average is 2 months. She said I should not test again because that negative is very accurate. So im worried about the white blood cells in urine because my body is fighthing something im sure. And not feeling sick. Could it be IBS, or Crohns, or some other digestive problem? and if im fighting some virus or disease would that make it hard to detect HIV at 4 months? thank you

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.


No - viral infections, bacterial infection etc will NOT make HIV undetectable. I am near 100% sure that you are NOT having HIV. You need not worry about this any more.

These symptoms are most likely from a viral infection. And it should resolve in few days without any problem. Do you have the CBC and Urine test results with you ? If so can you please share them.

Thank you

Patient replied :

I will get results for CBC on Tuesday as well as culture. I'm just freaking out thinking I serocoverted late like around January after the HIV test January 16 because I've been sick off and on since last year and more so starting bad on January. And then I even miscarriaged. And the ingrown I keep getting on different parts of body that signify HIV or persistent throat ache. I might just be looking into it too much. But I know some people show late but gyno, HIV clinic think I'm good at 4 month test but I don't know. And I'm thinking if the herpes was from the same exposure and I showed then why wouldn't the HIV show if it was there.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days.

Hello I understand your concern, but as I said earlier you do not have HIV. The HIV tests are highly accurate. You can detect HIV after 4 weeks from exposure. And for you it has been 4 months, so the tests are deifinitely negative. The miscarriage could have been due to multiple other causes. Regarding the ingrown hair it will not be due to HIV. Your sore throat symptoms will be due to a viral infection and it is common. And lastly you are right, if you did get HIV and HSV from the same exposure , you would have tested positive for HIV. But as your test is negative, you have definitely not got HIV. Based on your CBC and culture reports, if required treatment will be started for any bacterial infection if present. For now you need not worry.

I hope this has helped.

Patient replied :

And the sore throat. It's probably more than two weeks and it still hurts. It's not Intense by all meNs but sometimes worse than others. I'm on day three of nitrofurantoin 100mg antibiotic. My hunger is back and heartburn down. Taking ranitidine 300mg. So I feel better but not throat. I'm scared my white blood cells will be down which will scare me into thinking it's HIV.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days.

Give it time for the antibiotic to work. If you you have a low white blood cell count does not mean you have HIV. Other viral infections too cause low white blood cell count.
It is a good thing your heartburn has cleared.
I would advise you to do warm salt water gargles 2-3 times a day for faster recovery. Or you can use betadine gargle solution, dilute it in water and gargle 2-3 times a day.
And your HIV test has already come negative which rules out HIV.

Hope this has helped.
Get well soon.

Patient replied :

CBC and ulcer test came back normal. They said no h pylori. I don't know anymore. I guess just let it run it's course. My throat is not bad at all. I can eat and drink find but it's still there. Sometimes it hurts a tad more like after exercise or cold drinks. Could it be allergies? Or a heroes sore in throat? Would it hurt this long if it were HIV? Ive heard it's pretty severe throat pain when it's HIV. Sometimes I still feel like my ears hurt too. Thank you. I can upload bcc when I get a copy tomorrow.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 1 Day.

Hello, it is a good thing that your tests are normal, which means you have nothing to worry.
Yes, let it run it's course. The fact that your throat is better is a good sign.
Do the gargles as I mentioned above and DO NOT drink cold drinks, as they will aggravate your sore throat. Drink warm fluids.
As I said it is not HIV. Yes you can upload a copy.


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