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Dr Dzejra Rudalija MD

Hospital Affiliation : The Main Cantonal Institute for Emergency Medicine in Sarajevo 

Excellent Match for General surgery resident and Family Physician
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Board Certification

Board of Medicine, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Current Position

Md at the department of the vascular surgery university clinical center in sarajevo

Medical Education

Certificate of color Doppler blood vessels, training for certification on the UKCS / University Clinical Centre in Sarajevo, 2014.

Doctor of Medicine at the Clinic for Vascular Surgery, Clinical Centre in Sarajevo · Sarajevo, Bosni,Resident general surgery, Vascular and general surgery, 2012 – 2013

Medicine,Univerzitet u Sarajevu,1999 – 2009

Awards & Honors


2012 Member of the Association of Surgeons

Sub-Specialty Interest

Emergency medicine
Reconstructive Surgery
Pain Medicine
Wound Care


After graduation from Medical Faculty University of Sarajevo in 2008 Dr. Rudalija worked in surgical ward and Emergency department of The Cantonal Institute for Emergency Medicine in Sarajevo. She particularly specializes in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Dr. Rudalija did her Internship for a period of one year after graduation examinations at the main Clinical Centre in Sarajevo KCUS.

Her sub-specialty interest are - Emergency Medicine , Pain Medicine, Diabetes and Wound Care.





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