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Herpes simplex risk after unprotected oral sex.

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I had sex with a girl. protected vaginal the foolishly about 60 to 90 secs of unprotected oral. then another condom was put on and I finished vaginally after roughly 3 mins. after I washed in the shower liberally scrubbing as such is a habit that I have developed. I forgot to urinate immediately but did some after about 15 mins after my shower the girl said that she had not had sex for 6 months and had been tested at planned parent hood which I believe because she was very tight and she insists she is clean. we all know this could be a lie however the following day urinating was not the worst burning iv ever felt but it did burn a bit I do have a narrow urethra so this is not an uncommon feeling for the first unration of the day an I have not had sex for 3 months so my first thought was that I ejaculated with so much force that is torn or stretched my urethra my concern came later that day when after urination my urethra started to burn a dawl burn but still slightly uncomfortable. that was Thursday of last week. a week later the dawl burn still exisits but mostly only at night after work frequency of urination has increase quite a bit no redness unusual smelling ur no discharge no lessons or sores my concern is herpes but she didn't not have an signs of a cold sore or ever having one but we both know that doesn't mean much and I will be getting tested but it will do little to be tested so soon trech chlamydia and gonorrhea are more likely however then chances of that being transmitted in such a small window of contact time. on the other side of this I am hoping that this is just a urinary infection so I would like an opinion as when I urnated today and pushed I had a sharp pain that I felt from the inside my lower right abdomen to my urethra. but again the intermitate daul burn that occurs after urination and that is more noticeable at night

an update I went to get a urine test. It was a instant test so I can only assume it is not that accurate however it came back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea
I have a blood test in the works for a hsv2 test
which is now my major concern
however the azithromycin which I took last night that I was given to treat the chlamydia and gonorrhea
seems to be having significant effect much less burning durning urination and almost no burning after
so my question now is that can I look to have this herpes test come back negative and if so what is the next coarse of action as I would like to get back to normal

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Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.

Hello and thankyou for approaching DoctorSpring with your query.

I have gone through your case and I understand your concern.

From what you have described it is probable that you have a urinary tract infection. Your symptoms of burning sensation, increased frequency, and the sharp pain on the left lower abdomen are mostly likely due to a urinary tract infection.
Since you have no ulcers or any other symptoms, it is very unlikely you have manifestations of herpes right now. But 50% of the population already have antibodies to HSV, as they are exposed to it during some time of their life as it is so common.

Herpes can present as painful urination (especially primary infection). So you do stand a risk. But you had good response to Antibiotic which says the Urinary Tract infection was probably bacterial. Your HSV test can come positive, due to a subclinical (infection with no symptoms) infection that you had earlier. But presently you have no symptoms of HSV and I don't think you need to be worried about this.

Azithromycin should work. If the symptoms persists you will need to go for a Urine Culture and Routine examinaiton.

Since you had only 60-90 seconds of unprotected ORAL sex, it is less likely that you would have caught an STD (but no impossible)

So next course of action -

If no symptoms ,wait for HSV test
If HSV test negative - Business as usual
If HSV positive - Please let me know
If symptoms recur - Repeat Urine Routine and Culture.

I hope this has helped. Feel free to follow up.


Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian
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